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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Canada 55°17'00"N077°43'00"W30 July 1947 James Kucyniak & Tuomikoski, Risto KaleviT 1310MO
CanadaBritish Columbia3100 ft53°07'00"N120°47'00"W11 Jul 1958 F.M. Boas597MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   28 July 1968 C. H. Hand68-128MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   28 Jul 1968 C. H. Hand68-127MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   03 May 1964 Wilfred B. Schofield22719MO
CanadaBritish Columbia760 f49°20'04"N122°27'29"W10 May 2009 James R. Shevock, William R. Buck & Judith A. Harpel32852MO
CanadaNewfoundland250 - 300 m47°19'00"N053°08'00"W7 September 2007 Bruce Allen28600MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19890MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W6 August 1997 Bruce Allen19937MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°23'00"N077°01'00"W4 August 1997 Bruce Allen19847MO
CanadaNova Scotia   1 Sept 1959 Wilfred B. Schofield10947MO
CanadaQuebec   Jul 1959 Howard A. Crum & Harry R. Williams10358MO
CanadaQuebec   07 September 1907 Saint-Hilaires.n.MO
CaribbeanDominican RepublicLa Vega7000 f18°43'00"N070°35'00"W10 Jun 1982 Thomas A. Zanoni & José D. Pimentel B.20893SMO
Czechoslovakia [49°29'41"N][017°36'24"E]  Zdenĕk Pilous225MO
CzechoslovakiaCzech Socialist Republic     Zdenĕk Pilous154MO
CzechoslovakiaCzech Socialist Republic     Zdenĕk Pilous110MO
CzechoslovakiaCzech Socialist Republic394 m  May 1950 Zdenĕk Pilous346MO
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]7 Aug 1964 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald39MO
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]30.VII.1966 ULVINENs.n.MO
FinlandKeski-Suomi   16 Aug 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1461MO
FinlandLappi160-380 m69°56'00"N026°35'00"E30 Jul 1984 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald10338MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg 47°50'00"N007°57'00"EJun 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1530MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg740 m47°50'00"N007°57'00"E5 Oct 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1692MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg740 m47°50'00"N007°57'00"E5 Oct 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1675MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg1400 m  16 Jul 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1276MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg1400 m  8 Oct 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1276aMO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg1200 m  21 Oct 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1343MO
GermanyBavaria   Oct 1967 A. von Hübschmann82MO
Ireland 54°06'07"N008°46'39"W13 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2722MO
Ireland 52°14'26"N010°18'58"W19 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2815MO
NorwayHordaland200 m59°40'00"N005°56'00"E17 Jun 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3599MO
NorwayRogaland 59°33'00"N006°18'00"E17 Jun 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3561MO
NorwayRogaland220-280 m58°36'00"N006°07'00"E13 Jun 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3419MO
Poland1100 m[51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]12 Oct 1978 R. Ochyra221MO
Russian Federation470 m51°47'00"N087°27'00"E22 Jul 1991 M. Ignatov18/105MO
Russian Federation2250 m51°05'00"N088°10'00"E27 Jun 1991 M. Ignatov7/163MO
United KingdomScotland   8-72 BOSWELLs.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous113 MO
United StatesAlaska   4 Jun 1951 Thomas51-9MO
United StatesAlaska 60°46'00"N148°39'00"W5 Jun 2001 Wilfred B. Schofield117608MO
United StatesAlaskaAleutians West   15 - 30 June 1975 David K. Smith3845MO
United StatesCaliforniaEl Dorado7000 - 8000 ft[38°46'00"N][120°31'00"W]5 Sept 1947 H. S. Conard47-438MO
United StatesCaliforniaEl Dorado7-8000 f[38°46'00"N][120°31'00"W]5 Sept 1947 H. S. Conard47-454MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno6700 f36°56'15"N118°57'40"W23 August 1998 James R. Shevock & Chenier Ng Su Tjoit17549MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno9800 f37°05'35"N118°34'45"W10 September 1999 James R. Shevock18688MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno10200 f37°05'50"N118°34'35"W10 September 1999 James R. Shevock18694MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno4800 f37°19'10"N119°17'00"W30 July 2000 James R. Shevock & Daniel H. Norris19881MO
United StatesCaliforniaMadera4800 f37°22'15"N119°32'03"W23 September 2001 James R. Shevock21203MO
United StatesCaliforniaMadera4890 f37°31'59"N119°34'54"W5 October 2009 James R. Shevock, Rebecca C. Wenk & Martin Hutten33691MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4210 f37°32'16"N119°37'02"W25 October 2008 James R. Shevock, Martin Hutten & Alison Colwell32418MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa7500 f37°50'49"N119°34'21"W2 August 2006 James R. Shevock28941MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa5375 f37°45'23"N119°35'45"W21 October 2006 James R. Shevock, Alison Colwell & Dena L. Grossenbacher29162MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa5000 f37°43'37"N119°32'32"W28 October 2006 James R. Shevock29209MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa8950 f37°53'45"N119°32'40"W14 August 1999 James R. Shevock, Dieter H. Wilken & Susan Fritzke18490MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono3000 m38°01'00"N119°17'00"W7 July 1992 Daniel H. Norris78892MO
United StatesCaliforniaSanta Cruz2325 f37°08'49"N122°11'54"W26 July 2008 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman31814MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou4700 f41°56'38"N123°08'13"W21 July 2012 James R. Shevock40554MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou4600 f41°56'40"N123°08'10"W1 September 2000 James R. Shevock & David R. Toren20111MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare10400 f36°33'05"N118°21'05"W16 August 1999 James R. Shevock18543MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare7040 f36°27'55"N118°38'20"W12 October 1998 James R. Shevock17658MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare8300 f36°36'00"N118°42'15"W20 September 1997 James R. Shevock16467MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare6700 f36°36'20"N118°44'50"W25 October 1997 James R. Shevock16668MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne9150 f38°02'46"N119°31'12"W18 July 2007 James R. Shevock & Alison Colwell30061MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne9200 f38°00'34"N119°29'27"W22 July 2007 James R. Shevock30206MO
United StatesColoradoBoulder9400 f[40°05'00"N][105°21'00"W]30 May 1977 Frederick J. Hermann27781MO
United StatesIdahoClearwater [46°37'00"N][115°27'10"W]11 August 1970 A.J. Sharp & E. C. Clebsch2838MO
United StatesIdahoClearwater [46°37'00"N][115°27'10"W]11 August 1970 A.J. Sharp & E. C. Clebsch2750MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin44 m43°59'33"N070°03'31"W22 June 2004 Bruce Allen26798MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin 43°59'31"N070°03'47"W5 July 1993 Bruce Allen14696MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin 43°59'31"N070°03'47"W5 July 1993 Bruce Allen14695MO
United StatesMaineAroostook315 m46°35'39"N069°28'45"W4 July 1999 Bruce Allen21557MO
United StatesMaineFranklin [44°54'00"N][070°27'00"W]20 July 1999 Dorothy M. Spaulding6MO
United StatesMaineFranklin1403 f45°23'02"N070°46'42"W18 June 2007 Bruce Allen28370MO
United StatesMaineKnox 44°14'47"N069°06'11"W2 July 1993 Bruce Allen14611MO
United StatesMaineKnox 44°14'47"N069°06'11"W2 July 1993 Bruce Allen14635MO
United StatesMaineLincoln31 m43°55'07"N069°38'22"W1 July 2004 Bruce Allen26951MO
United StatesMaineLincoln31 m43°55'07"N069°38'22"W1 July 2004 Bruce Allen26944MO
United StatesMaineOxford1430 f44°46'12"N070°56'03"W11 June 2003 Pat Ledlie3032MO
United StatesMaineOxford809 f44°14'59"N070°58'04"W01 August 2006 Pat Ledlie5084MO
United StatesMaineOxford 44°43'00"N070°38'00"W21 July 1995 Bruce Allen16752MO
United StatesMaineOxford 44°43'00"N070°38'00"W21 July 1995 Bruce Allen16732MO
United StatesMaineOxford 44°43'00"N070°38'00"W21 July 1995 Bruce Allen16751MO
United StatesMaineSomerset [45°15'20"N][069°55'00"W]11 July 1990 Bruce Allen9312DMO
United StatesMaineSomerset615-620 m45°44'12"N070°17'44"W2 July 1999 Bruce Allen21450MO
United StatesMaineSomerset859 ft45°21'41"N069°55'48"W24 June 2015 Bruce Allen31529MO
United StatesMichiganAlger [46°20'00"N][086°42'00"W]25 July 1964 Anonymouss.n.MO
United StatesMichiganAlger [46°20'00"N][086°42'00"W]25 Jul 1962 R.H. Zanders.n.MO
United StatesMichiganKeweenaw [47°22'00"N][088°12'00"W]29 Jun 1979 Frederick J. Hermann28809MO
United StatesMinnesotaCook [47°55'00"N][090°33'00"W]Jul 1902 John M. Holzingers.n.MO
United StatesNevadaElko8900 f41°01'30"N115°05'38"W21 July 2002 James R. Shevock & Alex Glazer22587MO
United StatesNevadaElko9250 f40°54'56"N115°08'59"W14 August 2007 James R. Shevock30326MO
United StatesNevadaWashoe6240 f39°10'36"N119°55'40"W7 September 2008 James R. Shevock & Jimmy Leong31950MO
United StatesNew Hampshire   16 July 1880 John Alpheus Allens.n.MO
United StatesNew HampshireCoös390 m[44°38'00"N][071°19'00"W]10 July 2002 Bruce Allen24590MO
United StatesNew HampshireGrafton2500 ft[43°57'00"N][071°48'00"W]10 August 1907 Annie Lorenz237MO
United StatesNew YorkEssex460 m44°08'26"N073°44'50"W19 September 2004 Bruce Allen27167MO
United StatesNew YorkEssex460 m44°08'26"N073°44'50"W19 September 2004 Bruce Allen27193MO
United StatesNew YorkEssex2400 ft[44°06'00"N][073°49'00"W]28-IX-60 Ketchledge, Edwin Herbert3626MO
United StatesNorth CarolinaJackson2100-2500 ft.35°02'00"N083°01'00"W14 September 1996 Bruce Allen17847MO
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