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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Madagascar [18°56'47"S][047°06'03"E]  R. Baron5548BM, K, P
Madagascar [18°56'47"S][047°06'03"E]1847 - 1852 L.H. Boivin2617[p.p.]P
Madagascar [18°56'47"S][047°06'03"E]Novembre 0000 H. Grevé32MO, P
Madagascar [18°56'47"S][047°06'03"E]  HERB490MO, TAN
Madagascar137 m13°07'07"S049°41'37"E05 October 2013 Roger Bernard2199G, MO, P, TAN
Madagascar [18°56'47"S][047°06'03"E]  Herbier, Institut Scientifique, Madagascar490MO
MadagascarAntsiranana45 m12°18'12"S049°19'14"E7 Dec 2006 Martin W. Callmander, L. Jérémie Razafitsalama & Hafany Tombondray654CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsiranana76 m12°45'46"S049°00'42"E23 sep 2007 Tefy Andriamihajarivo & et al.1404MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsiranana7 m12°18'51"S049°19'56"E04 November 2006 Zachary Scott Rogers, R. Ranaivojaona, Christopher Davidson & Sharon R. Christoph1079CANB, MO, NMC, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsiranana35 m13°01'03"S049°29'56"E16 September 2013 Romer N. Rabarijaona, Hélène Ralimanana, Solofo Erick Rakotoarisoa & Guy Onjalalaina332BR, K, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsiranana25 m12°50'30"S049°39'39"E26 septembre 2013 Charles Rakotovao, Fano A. Rajaonary, Herisoa N. Manjakahery, M. Randrianasolo & C. Raveloarimiandrisoa6418MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsiranana311 m12°54'35"S049°19'11"E05 January 2010 Z. Burivalova152G, MO, P
MadagascarAntsiranana50 - 409 m12°55'00"S049°09'00"E12 October 1993 - 20 October 1993 Olivier Andrianantoanina & B. Rochsceohclher375MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA100 - 200 m12°51'00"S049°04'00"E22-26 November 1992 Simon T. Malcomber & et al.1906MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA175 m12°22'00"S049°21'00"E9 November 1993 Frank Almeda7358CAS, MO
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA97 m12°11'01"S049°20'45"E31 Aou|5t 2001 J. Rabenantoandro & H. Razanatsoa596MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA25 m12°37'59"S049°31'51"E21 Jul 2004 Riri Guittou20CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA118 m12°14'00"S049°22'00"EOctober 1975 Armand Rakotozafy1510TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA0 - 50 m12°25'00"S049°28'00"EOctober 1975 Armand Rakotozafy1576TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA310 m12°19'32"S049°20'11"E25 nov 1996 J.-N. Labat2820K, MO, P, TAN, WAG
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 12°57'00"S049°08'00"E15 Nov 1979 SERVICE FORESTIER29645 
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 12°22'00"S049°21'00"E22 Aug 1980 SERVICE FORESTIER29938 
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 12°22'00"S049°21'00"E10 Nov 1979 SERVICE FORESTIER29581 
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 12°22'00"S049°21'00"E10 Nov 1979 SERVICE FORESTIER29580TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA350 m12°19'00"S049°20'00"E07 November 1961 SF (Capuron)20354P, TAN, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA50 - 409 m12°49'00"S049°01'00"E28 Nov 1952 SERVICE FORESTIER6179P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 13°10'00"S049°06'00"E13 oct 1966 SF (Capuron)24844P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA 12°17'00"S049°18'00"E15 oct 1955 Service Forestier14882MO, P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA130 m12°53'09"S049°06'40"E23 Oct 1997 M. Bardot-Vaucoulon & Olivier Andrianantoanina857K, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA57 m13°04'57"S049°11'30"E8 Nov 2004 Richard Randrianaivo & et al.1103CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA182 m12°54'43"S049°06'39"E15 Oct 1997 M. Bardot-Vaucoulon & Olivier Andrianantoanina772P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA34 m12°15'38"S049°22'41"E17 December 2008 Claude Christian, A. Razanakolona, J. Marcel ELYSE & JUSTIN33CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaDIANA75 m12°41'24"S048°56'59"E27 Sept 2007 F. Ratovoson1358CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA283 m13°14'22"S049°45'46"E09 October 2013 Roger Bernard & Honoré Andriamiarinoro2231G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA110 m13°05'56"S049°35'29"E16 Nov 2005 F. Ratovoson1106CNARP, G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA 13°32'00"S049°54'00"E13 dec 1966 SF (Capuron)27237P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA 13°04'55"S049°54'34"E04 novembre 2002 Raymond Rabevohitra & et al.4259G, MO, P, TEF, US
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA175 m13°11'00"S049°41'00"E19 October 1988 Armand Rakotozafy2280TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA14 m12°52'30"S049°40'07"E08 Nov 2005 Andriamalala Rakotondrafara406CNARP, G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA73 m12°54'06"S049°39'12"E27 September 2013 S. Andriambololonera & Roger Bernard289MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA122 m12°58'43"S049°35'32"E29 September 2013 Roger Bernard2161G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA490 m13°12'36"S049°33'26"E02 Nov 2005 Jullet Be & et al.193CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA75 m13°07'56"S049°28'20"E29 oct 2005 Stéphan Rakotonandrasana937CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA75 m13°07'56"S049°28'20"E29 oct 2005 Stéphan Rakotonandrasana944CNARP, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA29 m13°04'06"S049°54'24"E15 Dec 2004 Herisoa N. Manjakahery & M. Sola92MO, P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA290 m13°10'00"S049°39'00"E18 Dec 2004 L. Nusbaumer & P. Ranirison1366G, K, MO, P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA183 m13°06'00"S049°42'00"E10 Jan 2005 L. Nusbaumer & P. Ranirison1387G, K, MO, P, TEF
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA150 m13°08'00"S049°42'00"E5 December 1989 David M. Meyers & F. Boltz7G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA200 - 1180 m13°15'00"S049°38'00"E17 May 1990 David M. Meyers & F. Boltz164G, MO, P
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA112 - 330 m13°08'00"S049°42'00"E26 Nov 1990 David M. Meyers216G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarAntsirananaSAVA112 - 330 m13°08'00"S049°42'00"E26 Oct 1990 David M. Meyers201G, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarFianarantsoa765 m20°38'27"S047°31'24"E16 December 1957 Réserves Naturelles9579MO, P
MadagascarFianarantsoaIhorombe 22°19'00"S046°55'00"E15 nov 1967 Service Forestier26507P, TEF
MadagascarFianarantsoaIhorombe 21°58'00"S046°27'00"E4 oct 1953 SF (Capuron)8556P, TEF
MadagascarFianarantsoaIhorombe1200 m22°23'00"S046°07'30"E30 Oct 1953 SERVICE FORESTIER7621P, TEF
MadagascarFianarantsoaIhorombe 22°32'00"S046°30'00"E16 November 1951 Service Forestier4749P, TEF
MadagascarFianarantsoaIhorombe700 m22°32'00"S046°09'00"E  H. Perrier de la Bâthie16881P
MadagascarMahajanga 18°04'00"S044°01'00"E02 May 1954 Service Forestier95-R-153TEF
MadagascarMahajanga 16°17'00"S046°49'00"E16 February 1973 H. Jacquemin1228P
MadagascarMahajanga   Oct 1968 Rakotozafy876TAN
MadagascarMahajanga192 m17°52'20"S044°28'18"E16 December 2011 L. Nusbaumer, R. Bolliger, R. M. Hanitrarivo & B. F. L. Rakotozafy3162G, MO, P
MadagascarMahajanga232 m18°00'26"S044°29'38"E03 December 2011 R. Bolliger50G, MO
MadagascarMahajanga298 m18°01'18"S044°30'25"E23 November 2011 Laurent Gautier, A. J. Tahinarivony & R. Bolliger5712G, MO, P
MadagascarMahajangaBetsiboka 17°05'00"S046°40'00"Enovembre 1902 H. Perrier de la Bâthie958bisP
MadagascarMahajangaBetsiboka 17°05'00"S046°40'00"Eoctobre 1899 H. Perrier de la Bâthie958MO, P
MadagascarMahajangaBetsiboka 16°36'30"S047°12'00"ENovember 1962 Jean M. Bosser16494MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 16°07'00"S046°38'00"ESeptember 1955 Jean M. Bosser8406MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 16°21'00"S045°17'00"E21 sept 1955 Réserves Naturelles7222P, TEF
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny0 - 100 m15°47'00"S045°41'00"E16 Oct 1963 SERVICE FORESTIER21388P, TEF
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 15°43'00"S046°19'00"Eoct 1901 H. Perrier de la Bâthie10688P
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 15°43'00"S046°19'00"E  H. Perrier de la Bâthie16881bisP
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 16°10'00"S045°56'00"E08 Mar 1957 SERVICE FORESTIER17755P, TEF
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 16°00'00"S045°54'00"E29 Nov 1951 SERVICE FORESTIER5396TEF
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny133 m16°28'04"S045°24'33"E05 septembre 2012 D. Ravelonarivo, Charles Rakotovao & France Rakotondrainibe4474MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny121 m16°28'31"S045°25'13"E08 septembre 2012 Jacky Andriantiana, Charles Rakotovao & D. Ravelonarivo1152MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny10 m15°42'35"S046°12'03"E10 novembre 2005 J.-N. Labat, T. Haevermans, J. Ranaivo & V. Randriatomposon3540BR, G, K, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaBoeny 15°42'37"S046°09'06"E14 November 2009 R. Ramanamisata162P
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky192 m18°04'22"S044°30'57"E09 novembre 2012 Charles Rakotovao, I. Luino & J. Razafimandimby6078MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky200 m18°01'18"S044°28'18"E20 October 2009 R. Letsara877CAS, MO, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky240 m18°02'47"S044°28'54"E07 décembre 2012 Laurent Gautier & et al.5982G, MO, P
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky203 m18°04'00"S044°30'00"E20 October 2009 Richard Razakamalala, Tefy Andriamihajarivo, Franck Rakotonasolo, R. Letsara & Germain R.4471MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky220 m18°01'06"S044°27'54"E23 novembre 2012 Charles Rakotovao, I. Luino & J. Razafimandimby6359MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky50 m19°09'00"S044°49'00"E27 November 1996 C.C.H. Jongkind, Jacky Andriantiana & H. Razanatsoa3250MO, P, WAG
MadagascarMahajangaMelaky100 - 200 m18°38'00"S044°42'00"E5 dec 1992 J.-N. Labat2313MO, P, TAN
MadagascarMahajangaSofia50 m15°01'00"S047°16'00"E29 oct 1958 SF (Capuron)18799P, TEF
MadagascarMahajangaSofia115 m15°34'00"S047°29'55"E27 Nov 2004 Rondro Hanitrinitiana Ramananjanahary & et al.190MO, P, TEF
MadagascarMahajangaSofia217 m15°38'58"S047°35'03"E17 Nov 2004 Richard Razakamalala & et al.1720MO, P, TEF
MadagascarToliara15 m20°44'05"S044°02'04"E16 October 2004 E.S. Rakotoarisoa, S. Cable & M. Andriamahay330K, MO, P, TAN
MadagascarToliara 23°09'00"S043°36'00"E5 nov 1987 Philippe Morat & F. Raharimalala7902P
MadagascarToliara100 m25°03'00"S046°56'00"E17 October 1990 Nicolas Dumetz1328MO, P, TAN
MadagascarToliara0 - 20 m23°12'00"S043°37'00"E11 November 1989 Richard C. Keating & James S. Miller2239MO, P, TAN
MadagascarToliara   1 October 1994 Pierre J. Rakotomalaza289 
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 25°10'00"S046°05'00"ENovember 1956 Jean M. Bosser10476P, TAN
MadagascarToliaraAndroy750 m24°05'00"S045°42'00"ESeptember 1943 Herb. Jard. Bot. Tan.6033P
MadagascarToliaraAndroy750 m24°03'00"S045°44'00"Esept 1942 A. Seyrig75P
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 24°05'00"S045°42'00"ENov 1942 A. Seyrig75BP
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 24°49'00"S045°40'00"E16 dec 1951 Service Forestier4437P, TAN, TEF
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 24°05'00"S045°42'00"EOctober A. Seyrig28P
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 24°12'00"S045°40'00"E18 nov 1967 SF (Capuron)28016P, TEF
MadagascarToliaraAndroy 24°42'00"S045°04'00"E14 nov 1967 SF (Capuron)27971MO, P, TEF
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