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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Angola1950 m14°45'00"S013°29'00"E19 April 1973 P. Bampss.n.MO
Angola200 m14°43'00"S013°29'00"E13 April 1973 P. Bamps4651MO
ArgentinaSalta1540 m23°04'00"S064°50'00"W24 Nov 1999 S. P. Churchill & María Schiavone19984LIL, MO
ArgentinaTucumán2090 m26°51'00"S065°44'00"W02 Dec 1999 Michelle J. Price, A.B. Biasuso, S. P. Churchill, Zacharia L.K. Magombo & María Schiavone1738MO
ArgentinaTucumán1555 m26°39'00"S065°39'00"W02 Dec 1999 Michelle J. Price1717MO
ArgentinaTucumán2865 m25°45'00"S065°44'00"W02 Dec 1999 Michelle J. Price1754MO
ArgentinaTucumán2865 m25°45'00"S065°44'00"W02 Dec 1999 Michelle J. Price1749MO
ArgentinaTucumán 26°52'00"S065°40'00"W24 May 1945 Alicia Lourteig507MO
Bolivia [16°23'00"S][063°27'30"W]3 XI 1958 B. LowyBBR 193MO
BoliviaChuquisacaOropeza1740 m18°48'00"S065°07'00"W8 Ago 2001 S. P. Churchill20857MO, USZ
BoliviaCochabambaCarrasco3020 m17°39'00"S065°12'00"W29 Jun 2001 S. P. Churchill20624BOLV, MO, USZ
BoliviaLa PazBautista Saavedra3765 m14°55'06"S068°47'48"W16 abril 2009 I. Loza, A. T. Fernández C., Iván Jiménez & R. Sonco878HSB, MO
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi3480 m16°48'00"S067°23'00"W09 March 1991 Marko Lewis38440LPB, MO, USZ
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi2830 m16°57'00"S067°12'00"W8 Oct 1987 Marko Lewis87-941MO
BoliviaLa PazManco Kapac3900-4000 m16°10'00"S069°05'00"W20 May 1990 Marko Lewis37302LPB, MO
BoliviaSanta CruzManuel Maria Caballero1860 m17°55'07"S064°33'16"W13 Abr 2003 S. P. Churchill22519LIL, MO, USZ
BoliviaSanta CruzVallegrande1850 m18°23'00"S064°08'00"W  S. P. Churchill22339USZ
BoliviaSanta CruzVallegrande2000 m18°26'00"S064°05'00"W3 Nov 1993 Alfredo F. Fuentes & Israel G. Vargas C.230MO, USZ
BoliviaSanta CruzVallegrande2200 m18°35'00"S064°06'00"W26 Feb 2002 S. P. Churchill & Luzmila Arroyo P.21148LIL, MO, USZ
BoliviaTarijaArce1400 m22°02'04"S064°32'04"W  S. P. Churchill23670HSB, MO, USZ
BoliviaTarijaArce2490 m21°58'45"S064°37'50"W9 Nov 2004 S. P. Churchill23505HSB, MO
CameroonSouthwest9000 ft.  April, 1946 BUMPUS11MO
CameroonWest 04°12'00"N009°11'00"E24-29 MAR 1948 Eustace W. Jones & Paul W. Richards4189MO
ColombiaAntioquia2200 m06°13'00"N075°30'00"W17 August 1911 Hno. Daniels.n.G
EthiopiaBale10600 ft06°40'00"N039°10'00"E19 August 1972 D.T. Steel291bMO
EthiopiaBale10500 ft07°20'00"N039°30'00"E15 July 1972 D.T. Steel35cMO
EthiopiaBale10800 ft06°40'00"N039°05'00"E05 August 1972 D.T. Steel174bMO
EthiopiaBale10400 ft07°20'00"N039°30'00"E23 July 1972 D.T. Steel1b 
EthiopiaBale11800 ft07°00'00"N039°20'00"E31 July 1972 D.T. Steel126b 
EthiopiaBale10600 ft06°40'00"N039°10'00"E19 August 1972 D.T. Steel294bMO
EthiopiaBale10000 ft07°30'00"N039°40'00"E16 September 1972 D.T. Steel471b 
EthiopiaBale10000 ft07°30'00"N039°40'00"E16 September 1972 D.T. Steel472b 
EthiopiaBale11900 ft07°06'00"N039°20'00"E29 July 1972 D.T. Steel107bMO
IndiaTamil Nadu   21 Jan 1973 Clifford C. Townsend73/562MO
Kenya2350 m01°03'00"N034°45'00"E8 February 1979 P. Bamps6499MO
MadagascarAntananarivoVakinankaratra2600 m19°20'00"S047°16'00"E22 août 1971 Georges Cremers1705MO
Mexico8400 ft.[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]29 Dec 1944 A.J. Sharp1817MO
Mexico2850 m[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]30 Aug 1966 R. Düll186MO
Mexico6000 ft[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]31 DEC 1973 Frank D. Bowers6296-bMO
Mexico [23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]1883 Barber, Edwin Atlees.n.PH
Mexico2800-2900 m[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]29 August 1934 Francis W. Pennell18400aPH
Mexico1500-1700 m[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]7 August 1935 Francis W. Pennells.n.PH
Mexico2700 m[23°37'00"N][102°34'30"W]25 August 1929 Ynés Mexia2770PH
MexicoBaja California Sur6300 ft23°34'00"N110°01'00"W25 December 1973 Frank D. Bowers, Claudio Delgadillo Moya & Paul Somers, Jr.5166MO
MexicoChihuahua2300 m  24 Dec 1076 Robert Arthur Bye7306 
MexicoDistrito Federal10000 ft  11 July 1908 Cyrus G. Pringle10549MO
MexicoDurango8650 ft  30 Dec 1973 Frank D. Bowers5067MO
MexicoDurango8400 ft  29 December 1944 A.J. Sharp1817MO
MexicoDurango2700 m  20 August 1979 Warren L. Wagner & James C. Solomon4290MO
MexicoDurangoDurango7000 ft  06 October 1962 - 16 October 1962 William A. Weber & L.A. CharetteB-9856MO
MexicoDurangoDurango7000 ft  06 October 1962 - 16 October 1962 William A. Weber9856BMO
MexicoGuanajuatoGuanajuato     Rogers McVaugh10426MO
MexicoHidalgo   12 December 1907 Cyrus G. Pringle15054MO
MexicoJalisco2700 - 2800 m20°47'00"N103°50'00"W29 December 1978 Hugh H. Iltis6MO
MexicoJalisco2100-2300 m  16 Aug 1958 Rogers McVaugh17033MO
MexicoMéxico   11 September 1904 Cyrus G. Pringle10414MO
MexicoMéxico9500 ft  01 October 1892 Cyrus G. Pringle25aMO
MexicoMéxicoAtlacomulco7600 ft19°50'40"N099°01'35"W24 March 1974 R.E. Magill2459MO
MexicoMéxicoAtlacomulco7600 ft19°50'40"N099°01'35"W24 March 1974 R.E. Magill2460MO
MexicoMichoacán2200 m19°39'38"N100°43'16"W19 August 1975 Gerrit Davidse & Jeany Davidse9840MO
MexicoMichoacánParacho2200 m19°40'02"N102°00'25"W11 January 1941 Theodore C. Frye3073MO, PH
MexicoMorelos6400 ft.  27 March 1974 R.E. Magill2508MO
MexicoVeracruzPerote3300 m19°29'00"N097°12'00"W08 October 1978 Hugh H. Iltis894F, MO
MexicoVeracruzVeracruz6000 f  30 Aug 1943 Harold W. Rickett23MO
MexicoZacatecas2000-2100 m22°38'00"N103°48'00"W4-5 Sept 1958 Rogers McVaugh17766MO
MexicoZacatecasJalpa 21°37'48"N102°57'36"W7 April 1970 William F. Mahler & John W. Thieret6134MO
PeruAncashHuaraz 09°32'00"S077°32'00"W8 Jul 1984 Gregory Allen4305MO
South AfricaCape2500 ft.  7.iv.1956 Elsie E. Esterhuysen25569 
TanzaniaArushaArusha4575 ft  05 November 1965 P.J. Greenway12276MO
TanzaniaTangaKorogwe6-7000 ft.  6 Nov. 1947 J.P.M. Brenan1594MO
TanzaniaTangaKorogwe6-7000 ft  6 Nov. 1947 J.P.M. Brenan1593MO
United StatesArizonaCochise5250 f31°52'35"N109°10'46"W30 March 2007 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman29714MO
United StatesArizonaSanta Cruz6500 f[31°35'00"N][110°35'00"W]11 Feb 1925 Edwin B. Bartram1849 MO
United StatesTexasBrewster1950 m[29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]13 March 1978 Alan J. Neumann794MO
United StatesTexasBrewster7835 f[29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]3 July 1973 R.E. Magill2026MO
United StatesTexasBrewster5000 - 7000 f[29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]5 June 1959 Anderson, *B 2879MO
United StatesTexasBrewster5000 - 7000 f29°16'13"N103°18'06"W3 Jan 1973 William D. Reese11526MO
United StatesTexasBrewster 29°16'12"N103°18'00"W6 Dec. 1993 Greg Pedano837MO
United StatesTexasBrewster 29°16'12"N103°18'00"W6 Dec. 1993 Greg Pedano838MO
United StatesTexasBrewster [29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]23 December 1950 Eula Whitehouse24616PH
United StatesTexasBrewster57000 ft.[29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]5 June 1959 Anderson, *2879 
United StatesTexasBrewster [29°50'00"N][103°15'20"W]11 July 1955 Barton H. Warnocks.n.MO
United StatesTexasJeff Davis6100 ft.[30°42'00"N][104°05'00"W]13 Feb 1971 R.E. Magill215MO
United StatesTexasJeff Davis [30°42'00"N][104°05'00"W]1 June 1928 Ernest J. Palmer34278MO
VenezuelaMérida3100-3200 m08°41'00"N070°55'00"W1 Mar 1985 Dana G. Griffin, III & Jesus DuartePV-1143MO
Zimbabwe1500 m18°08'00"S031°46'00"E28 March 1991 R.E. Magill10136MO
Zimbabwe1500 m18°08'00"S031°46'00"E28 March 1991 R.E. Magill10144MO
Zimbabwe1800 m18°22'00"S032°37'00"E31 March 1991 R.E. Magill10267MO
ZimbabweMatabeleland South650 m21°58'00"S030°13'00"E10 February 1997 R.E. Magill13675 
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