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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
AustriaTirol2450 m  11 Aug 1929 KOPPEs.n.MO
CanadaAlberta4600 ft  17 Jun 1955 Howard A. Crum3322MO
CanadaAlberta   23 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25685MO
CanadaAlberta4400 ft51°48'00"N115°03'00"W23 Jun 1961 Charles D. Bird6240MO
CanadaAlberta4700 ft51°40'00"N115°15'00"W23 Jun 1961 Charles D. Bird6285MO
CanadaAlberta1600 m52°58'00"N117°20'00"W01 August 1995 Mona R. Bourell5631MO
CanadaAlberta   6 Aug 1957 C. H. Hand5708MO
CanadaAlberta4800 ft  8 Nov 1965 J. McCutcheon1192MO
CanadaAlberta6500 - 8000 ft  24 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25721MO
CanadaAlberta   23 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25677MO
CanadaAlberta   23 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25674MO
CanadaAlberta   22 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25639MO
CanadaBritish Columbia4800 ft  21 June 1955 Howard A. Crum3482MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   1 Sept 1964 A.J. SharpC-13-AMO
CanadaBritish Columbia 50°50'00"N121°50'00"W21 June 2003 Wilfred B. Schofield & Jamieson, David William121192MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W6 August 1997 Bruce Allen19911MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19877MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19867MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°23'00"N070°55'00"W3 August 1997 Bruce Allen19814MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°50'00"N071°35'00"W2 August 1997 Bruce Allen19734MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W6 August 1997 Bruce Allen19920MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19858MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19879MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°24'00"N076°55'00"W29 July 1997 Bruce Allen19527MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°55'00"W30 July 1997 Bruce Allen19592MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°24'00"N076°55'00"W29 July 1997 Bruce Allen19495MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 66°05'00"N118°02'00"W23 July 1948 William C. Steere10442MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°23'00"N077°01'00"W4 August 1997 Bruce Allen19855MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 81°25'00"N076°48'00"W5 August 1997 Bruce Allen19868MO
CanadaYukon Territory2000 ft  7-27-1973 G.W. Douglas5418MO
CanadaYukon Territory7000 ft  17 Aug 1973 G.W. Douglas7253MO
CanadaYukon Territory800 m60°20'00"N134°30'00"W5 Jul 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.36572MO
CanadaYukon Territory800 m60°20'00"N134°30'00"W5 Jul 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.36568MO
CanadaYukon Territory800 m60°20'00"N134°30'00"W5 July 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36565aMO
ChinaGuangxiLong Sheng 25°31'10"N109°48'54"E18 June 2011 - 24 June 2011 Shui-Liang Guo, Yu Jing, Liu De-hao & Xu Ming110620048MO
ChinaGuangxiShang Si 21°53'59"N107°54'27"E14 June 2011 - 18 June 2011 Shui-Liang Guo, Yu Jing, Liu De-hao & Xu Ming110618030MO
ChinaGuangxiShang Si 21°53'59"N107°54'27"E14 June 2011 - 18 June 2011 Shui-Liang Guo, Yu Jing, Liu De-hao & Xu Ming110616155MO
ChinaGuizhou1700 m27°58'52"N108°41'28"E22 Oct. 1979 HUANG00057MO
ChinaHebei [40°43'28"N][115°25'13"E]9 July 1974 GUAN49MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]10 Sept. 1962 Zhi-guo Tong1358MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]25 July 1963 Zhi-guo Tong2003MO
ChinaShaanxiTai Bai 33°58'05"N107°45'58"E2 Sept. 1957 HUANG2371MO
ChinaShandong [36°21'07"N][118°09'03"E]4 Oct. 1984 Gao Chien & Bai En-zhong34395MO
ChinaSichuan3680-4030 m31°30'00"N102°30'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31233MO
ChinaSichuanDa Wu4000 m  21 April 1960 Guan Zhong Tian1204101MO
ChinaSichuanMa Bian1500 m  4 Sept. 1962 Qing-long Zhang113102MO
ChinaSichuanMu Li3750 m  18 Sept. 1955 LINDIAO241MO
ChinaSichuanMu Li3640 m  4 Oct. 1955 LINDIAO370MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur2700 m[41°06'43"N][085°12'15"E]Aug. 22, 1931 Liu Shene3513MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur [41°06'43"N][085°12'15"E]Aug. 19, 1931 Liu Shene3461MO
ChinaXinjiang UygurBarkol   1956 * ZONGKAO16MO
ChinaYunnan3400 m[24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]11 June 1959 Hui-fang Xie2000MO
ChinaYunnan3350 m[24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]24 May 1959 Hui-fang Xie1956MO
ChinaYunnan3500 m[24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]27 June 1959 Hui-fang Xie2091MO
ChinaYunnan3500 m[24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]22 May 1959 Hui-fang Xie1946MO
ChinaYunnan [24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]Oct. 20, 1991 Jia, Xue Yi910204MO
ChinaYunnan [24°58'34"N][101°29'22"E]Oct. 24, 1991 Jia, Xue Yi910129MO
ChinaYunnanYun Long2595 m25°52'06"N099°17'03"E07 October 2008 James R. Shevock32132MO
France [46°14'15"N][002°33'26"E]  J.P. Hébrard91-9-17-2BMO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]27-VII-1875 Breidler138MO
GuatemalaHuehuetenango12000 ft15°31'06"N091°31'30"W03 April 2007 Eve Laeger3654MO
GuatemalaHuehuetenango12000 ft15°31'06"N091°31'30"W03 April 2007 Eve Laeger3653AMO
Iceland [64°54'22"N][018°40'07"W]  E.C. Wallaces.n.MO
Kazakhstan   22 June 1896 V. F. Brotheruss.n.MO
Kazakhstan   30 May 1896 V. F. Brotheruss.n.MO
Kazakhstan   16 June 1896 V. F. Brotheruss.n.MO
Kazakhstan   Aug. 1896 V. F. Brotheruss.n.MO
Kazakhstan     I. Rocdugin1023MO
Kazakhstan     I. Rocdugin1022MO
KazakhstanAlmaty 43°00'00"N077°00'00"E8 July 1991 Bruce Allen10478MO
KazakhstanAlmaty3000-3400 m.43°00'00"N077°00'00"E18 July 1991 Bruce Allen10784MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2000-2800 m.43°00'00"N077°00'00"E13 July 1991 Bruce Allen10632MO
KazakhstanAlmaty 43°00'00"N077°00'00"E9 July 1991 Bruce Allen10547MO
KazakhstanAlmaty3000-3400 m.43°00'00"N077°00'00"E18 July 1991 Bruce Allen10753MO
KazakhstanAlmaty 43°00'00"N077°00'00"E8 July 1991 Bruce Allen10491MO
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°10'00"N077°13'00"E8 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore & Bruce Allen3686 
KazakhstanAlmaty1800 m  8 July 1991 R.E. Magill10337MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2400 m  9 July 1991 R.E. Magill10353MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2400 m  9 July 1991 R.E. Magill10372MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2400 m  9 July 1991 R.E. Magill10381MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2800 m  13 July 1991 R.E. Magill10444AMO
KazakhstanAlmaty1600 m  14 July 1991 R.E. Magill10537MO
KazakhstanAlmaty1600 m  14 July 1991 R.E. Magill10543MO
KazakhstanAlmaty3400 m  18 July 1991 R.E. Magill10591MO
KazakhstanAlmaty3400 m  18 July 1991 R.E. Magill10596MO
KazakhstanAlmaty3400 m  18 July 1991 R.E. Magill10612MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2500 m  18 July 1991 R.E. Magill10619MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2500 m  18 July 1991 R.E. Magill10626MO
KazakhstanAlmaty2800 m  13 July 1991 R.E. Magill10416AMO
Pakistan2970 m[30°24'05"N][069°25'26"E]19 August 1992 U. Schickhoff0859MO
Russian Federation2100 m51°13'00"N088°02'00"E14 Jul 1991 M. Ignatov13/88MO
Russian Federation2400 m50°32'00"N089°05'00"E24 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/617MO
Russian Federation2300 m50°30'00"N089°10'00"E14 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/616MO
Russian Federation2400 m50°30'00"N089°10'00"E15 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/615MO
Russian Federation 51°17'00"N087°50'00"E2 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/614MO
Russian Federation1800 m50°32'00"N089°05'00"E24 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/613MO
Russian Federation2300 m50°30'00"N089°10'00"E17 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/199MO
Russian Federation1600 m50°38'00"N089°02'00"E26 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/612MO
Svalbard 77°01'00"N015°35'00"E4 Jun 1985 B. Godzik & K. Grodzinska40 MO
Svalbard 77°02'45"N015°21'00"E28 May 1985 B. Godzik & K. Grodzinska9 MO
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