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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
AustraliaTasmania390 m42°46'59"S146°01'56"E5 December 2007 William R. Buck52753MO
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO, PH
CanadaBritish Columbia   21 Jul 1928 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   21 Jul 1928 F.A. MacFadden3487MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   29 Apr 1927 F.A. MacFadden8861MO
CanadaBritish Columbia3000 ft  7 Jul 1964 S. Flowers9553MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   11 May 1926 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   17 Apr 1927 F.A. MacFadden16 MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   11 May 1926 F.A. MacFadden7343MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   17 April 1927 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
ChileMagallanesTierra del Fuego 54°10'58"S068°42'52"WFeb 8, 1995 Marshall R. Crosby & Carmen Castor17109MO
ChileMagallanesTierra del Fuegonear sea level54°04'00"S070°03'00"WFeb 15, 1995 Marshall R. Crosby & Carmen Castor17299MO
ChileMagallanesTierra del Fuego 54°04'00"S070°03'00"WFeb 18, 1995 Marshall R. Crosby & Carmen Castor17393MO
ChinaGuangxiLong Sheng 25°31'10"N109°48'54"E18 June 2011 - 24 June 2011 Guo Shui-liang, Yu Jing, Liu De-hao & Xu Ming110619265MO
ChinaShandong200 m[36°21'07"N][118°09'03"E]3 Oct. 1984 Gao Chien & Bai En-zhong34413MO
ChinaSichuan3680-3700 m33°00'00"N101°15'00"E8 June 1983 Si He31020MO
ChinaSichuan1600-2700 m30°00'00"N102°30'00"E5 Aug. 1983 Si He32075MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1650-1700 m43°07'00"N084°30'00"E30 July 1995 Si He951182MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1650-1700 m43°07'00"N084°30'00"E30 July 1995 ZHAO953325MO
ChinaXinjiang UygurBurqin1650 m  14 Aug. 1957 Qing-tang Jiang406MO
ChinaXinjiang UygurBurqin185 m  13 Aug. 1957 Chen401MO
ChinaYunnan [24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]Oct. 19, 1991 Jia Xue-yi910111MO
ChinaYunnan [24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]Oct. 20, 1991 Jia Xue-yi910106MO
ChinaYunnan [24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]Oct. 4, 1991 Jia Xue-yi910078MO
CzechoslovakiaCzech Socialist Republic   Oct 1949 Zdenĕk Pilous170MO
EcuadorNapo3850 m00°37'00"S078°10'00"W03 XI 1979 L.B. Holm-Nielsen20792AAU
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]1.X.1975 FAGERSTEN1661MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]6 Feb 1966 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald320MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.MO
GermanyLower Saxony   Apr 1975 A. von Hübschmann297MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia 51°08'00"N007°48'00"E17 October 1972 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4447MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia 52°54'00"N008°14'00"E21 Mar 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3225MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia290 m51°20'00"N007°57'00"E24 Oct 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4015MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia400 m51°18'00"N007°40'00"E19 Dec 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4078MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia400 m51°18'00"N007°40'00"E19 Dec 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4074MO
Kazakhstan     Rocdugin1029aMO
Kazakhstan     N. Bryantseva1083MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2000-2500 m.43°00'00"N077°00'00"E20 July 1991 Bruce Allen10820MO
KazakhstanAlmaty   7 July 1991 R.E. Magill10296MO
KazakhstanAlmaty1600 m  14 July 1991 R.E. Magill10545AMO
Kyrgyzstan1800 m  Jun 1970 ROCDUGIN1051MO
Poland180 m[51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]17 Sept 1978 R. Ochyra678MO
Poland185 m[51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]17 May 1982 R. Ochyra783MO
Poland130 m[51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]17 May 1977 R. Ochyra80MO
PolandSuwalki130 m  16 Jul 1978 R. Ochyra376MO
PolandSuwalki210 m  17 May 1979 R. Ochyra487MO
PolandSuwalki125 m  14 Jul 1979 Ochyra582MO
PolandWarszawa   30.V.1962 r. J. Mickiewicz45MO
PortugalVila Real403 m41°40'51"N007°33'38"W14 July 2011 Katia Cezón & Ruben G. MateoK153MO
PortugalVila Real840 m41°29'45"N007°44'56"W11 July 2011 Katia Cezón, Jesús Muñoz & T. Delgados.n.MO
SiciliaPalermo1900 m  3-6-1990 DULL91 DMO
SpainGranada1600 m37°07'00"N003°27'00"W24 Sep 1999 MUNOZ14865MA, MO
SpainMadrid1275 m41°05'00"N003°27'00"W16 May 2003 Jesús Muñoz, F. Gutiérrez & Guillermo M. Suárezs.n.MO
United Kingdom     Robert K. Grevilles.n.PH
United KingdomEngland     Halls.n.MO
United StatesAlaska   26 Oct 1945 Walter J. Eyerdam906MO
United StatesAlaska50 m  1940 Walter J. Eyerdam698MO
United StatesAlaska 60°30'00"N172°30'00"W19 Jul 1997 Wilfred B. Schofield108488MO
United StatesAlaskaFairbanks North Star250 m64°50'00"N147°40'00"W2 July 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36551MO
United StatesAlaskaNorth Slope400 ft  10 August 2010 Nancy J. Darigo110MO
United StatesAlaskaNorth Slope24 ft  24 April 2003 Carl E. Darigo57MO
United StatesCaliforniaButte1000 ft39°40'18"N121°32'03"W29.IV.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5543MO
United StatesCaliforniaContra Costa1800 f37°54'21"N121°53'54"W8 February 2004 James R. Shevock, Barbara J. Ertter & Eric S.J. Harris24589MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno5200 ft36°42'01"N118°56'01"W30 July 1996 James R. Shevock14076MO
United StatesCaliforniaLassen6235 ft40°32'20"N121°08'56"W5-IX-1999 Lawrence P. Janeway6568MO
United StatesCaliforniaLassen3880 ft40°43'45"N121°26'09"W11-X-1999 Lawrence P. Janeway6617MO
United StatesCaliforniaLassen3880 ft40°43'45"N121°26'09"W11-X-1999 Lawrence P. Janeway6623MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4000 f37°32'16"N119°40'06"W29 June 2008 James R. Shevock & Alison Colwell31751MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4930 f37°30'58"N119°37'31"W25 October 2008 James R. Shevock32409MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa1175 m37°42'56"N119°39'50"W7 October 2006 James R. Shevock29082MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa6900 f37°43'39"N119°34'32"W15 October 2006 James R. Shevock29127MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4250 f37°42'47"N119°40'05"W15 October 2006 James R. Shevock29142MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4000 f37°44'35"N119°36'10"W21 October 2006 James R. Shevock, Alison Colwell & Dena L. Grossenbacher29176MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4400 f37°43'29"N119°33'23"W28 October 2006 James R. Shevock29203MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4050 f37°42'50"N119°39'23"W9 November 2006 James R. Shevock29225MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa3865 f37°43'01"N119°40'20"W23 July 2011 James R. Shevock & Martin Hutten38492MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa3865 f37°43'01"N119°40'20"W23 July 2011 James R. Shevock & Martin Hutten38497MO
United StatesCaliforniaMonterey2375 f36°22'01"N121°33'51"W21 March 2004 James R. Shevock, William T. Doyle, Steven.L. Jessup & Alan T. Whittemore24706MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas3100 ft[39°59'00"N][120°52'00"W]14.V.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5582MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas3100 ft[39°59'00"N][120°52'00"W]14.V.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5578MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas3100 ft[39°59'00"N][120°52'00"W]14.V.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5575MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas3100 ft[39°59'00"N][120°52'00"W]14.V.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5580MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas2700 ft40°03'43"N121°12'03"W16.IV.1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5484MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou4000 f[41°35'00"N][122°31'00"W]20 Jul 1968 Daniel H. Norris9041MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou6080 f41°20'01"N122°37'57"W20 September 2011 James R. Shevock & Eve Laeger38860MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou4575 ft[41°35'00"N][122°31'00"W]16 August 2015 James R. Shevock47313MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare5750 f36°29'00"N118°45'45"W10 November 1996 James R. Shevock14624MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare2200 f36°29'30"N118°49'00"W17 January 1998 James R. Shevock & Tony Morosco16782MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne4470 f37°48'12"N119°50'35"W19 September 2010 James R. Shevock, Martin Hutten & James K. Walton36383MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne5000 f37°54'13"N119°50'05"W17 April 2011 James R. Shevock & Martin Hutten37689MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne4200 f37°55'34"N119°47'44"W17 April 2011 James R. Shevock & Martin Hutten37698MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne7900 f38°01'09"N119°31'03"W20 July 2007 James R. Shevock30153MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne3935 f37°47'52"N119°59'11"W28 June 2008 James R. Shevock31699MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne4300 f[38°04'00"N][119°54'00"W]29 Aug 1957 S. Flowers5385-AMO
United StatesColoradoPitkin 39°18'50"N107°07'30"W13 June 1994 Greg Pedano1280MO
United StatesIdahoElmore [43°25'20"N][115°28'40"W]10 Jul 1942 F.A. MacFadden19033MO
United StatesIdahoElmore [43°25'20"N][115°28'40"W]5 July 1941 F.A. MacFadden18709MO
United StatesIdahoElmore 43°48'06"N115°07'36"W26 June 1942 F.A. MacFadden19133MO
United StatesIdahoIdaho [46°02'00"N][114°42'10"W]24 Jun 1978 Lewis E. Anderson22956MO
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