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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
35 - 35 m08°39'23"N083°10'38"W3 May 2007 Luis Acosta6257MO
BelizeBelize5 - 130 m17°22'32"N088°26'34"W05 June 1973 John D. Dwyer10949MO
BelizeBelize 17°24'00"N088°27'00"W5 Jun 1973 Thomas B. Croat23876MO
BelizeBelize5 - 130 m17°22'32"N088°26'34"W05 June 1973 John D. Dwyer10949MO
BelizeCayo300 f17°23'00"N089°02'00"W14 Apr 1970 R. Rose InnesRRI 274MO
BelizeCayo 17°04'00"N089°07'00"W19 Mar 1992 Michael J. Balick, Rosita Arvigo, Pablo Cocom, Rolando Cocom, Winston Harris & Gregory Shropshire3336MO
BelizeCayo 17°14'00"N088°47'00"W7 Sep 1970 Donald Ugent76MO
BelizeCayo300 m16°50'00"N089°06'00"W5 Aug 1989 Michael J. Balick, Rosita Arvigo, Pablo Cocom, Rolando Cocom, Christian Heckert, Antonio Morales, Gregory Shropshire & John Woodland2005MO
BelizeCayo80 m17°10'00"N088°46'00"W13 July 1970 David L. Spellman & W.W. Newey1683MO
BelizeCayo 17°15'00"N088°49'00"W13 July 1970 Robert W. Long3241MO
BelizeCayo1700 m16°38'28"N089°01'26"W02 June 1973 Thomas B. Croat23392MO
BelizeCayo1700 ft16°40'22"N089°01'35"W02 June 1973 Thomas B. Croat23319MO
BelizeCayo80 - 120 m17°14'00"N088°47'00"W29 July 1970 David L. Spellman & W.W. Newey1911MO
BelizeCayo 17°12'35"N088°46'23"W29 May 1974 John D. Dwyer12525MO
BelizeCayo 17°14'00"N088°47'00"W7 Sep 1970 Donald Ugent76MO
BelizeCayo 17°14'00"N088°47'00"W2 May 1982 Oswaldo Téllez V., T.P. Ramamoorthy & M. Panti5654MO
BelizeCayo 16°50'00"N089°06'00"W17 May 1989 Rosita Arvigo & Gregory Shropshire223MO
BelizeCayo80 m  24 July 1976 Caroline Whitefoord1098MO
BelizeCayo1900 m16°43'00"N088°59'00"W29 May 1973 - 30 May 1973 Thomas B. Croat23544MO
BelizeCayo1700 ft16°40'00"N089°02'00"W02 June 1973 John D. Dwyer10857MO
BelizeCayo80 - 120 m17°14'00"N088°47'00"W29 July 1970 David L. Spellman & W.W. Newey1917MO
BelizeCayo450 - 550 m16°58'00"N088°59'00"W27 August 1980 David A. Sutton, M. C. Tebbs, Caroline Whitefoord & David M. Williams207MO
BelizeCayo500 m16°44'00"N088°58'00"W24 Apr 1998 Caroline Whitefoord10334MO
BelizeCayo400 - 550 m16°47'00"N088°56'00"W03 August 1980 David A. Sutton, M. C. Tebbs, Caroline Whitefoord & David M. Williams10MO
BelizeCayo100 m17°21'00"N088°55'00"W24 May 1996 Michael H. Nee & Leopoldo Romero (Polo)46823MO
BelizeCayo100 m17°21'00"N088°55'00"W6 Jul 1995 Daniel E. Atha, Jay B. Walker, Eligio Cocom & Leopoldo Romero (Polo)1004MO
BelizeCayo1000 m16°30'00"N089°03'00"W7 Dec 1993 Bruce Allen15223MO
BelizeCayo1900 f16°43'00"N088°59'00"W30 May 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry7731MO
BelizeCayo1700 - 2000 ft16°37'00"N089°00'00"W03 June 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry7850MO
BelizeOrange Walk18 m17°34'50"N088°42'08"W15 January 2010 Lindsay M. Duncan3MO
BelizeStann Creek300 - 500 ft16°49'47"N088°37'17"W05 June 1973 - 06 June 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry7910MO
BelizeStann Creek300 - 500 ft16°49'47"N088°37'17"W05 June 1973 - 06 June 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry7919MO
BelizeStann Creek300 - 500 ft16°49'47"N088°37'17"W05 June 1973 - 06 June 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry8002MO
BelizeStann Creek400 m16°45'00"N088°35'00"W23 May 1990 Michael J. Balick, Rosita Arvigo, Pablo Cocom, Rolando Cocom, Hortense Robinson & Gregory Shropshire2702MO
BelizeStann Creek5 - 20 m16°56'22"N088°19'31"W11 Jun 1973 B.D. Vanderveen572MO
BelizeStann Creek 17°03'00"N088°34'00"W22 January 1974 John D. Dwyer & Ronald L. Liesner12098MO
BelizeToledo 16°05'59"N088°48'08"W01 August 1980 John D. Dwyer15185MO
BelizeToledo 16°15'00"N089°04'00"W12 June 1973 Thomas B. Croat24279MO
BelizeToledo 16°11'03"N088°54'21"W4 Aug 1970 J.R. Wiley42MO
BelizeToledo100 f16°13'00"N088°56'00"W14 Jun 1973 Thomas B. Croat24474MO
BelizeToledo20 m16°16'00"N088°53'00"W29 Apr 1979 Caroline Whitefoord1545MO
BelizeToledo40 m16°18'00"N089°03'00"W23 May 1979 Caroline Whitefoord1836MO
BelizeToledo 16°05'00"N088°50'00"W02 June 1996 Michael H. Nee, Daniel E. Atha & Leopoldo Romero (Polo)46931MO
BelizeToledo 16°16'00"N089°07'00"W12 June 1973 Alwyn H. Gentry8115MO
BelizeToledo280 m16°30'27"N088°54'25"W14 May 1996 Gerrit Davidse35915BRH, MO
BelizeToledo 16°29'31"N088°54'37"W13 May 1997 Gerrit Davidse36362BRH, MO
BelizeToledo980 - 1020 m16°29'50"N088°59'32"W24 May 1997 Gerrit Davidse & Douglas L. Holland36766BRH, MO
BelizeToledo580 m16°27'54"N089°01'04"W29 May 1997 Douglas L. Holland53BRH, MO
BelizeToledo700 - 750 m16°23'00"N089°05'00"W15 February 1997 Bruce K. Holst5769MO
BelizeToledo1000 m16°29'00"N089°02'00"W11 December 1993 Bruce Allen15412MO
BelizeToledo700 - 800 m16°24'25"N089°06'07"W10 April 1992 - 11 April 1992 Bruce K. Holst4332MO
CaribbeanCuba 20°30'00"N076°00'00"W1860 Charles (Carlos) Wright1514MO
CaribbeanCuba 20°20'48"N074°29'45"WJan. 24 1902 - Jan. 29 1902 Charles L. Pollard, Edward Palmer & William Palmer78MO
Colombia [05°46'30"N][074°20'30"W]1898 - 1901 H.H. Smith2329MO
Colombia300-400 m02°32'05"N074°11'00"WAgosto 9, 1988 Orlando Marulanda690MO
ColombiaAmazonasAraracuara200 - 300 m00°39'00"S072°08'00"W6 June 1990 E. Alvarez D. & et al.701MO
ColombiaAntioquia950 m06°35'00"N076°50'00"W29 February 1992 Alwyn H. Gentry, César E. Barbosa & Dairon Cárdenas L.75918MO
ColombiaAntioquiaChigorodó30 m  29 Junio 1985 Enrique Rentería A. & et al.4235JAUM, MO
ColombiaAntioquiaFrontino1350-1450 m06°45'00"N076°25'00"W10 Jul 1988 Ricardo Callejas6545COL, HUA
ColombiaAntioquiaRemedios250 - 350 m07°20'00"N074°30'00"W15 Sep 1987 Ricardo Callejas & et al.5164MO
ColombiaAntioquiaUrrao1350 - 1450 m06°32'00"N076°19'00"W7 Julio 1991 Álvaro Cogollo P. & et al.5027JAUM, MO
ColombiaBolívar 08°15'00"N074°04'00"W23/VIII/1966 J. de Bruijn1104MO
ColombiaChocó630-730 m  14 Marzo 1980 Enrique Forero, Jaime L. Jaramillo, Josefina Espina Z. & Pablo A. Palacios H.7314MO
ColombiaChocó200-400 m  24 Feb 1977 Enrique Forero, Alwyn H. Gentry, Andrew M. Sugden & Douglas C. Daly3339MO
ColombiaChocó100 - 300 m08°02'00"N077°06'00"W19 July 1975 Alwyn H. Gentry & L.E. Aguirre15307MO
ColombiaChocó250 - 300 m08°07'12"N077°08'01"W18 July 1976 Alwyn H. Gentry, Henry León & Luis E. Forero16749 
ColombiaChocóRiosucio10 - 20 m  8 Octubre 1987 Dairon Cárdenas L.575JAUM, MO
ColombiaChocóSan José del Palmar730 - 830 m04°52'00"N076°18'00"W3 Marzo 1980 Enrique Forero & et al.6584COL, MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  A. S. Oersteds.n.MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  A. S. Oersteds.n.MO
Costa Rica 09°00'00"N084°00'00"W24 July 2001 Margaret M. Mayfields.n.MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]08 July 2001 Margaret M. Mayfields.n.MO
Costa RicaAlajuela850 m10°15'36"N084°27'00"W15 August 1977 Thomas B. Croat43557MO
Costa RicaAlajuela600 m10°21'36"N084°21'36"W20 May 1968 William C. Burger & Robert G. Stolze5125MO
Costa RicaAlajuela1700 m10°20'00"N084°50'00"W12 Sep. 1985 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.3269MO
Costa RicaAlajuela760 m10°18'00"N084°11'00"W28 September 1987 Thomas B. Croat68213MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaAlajuela700 - 800 m10°15'00"N084°09'36"W08 August 1979 W. D. Stevens13575MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaLos Chiles40 m10°54'36"N084°45'36"W30 November 1993 Kattia Martínez & G. Canales229CR, MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaLos Chiles150 m10°43'48"N084°33'00"W10 August 1991 J. F. Morales129MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos 10°27'36"N084°30'00"W09 April 1983 Ronald L. Liesner14128MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos 10°23'03"N084°36'13"W29 junio 1985 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.1757MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos70 m10°31'48"N084°17'24"W5 NOV 1996 Barry E. Hammel, Alexánder Rodríguez & Nelson Zamora20501INB
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala550 m10°52'48"N085°24'00"W03 abril 1993 Mario Chinchilla79MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala600 - 620 m10°52'58"N085°24'06"W16 VII 1997 Freddy A. Quesada487INB, MO
Costa RicaCartagoCartago1400 m09°48'36"N083°54'00"W15 Aug 1993 Álvaro Fernández1179CR, MO
Costa RicaCartagoParaiso500 - 700 m09°49'12"N083°31'12"W30 Jun 1976 Thomas B. Croat36534MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba 09°53'24"N083°39'00"W08 Jul 1965 Thomas B. Croat332MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba1250 m09°49'12"N083°26'24"W1 Jul 1976 Thomas B. Croat36674MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba 09°53'24"N083°39'00"W15 agosto 1984 Héctor M. Hernández M., Michael H. Grayum, Alina Chacón & Pamela J. Sleeper684MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba1400 m09°54'00"N083°46'48"W07 Sep 1990 Helen Kennedy & James C. Solomon4618MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste600 m10°57'36"N085°29'36"W01 July 1989 INBio Estudiantes de Biodiversidad I106MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste1400 m10°22'00"N084°52'00"W30 July 1986 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.5906MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteBagaces750 - 800 m10°45'00"N085°17'28"W4 Jun 1996 Roberto Espinoza, Carolina Cano & Daniel Pérez1503MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLa Cruz500 m10°58'12"N085°28'12"W28 Jul 1986 Isidro A. Chacón G. & Abelardo Chacón2079MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLa Cruz600 m10°57'36"N085°29'24"W28 Jun 1990 Elías Rojas132MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLa Cruz400 m11°02'00"N085°24'30"W10 December 1990 Calixto Moraga236MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLiberia550 m10°52'48"N085°24'00"W23 Mar 1994 Dunia García113CR, MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLiberia900 - 1000 m10°55'02"N085°27'50"W3 May 2000 Luis Acosta, Víctor H. Ramírez, Gerardo Soto & Geovanny Sancho1163MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLiberia800 m10°45'36"N085°16'48"W19 Jun 1996 Marian J. Short & Peter J. Stafford137MO
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