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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
CanadaOntario   26 July 1942 C. H. Hand818MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.PH
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.PH
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia 51°56'00"N007°09'00"E4 Oct 1969 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2357MO
MexicoMichoacán2140 m19°23'00"N101°16'00"W18 Jun 1988 Claudio Delgadillo Moya5283MO
MexicoSan Luis Potosí600 ft  23 March 1974 R.E. Magill2296MO
Turkey850 - 950 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Özlem Tonguç YayıntaşT92MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous168 MO
United StatesAlabamaMobile50 f[30°47'00"N][088°12'00"W]19 Aug 2004 Carl E. Darigo & Dolly D. Darigo4190MO
United StatesAlabamaTallapoosa [32°49'00"N][085°50'00"W]23 June 1973 Rudy G. Koch7794MO
United StatesArkansasBoone [36°18'00"N][093°11'40"W]10 Jan. 1969 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.25678MO
United StatesArkansasCrawfordca. 1200 ft.[35°35'00"N][094°14'00"W]4 June 1964 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.15012MO
United StatesArkansasFranklinca. 1000 ft.[35°33'00"N][093°52'00"W]6 July 1965 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.17523MO
United StatesArkansasFranklin2700 ft35°25'59"N094°30'36"W24 April 1988 Bruce Allen6227MO
United StatesArkansasFulton [36°22'00"N][091°50'00"W]7 July 1964 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.15621MO
United StatesArkansasMontgomeryca. 800 ft.[34°32'00"N][093°39'00"W]20 March 1965 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Delzie Demaree17194MO
United StatesArkansasNewton228 m35°58'38"N093°02'14"W10 June 2000 Bruce Allen22335MO
United StatesArkansasNewton [35°56'00"N][093°12'00"W]2 Feb. 1963 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.11873MO
United StatesArkansasNewton m[35°56'00"N][093°12'00"W]28 July 1963 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.12918MO
United StatesArkansasNewton1400 - 2000 f[35°56'00"N][093°12'00"W]5 June 1975 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Ralph L. Thompson30842MO
United StatesArkansasSaline [34°39'00"N][092°41'00"W]2 July 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.24251MO
United StatesArkansasStone [35°51'00"N][092°11'00"W]12-15 April 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.23176MO
United StatesArkansasYell [35°00'10"N][093°25'00"W]27 July 1973 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.29083MO
United StatesGeorgiaCrisp [31°56'00"N][083°46'00"W]6 8 1967 Robert K. Lampton2278(a)MO
United StatesIllinoisHancock [40°31'00"N][091°09'00"W]5-5-73 Freeman105MO
United StatesIllinoisPope [37°25'00"N][088°34'00"W]23 May 1978 Alfred C. Koelling336MO
United StatesIndianaPutnam [39°44'40"N][086°59'50"W]23 Aug. 1958 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.3995MO
United StatesKansasCherokee 37°00'00"N094°39'00"W29 July 1969 Robert R. Ireland22587MO
United StatesKansasDouglas320 m38°45'00"N095°16'00"W10 May 1978 S. P. Churchill9608MO
United StatesKansasFranklin 39°29'00"N095°22'00"W8 IV 1978 S. P. Churchill9359AMO
United StatesKansasRiley 39°05'00"N096°35'00"W14 Oct 1988 Gary L. S. Merrill11530MO
United StatesKansasWoodson315 m37°47'00"N095°50'00"W26 October 1978 S. P. Churchill10459MO
United StatesKentuckyBath 38°07'00"N083°36'00"W22 Jun 1978 S. P. Churchill10141MO
United StatesLouisianaWest Feliciana [30°51'00"N][091°22'00"W]11 Oct 1968 William D. Reese10491MO
United StatesLouisianaWest Feliciana [30°51'00"N][091°22'00"W]11 Oct 1968 William D. Reese10486MO
United StatesLouisianaWest Feliciana [30°51'00"N][091°22'00"W]11 Oct. 1968 Andrew W. Westling202MO
United StatesMaineAroostook183 m47°06'04"N069°04'31"W23 June 2006 Bruce Allen27585MO
United StatesMaineKennebec96 ft44°32'47"N069°37'32"W21 September 2009 Pat Ledlie7033MO
United StatesMaineKennebec 44°19'00"N069°47'30"W21 October 2000 STs.n.MO
United StatesMaineKennebec 44°19'00"N069°47'30"W21 October 2000 St. Hilaire, Lisas.n.MO
United StatesMarylandGarrett 39°40'11"N078°59'28"W5 Oct 1963 E. G. WorthleyMD-170MO
United StatesMichiganBarry [42°36'00"N][085°19'00"W]15 Aug. 1967 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.22213MO
United StatesMississippiClarke [32°06'00"N][088°43'30"W]Feb 1971 Ken E. Rogers5762MO
United StatesMissouriBarry 36°32'00"N093°45'00"W18 June 1897 Benjamin F. Bushs.n.MO
United StatesMissouriBarry [36°42'18"N][093°50'13"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9782MO
United StatesMissouriBarry [36°42'18"N][093°50'13"W]9 June 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.10301MO
United StatesMissouriBarry [36°42'18"N][093°50'13"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9421MO
United StatesMissouriBarry [36°42'18"N][093°50'13"W]9 June 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.10269MO
United StatesMissouriBollinger119 m37°10'53"N090°09'24"W5 Oct 2004 Alan E. Brant5705MO
United StatesMissouriCamden700 f38°03'22"N092°32'58"W4 Feb 2005 Nels J. Holmberg919MO
United StatesMissouriCamden755 ft38°02'53"N092°35'10"W01 February 2018 Nels J. Holmberg6067MO
United StatesMissouriCarter [36°56'31"N][090°58'10"W]16 October 1997 Stephanie Haggerty58MO
United StatesMissouriCarter [36°56'31"N][090°58'10"W]27 October 1997 Stephanie Haggerty89MO
United StatesMissouriCedar [37°43'19"N][093°51'49"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.12861MO
United StatesMissouriCrawford1000 f[37°58'34"N][091°18'48"W]9 July 1963 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.13119MO
United StatesMissouriCrawford305 m37°44'04"N091°14'17"W23 June 2004 Alan E. Brant5613MO
United StatesMissouriCrawford600 f38°11'55"N091°06'39"W12 Jan 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1421MO
United StatesMissouriDade [37°25'55"N][093°51'27"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.7484MO
United StatesMissouriDade [37°25'55"N][093°51'27"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6835MO
United StatesMissouriDallasca. 900 ft.[37°40'43"N][093°01'42"W]26 June 1963 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.12788MO
United StatesMissouriDent [37°36'17"N][091°31'00"W]22 October 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9399MO
United StatesMissouriDent351 m37°38'16"N091°21'38"W15 July 2004 Alan E. Brant5633MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas [36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]2 Aug. 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9037MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas [36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]3 July 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8871MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas [36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8989MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas [36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8829MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas947 m.36°59'34"N092°05'31"W4 August 1999 Bruce Allen21677MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas947 m.36°59'34"N092°05'31"W4 August 1999 Bruce Allen21664MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas m[36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]2 August 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9003MO
United StatesMissouriGreene m[37°15'23"N][093°20'58"W]23 September 1958 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.4023MO
United StatesMissouriGreene1360 f[37°15'23"N][093°20'58"W]6 July 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.11034MO
United StatesMissouriHickory [37°56'22"N][093°19'34"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.7126MO
United StatesMissouriHowell [36°46'14"N][091°53'38"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.14080MO
United StatesMissouriIron317 m37°38'41"N091°04'06"W8 Jun 2005 Alan E. Brant5868MO
United StatesMissouriIron [37°33'23"N][090°46'50"W]May 1900 Colton Russell63MO
United StatesMissouriJackson 39°05'28"N094°24'55"W22 April 1894 Benjamin F. Bushs.n.MO
United StatesMissouriJackson m[39°00'24"N][094°21'08"W]22 April 1994 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38272MO
United StatesMissouriLaclede [37°39'38"N][092°35'31"W]10 June 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8262MO
United StatesMissouriLawrence m[37°06'21"N][093°50'27"W]19 June 1959 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.4553MO
United StatesMissouriMadison [37°28'36"N][090°21'05"W]29 July 1964 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.15958MO
United StatesMissouriMadison m[37°28'36"N][090°21'05"W]22 January 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.22653MO
United StatesMissouriMaries m[38°09'42"N][091°55'42"W]8 July 1967 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.21696MO
United StatesMissouriNewton [36°54'25"N][094°20'38"W]15 July 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6676MO
United StatesMissouriNewton m[36°54'25"N][094°20'38"W]15 July 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6661MO
United StatesMissouriNewton m[36°54'25"N][094°20'38"W]15 July 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6680MO
United StatesMissouriOzark [36°38'48"N][092°27'01"W]6 Aug. 1963 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.14060MO
United StatesMissouriOzark [36°38'48"N][092°27'01"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.7841MO
United StatesMissouriOzark262 m36°45'47"N092°22'45"W19 May 2008 Alan E. Brant6511MO
United StatesMissouriPhelps [37°52'49"N][091°47'48"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8281MO
United StatesMissouriPhelps [37°52'49"N][091°47'48"W]13 Oct. 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.9354MO
United StatesMissouriPhelps [37°52'49"N][091°47'48"W]12 Aug. 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.7165MO
United StatesMissouriPolk [37°36'47"N][093°24'25"W]17 July 1934 Julian A. Steyermark13653MO
United StatesMissouriPulaski [37°49'28"N][092°12'32"W]16 Oct. 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.7698MO
United StatesMissouriRipley [36°38'54"N][090°52'02"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6058MO
United StatesMissouriRipley360 f[36°38'54"N][090°52'02"W]30 June 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.10978MO
United StatesMissouriSaint Clair [38°02'06"N][093°47'02"W]08 October 1976 Susan Cunningham, Teresa L. Hilton & Janet Stalker562MO
United StatesMissouriSaint Clair [38°02'06"N][093°47'02"W]  Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.4731MO
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