Tropicos Login Help Page
You have two options for logging into the Tropicos web site. In the header of the web site, you should see two links on the right hand side -- MOBOT Sign In and Login.
If you have a MOBOT Windows account, you can choose MOBOT Sign In. In the User Name textbox, enter MOBOT\your_username, where your_username is your Windows user name. In the Password textbox, enter your MOBOT Windows account password (same as you normally use to log into your workstation).
Otherwise, choose Login. Your browser will navigate to a security web page. Don't worry, your browser will automatically return back to the original page in Tropicos once you are authorized. In the User Name or Email Address textbox, enter your Tropicos user name or email address. In the Password textbox, enter your Tropicos password (should have been emailed to you). You can change your password using this screen. This user name and password have nothing to do with your normal Windows account, these credentials are specific to Tropicos.