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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Austria 47°04'59"N 013°07'00"E 25 Jul 1951 FROEHLICHs.n.NY
Austria 48°49'59"N 015°23'59"E   Wagner593BM, US
Austria 46°52'59"N 015°00'00"E Aug 1904 Fuchs211MO, US
AustriaLower Austria 48°19'59"N 015°45'00"E Aug 1897 KLAUSs.n.NY
AustriaSalzburg 1500 m 47°07'59"N 013°37'59"E 5 Aug 1932 Karl Rechingers.n.US
AustriaStyria 700 m 46°45'59"N 015°07'00"E 23 Aug 1980 MICHELITSCH47BM
AustriaTirol 47°05'59"N 011°48'00"E 11 Jun 1965 STRANSs.n.B
AustriaTirol 2247 m 9 September 1979 Dale H. Vitt25443MO
Azores 38°30'00"N 028°00'00"W   Hewett C. Watson1843E
Azores 38°30'00"N 028°00'00"W   PERSSONs.n.S
Azores 38°43'47"N 027°19'11"W 1937 PERSSONs.n.S
Azores 400 m 14 May 1965 GONCALVES141BM
BelgiumLiege 50°25'00"N 005°39'00"E 16 Apr 1967 LUITINGH67-4-15L
BelgiumNamur 400 m 50°00'59"N 004°10'59"E Feb 1980 APTROOT5378NY
BelgiumNamur 49°58'00"N 004°54'00"E Jul 1872 GRAVET83BM
BulgariaKhaskovo 1000 m 41°45'59"N 025°34'00"E 28 Sep 1960 PETROVs.n.MO
Canada 45°04'00"N 079°45'00"W 6 Sep 1989 Robert R. Ireland23936MO, NY
Canada 45°22'59"N 072°43'59"W 3 Oct 1948 Frere Fabius3076NY
CanadaBritish Columbia 53°40'00"N 129°49'59"W 11.Aug.1986 Wilfred B. Schofield86913MO
CanadaBritish Columbia 54°18'59"N 130°19'59"W 10 Sep 1964 Wilfred B. Schofield9/10-40TENN
CanadaBritish Columbia 49°17'59"N 123°01'59"W 1 Jul 1962 Robert R. Ireland6062MICH
CanadaBritish Columbia   F.A. MacFadden4940MO
CanadaNew Brunswick 46°36'00"N 065°05'00"W 7 Aug 1970 Robert R. Ireland14238MICH
CanadaNew Brunswick 45°38'00"N 065°00'00"W 7 Jul 1968 Robert R. Ireland11511MICH
CanadaNew Brunswick 45°32'00"N 065°01'00"W 6 Jul 1968 Robert R. Ireland11444MICH
CanadaNew Brunswick 45°09'00"N 067°03'00"W 7 Jul 1974 Robert R. Ireland17164MICH, MO, NY, TENN, US
CanadaNewfoundland 52°00'00"N 056°00'00"W 27 September 1974 David Weber828BM, MICH, MO, TENN
CanadaNewfoundland 53°30'00"N 047°19'59"W 24 May 1977 Guy R. Brassard11771MICH, NY
CanadaNewfoundland 53°30'00"N 047°19'59"W 8 Sep 1975 Guy R. Brassard10457MICH, NY
CanadaNewfoundland 47°19'59"N 052°49'59"W 9 Jul 1938 Mildred L. Wickes28NY
CanadaNewfoundland 53°30'00"N 047°19'59"W 27 May 1975 Guy R. Brassard10098NY
CanadaNewfoundland 47°32'00"N 052°49'00"W 5 Jun 1949 R. Tuomikoski240MICH
CanadaNewfoundland 48°29'00"N 058°15'00"W 26 Jun 1966 Daniel H. Norris3396TENN
CanadaNewfoundland   Coe F. Austin61MO
CanadaNova Scotia 44°29'00"N 065°08'00"W 3 Aug 1968 Robert R. Ireland12548MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 44°24'00"N 065°16'00"W 2 Aug 1968 Robert R. Ireland12443MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 44°28'00"N 063°47'59"W 14 Jul 1970 Wilfred B. Schofield42617MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 45°00'00"N 063°00'00"W 18 Jul 1929 L.E. Wehmeyer1077MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 45°22'00"N 063°17'59"W 23 Jun 1926 PRINCE6434MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 18 Aug 1927 PRINCE6071MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 46°22'00"N 060°30'59"W 2 Sep 1955 Wilfred B. Schofield6044MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 46°10'00"N 060°45'00"W 22 Jul 1898 John Macoun596MICH, US
CanadaNova Scotia 44°35'59"N 065°45'00"W 15 Jul 1980 MUMAs.n.MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 14 m 44°55'00"N 063°36'00"W 25 Jul 1968 Robert R. Ireland12197MICH
CanadaNova Scotia 44°39'00"N 063°35'59"W Oct 1941 Margaret S. Browns.n.NY
CanadaNova Scotia 428 m 46°39'00"N 060°28'00"W 13 Jul 1968 Robert R. Ireland11682MICH, NY, US
CanadaNova Scotia 46°10'00"N 060°45'00"W 12 Jul 1898 John Macoun177US
CanadaNova Scotia 46°43'00"N 060°55'00"W 21 Jul 1968 Robert R. Ireland11997MICH, NY, US
CanadaNova Scotia 47°22'00"N 067°38'00"W 6 Sep 1967 Robert R. Ireland10461MICH, NY
CanadaNova Scotia 46°45'00"N 060°35'59"W Jul 1914 George E. Nichols101NY
CanadaNova Scotia 45°00'00"N 063°00'00"W 5 Sep 1955 Wilfred B. Schofield6154NY
CanadaNova Scotia 44°52'00"N 065°18'00"W 24 Jul 1974 Robert R. Ireland17753MICH, MO, NY, TENN, US
CanadaNova Scotia 45°15'00"N 064°22'00"W 16 Jul 1974 Robert R. Ireland17458MICH, MO, NY, TENN, US
CanadaNova Scotia 46°10'00"N 060°45'00"W 22.Jul.1898 John Macoun177BM, MICH, MO
CanadaNova Scotia 45°40'00"N 062°42'00"W 11 Dec 1911 C. B. Robinson1602MICH, MO, NY
CanadaNova Scotia 46°45'00"N 060°35'59"W 8 Sept 1963 C. H. Hand63-13MO, NY, TENN
CanadaNova Scotia 17 October 1966 Wilfred B. Schofield33142MO
CanadaNova Scotia 44°33'00"N 065°47'00"W 28 July 1974 Robert R. Ireland17910MO
CanadaNova Scotia 45°01'00"N 064°01'00"W 17 July 1974 Robert R. Ireland17511MO
CanadaOntario 46°32'00"N 084°35'00"W 3 Aug 1971 Robert R. Ireland14848MICH, MO, NY, TENN, US
CanadaOntario 46°30'00"N 081°05'00"W 6.Aug.1944 R.F. Cain9977MO
CanadaOntario 44°45'00"N 077°35'00"W 28 August 1863 John Macoun58MO
CanadaOntario 45°22'00"N 079°20'00"W 24 Jul 1986 Robert R. Ireland22028MICH, MO, NY, TENN
CanadaOntario 330m 45°04'00"N 077°44'00"W 6.Aug.1989 Bruce Allen8458MO
CanadaOntario 45°18'00"N 079°51'00"W 28 Jul 1987 Robert R. Ireland23186MICH, MO, NY, TENN
CanadaOntario 45°17'00"N 079°23'00"W 26 Jul 1987 Robert R. Ireland23039MICH, MO, NY
CanadaOntario 44°55'00"N 078°15'00"W 24 Jul 1987 Robert R. Ireland22927MICH, MO, NY
CanadaOntario 42°45'00"N 081°09'59"W 06 June 1938 C. H. Hand203aNY
CanadaOntario 42°45'00"N 081°09'59"W 20 May 1938 C. H. Hand203NY
CanadaOntario 46°30'00"N 081°05'00"W 6 Aug 1944 R.F. Cain2357NY
CanadaOntario 45°40'00"N 077°15'00"W 16 Jul 1987 LEY735NY
CanadaOntario 47°21'00"N 084°38'00"W 15 Sep 1990 Robert R. Ireland24329MICH
CanadaOntario 43°04'59"N 080°15'00"W 26 May 1939 R.F. Cain786MICH
CanadaOntario 42°45'00"N 081°09'59"W 8 May 1971 William G. Stewart996MICH
CanadaOntario 42°45'00"N 081°09'59"W 13 May 1972 William G. Stewart1185MICH
CanadaOntario 45°06'00"N 078°53'00"W 24 Jul 1987 Robert R. Ireland22958TENN
CanadaOntario 45°14'00"N 079°37'00"W 26 Jul 1987 Robert R. Ireland23049TENN
CanadaOntario 47°21'00"N 084°38'00"W 8 Aug 1971 Robert R. Ireland15065MO
CanadaPrince Edward Island 46°12'00"N 063°21'00"W 26 Jul 1970 Robert R. Ireland13739MICH, NY, US
CanadaQuebec 46°10'00"N 060°45'00"W 9 Oct 1967 Frederick J. Hermann22250NY
CanadaQuebec 45°25'00"N 075°41'59"W 31 Jul 1961 Wilfred B. Schofield14874NY, TENN, US
CanadaQuebec 46°15'00"N 074°35'00"W 22 Aug 1959 GAMS3403NY
CanadaQuebec 43°10'00"N 079°13'59"W 25 Aug 1938 R.F. Cain275NY
CanadaQuebec 28 Aug 1936 Bro. M. Anselms.n.NY
CanadaQuebec 46°15'00"N 074°35'00"W 22 Aug 1959 Charles D. Bird3403MO
CanadaQuebec 46°30'00"N 076°00'00"W 1 Nov 1964 Howard A. Crum311MO, NY, TENN
CanadaQuebec 47°30'00"N 072°00'00"W 25.Aug.1938 LeRoy K. Henry11822MO
CanadaQuebec 45°27'00"N 072°31'59"W 25 Aug 1953 Frere Fabius6875MO, NY
CanadaQuebec 46°30'00"N 076°00'00"W 1.Nov.1964 Howard A. Crum310BM, MICH, MO, TENN, US
CanadaQuebec 45°34'00"N 075°51'00"W 14 June, 1977 G. Trucco & Robert R. Ireland18174MO
CanadaQuebec 140 m 46°45'00"N 074°30'00"W 17 Aug 1959 S. Flowers5878NY
CanadaQuebec 46 m 45°15'00"N 073°09'59"W 27 Aug 1959 S. Flowers5934NY
CanadaQuebec 45°31'00"N 075°50'00"W 1954 Howard A. Crum2916NY, TENN
CanadaQuebec 45°30'00"N 075°54'00"W 10 Oct 1966 Robert R. Ireland9636TENN
CanadaQuebec 47°28'00"N 076°00'00"W 17 Jul 1961 E.J. Hermann16569US
CanadaQuebec 45°32'00"N 076°00'00"W 6 Jul 1969 Robert R. Ireland10040US
CanadaQuebec Aug 1958 - Sept 1958 Howard A. Crum9806MO
CanadaQuebec 02 October 1961 R. Hainault1743MO
ChinaGuangxiLong Sheng 25°31'10"N 109°48'54"E 18 June 2011 - 24 June 2011 Shui-Liang Guo, Yu Jing, Liu De-hao & Xu Ming110620249MO
ChinaGuizhou 28°19'00"N 107°09'00"E Nov 11, 1991 Marshall R. Crosby16054MO
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