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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO, PH
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO, PH
CanadaAlberta6700 ft  20 Aug 1960 Charles D. Bird5210MO
CanadaAlberta4800 ft  8 Nov 1965 J. McCutcheon1212MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   10 Apr 1927 F.A. MacFadden4323MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   11 May 1927 F.A. MacFadden112MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   8 Oct 1928 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia2250 f  19 May 1910 A.H. Brinkman173MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   4 Aug 1927 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia20 m  24 June 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38638MO
CanadaManitoba 58°46'00"N094°10'00"W23 July 1956 Howard A. Crum & Wilfred B. Schofield7185MO
CanadaManitoba   9 May 1961 Charles D. Bird5827MO
CanadaNew Brunswick   3 Sep 1899 John Macoun714aMO
CanadaNew Brunswick60 f  22 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37615MO
CanadaNew Brunswick900 f  22 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37619MO
CanadaNewfoundland260 - 450 f  12 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37505MO
CanadaNewfoundland100 f  16 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37575MO
CanadaOntario   7 Sept 1971 R.H. Zander3687MO
CanadaOntario   27 Nov 1984 P.M. Eckel13084MO
CanadaOntario   1 Oct 1939 E.A. Moxleys.n.MO
CanadaOntario   13 Apr 1929 E.A. Moxleys.n.MO
CanadaOntario   19 Feb 1983 P.M. EckelNF7MO
CanadaOntario   22 Nov 1943 R.F. Cain1619MO
CanadaOntario   28 Oct 1964 Howard A. Crum306MO
CanadaOntario   7 Aug 1961 Howard A. Crum11148MO
CanadaOntario   29 Apr 1985 P.M. Eckel2641785MO
CanadaOntario   18 Aug 1961 Howard A. Crum11506MO
CanadaOntario   12 Oct 1964 Howard A. Crum272MO
CanadaQuebec   18 Nov 1925 Dupret, François Hippolyte26 MO
CanadaQuebec   10 Nov 1926 Dupret, François Hippolyte147 MO
CanadaQuebec   5 Jul 1947 Frere Fabius1335MO
CanadaSaskatchewan   18 Jul 1960 C. H. Hand60-212MO
CanadaSaskatchewan1400 ft.  15 Sept 1957 M.A. Welsh553MO
CanadaYukon Territory 65°01'00"N138°12'00"W23 Jun 1972 Dale H. Vitt6617MO
ChinaHenanSong Xian800 m  23 Aug. 1960 Jian-Xin Luo378MO
ChinaHenanXi Xia   17 July 1960 Jian-Xin Luo266MO
ChinaHubei1220-1300 m31°30'00"N110°30'00"E1 Sept 1980 Sino-American Expedition531 dMO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur2500-2550 m41°45'00"N083°15'00"E31 July 1995 Si He951203MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1650-1700 m43°07'00"N084°30'00"E30 July 1995 Si He951191MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1800-2000 m43°15'00"N084°48'00"E30 July 1995 Si He951148MO
ChinaZhejiang520 m[29°10'46"N][120°05'20"E]13 Nov 1978 P.C. Wu1185MO
Czechoslovakia [49°29'41"N][017°36'24"E]June 1952 Zdenĕk Pilous208MO
EthiopiaBale10000 ft07°30'00"N039°40'00"E16 September 1972 D.T. Steel473b 
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]21/4/1880 Schulze206MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]23 Feb 1966 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald415MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]8 Nov 1965 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald523MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]4-3-1966 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald345MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]11.11.1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1401MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg   28 Jan 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1048MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia265-330 m51°05'00"N008°00'00"E11 Oct 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3024MO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia140-190 m51°27'00"N007°34'00"E26 Dec 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4101aMO
GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia160 m51°22'00"N007°37'00"E3 Mar 1974 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4465MO
India5-6000 ft[21°46'06"N][082°53'51"E]4-9-99 John F. Duthie2116MO
Italy1800 - 1800 ft[41°55'54"N][012°43'07"E]15 June 2004 Carl E. Darigo64MO
Lesotho 30°15'00"S027°45'00"E10 December 1977 R.E. Magill4666MO
NorwayOppland1000 m  28 VI 1970 STUDENTS70-1818aMO
Poland [51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]  Breutels.n.PH
PolandBielsko1000 m  9 Jul 1978 R. Ochyra281MO
PolandBielsko550 m  7 Sept 1978 R. Ochyra383MO
Russian Federation440 m51°20'00"N087°42'00"E13 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/267MO
Russian Federationca. 480 m51°15'00"N087°35'00"E1 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/491MO
Russian Federationca. 550 m51°15'00"N087°35'00"E12 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/492MO
Russian Federation400 m54°22'00"N057°38'00"E9 Sep 1990 E. Ignatova9/5MO
Russian Federation300 m55°00'00"N060°20'00"E4 Sep 1990 E. Ignatova4/12MO
Russian Federation1950 m51°05'00"N088°10'00"E3 Jul 1991 M. Ignatov3/263MO
SiciliaPalermo1900 m  05-06-1990 DULL143 DMO
South KoreaCheju-do900 - 1700 m33°22'00"N126°31'00"E14 July 2000 Si He & Jong-Suk Song34710MO
South KoreaCheju-do1000 - 1600 m33°22'00"N126°31'00"E13 July 2000 Si He & Jong-Suk Song34653MO
Sweden [62°09'17"N][017°41'50"E]5 8 1969 S.R. Gradstein879MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous328 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous313 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United StatesAlaska1600 ft63°31'00"N150°58'00"W8-28 Jul 1951 E.M. SherrardA37aMO
United StatesAlaska300 ft69°50'00"N148°40'00"W30 Jul 1958 S. Shushansb-170MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4400 f37°43'29"N119°33'23"W28 October 2006 James R. Shevock29203MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono7300 f38°09'00"N119°07'30"W3 May 1997 James R. Shevock15334MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono7300 f38°09'00"N119°07'30"W3 May 1997 James R. Shevock15337MO
United StatesCaliforniaPlumas4800 ft40°05'37"N121°04'56"W1-VII-1998 Lawrence P. Janeway5702MO
United StatesColoradoDouglas8800 f[39°20'00"N][104°57'00"W]22 August 1964 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Donna M. Eggers16387MO
United StatesColoradoLarimer8400 f[40°40'00"N][105°28'00"W]15 Aug 1977 Frederick J. Hermann28076MO
United StatesConnecticut   1874 G.R. Kleebergers.n.MO
United StatesConnecticut   04 October 1879 John Alpheus Allen7MO
United StatesConnecticut   04 October 1879 John Alpheus AllenI.MO
United StatesDelawareKent [39°05'00"N][075°33'00"W]28 Aug 1965 Clyde F. Reed71314MO
United StatesDelawareNew Castle [39°52'00"N][075°38'00"W]20 Apr 1990 Clyde F. Reed132276MO
United StatesDelawareNew Castle [39°52'00"N][075°38'00"W]17 Feb 1990 Clyde F. Reed131827MO
United StatesDelawareNew Castle [39°52'00"N][075°38'00"W]20 Apr 1990 Clyde F. Reed132305MO
United StatesDelawareNew Castle [39°52'00"N][075°38'00"W]5 May 1990 Clyde F. Reed132453MO
United StatesDelawareNew Castle [39°52'00"N][075°38'00"W]20 Apr 1990 Clyde F. Reed132052MO
United StatesIllinoisCass [39°57'00"N][090°14'00"W]9-13-69 L.T. Tucker738MO
United StatesIllinoisColes 39°24'12"N088°09'11"W10 Sep 1997 L. Ferguson51MO
United StatesIllinoisCook [41°50'00"N][087°51'00"W]Oct 1972 Gerald A. Paulsons.n.MO
United StatesIllinoisCook [41°50'00"N][087°51'00"W]26 May 1948 Virginius H. Chase9466MO
United StatesIllinoisLake [42°20'00"N][088°00'20"W]28 Apr 1966 R.A. Evers86378MO
United StatesIllinoisMason [40°15'20"N][089°53'00"W]7-10-72 J.A. Heffelfinger32MO
United StatesIllinoisMonroe m[38°17'00"N][090°11'00"W]14 August 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.25154MO
United StatesIllinoisSaint Clair [38°33'00"N][089°55'00"W]10 Nov 1979 Calra Vitez44MO
United StatesIllinoisTazewell [40°32'00"N][089°33'00"W]26 May 1958 Virginius H. Chase15205MO
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