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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
ArgentinaSanta CruzLago Argentino   27 Feb 1963 S. F. Anliots.n.MO
ArgentinaTierra del Fuego 54°48'00"S065°15'00"W19 Jan 1986 C.M. Matteri & María Schiavone3526MO
ArgentinaTierra del Fuego 54°44'00"S067°58'00"W14 Feb 1984 C.M. Matteri2504MO
CanadaAlberta3100 f53°34'00"N116°33'00"W20 Jun 1971 R.H. Zander3600MO
CanadaAlberta   27 Jul 1952 L. Jenkins500MO
CanadaAlberta   13 Jul 1952 L. Jenkins535MO
CanadaAlberta   14 Aug 1952 L. Jenkins548MO
CanadaAlberta   30 Jul 1952 L. Jenkins552MO
CanadaAlberta   30 Jul 1952 L. Jenkins553MO
CanadaAlberta   13 Jul 1952 L. Jenkins592MO
CanadaAlberta   20 June 1971 Aaron J. Sharp3247CMO
CanadaAlberta   20 June 1971 Evelyn B. SharpEMO
CanadaAlberta   18 June 1971 Aaron J. Sharp3143cMO
CanadaAlberta   18 June 1971 Aaron J. Sharp3151MO
CanadaManitoba   3 Aug 1946 C. H. Hand904MO
CanadaNewfoundland75 - 100 f  15 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37570MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories   17 June 1961 John W. Thieret6672MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories   16 July 1958 John J. Lynch22MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories   13 July 1958 John J. Lynch9MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories   15 July 1948 William C. Steere10372MO
CanadaNunavut 81°23'00"N070°55'00"W3 August 1997 Bruce Allen19820MO
CanadaNunavut 81°48'00"N071°01'00"W1 August 1997 Bruce Allen19678MO
CanadaNunavut 81°48'00"N071°01'00"W1 August 1997 Bruce Allen19666MO
CanadaNunavut 81°48'00"N071°01'00"W1 August 1997 Bruce Allen19691MO
CanadaNunavut   28-29 Aug 1934 N.V. Polunin2381a-1MO
CanadaNunavut   09 July 1970 R. Hainault5446MO
CanadaOntario m  25 July 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37362MO
CanadaOntario   13 Aug 1941 C. H. Hand846MO
CanadaSaskatchewan   18 Jul 1960 C. H. Hand60-202MO
CanadaSaskatchewan   18 May 1952 L. Jenkins275MO
CanadaYukon Territory710 m60°40'00"N135°10'00"W21 June 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36425MO
CanadaYukon Territory710 m  21 June 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36436MO
ChileAntofagastaEl Loa3600 m22°16'00"S068°11'00"W25 Ene 1980 Jaime Moreno12918MO
ChileBiobioÑuble1660 m36°55'00"S071°42'00"W5 Dec 2002 - 7 Dec 2002 Robert R. Ireland & Gilda Bellolio30634MO
ChileSantiagoSantiago 33°25'00"S070°39'00"W29 Aug. 1975 Manuel Mahú10579MO
ChileSantiagoSantiago 33°25'00"S070°39'00"W26 Aug. 1970 Manuel Mahú5029MO
ChileSantiagoSantiago 33°25'00"S070°39'00"W26 Aug. 1970 Manuel Mahú5033MO
ChileSantiagoSantiago 33°25'00"S070°39'00"W18 Aug. 1971 Manuel Mahú6289MO
ChileSantiagoSantiago 33°25'00"S070°39'00"W15 April 1978 Manuel Mahú23453aMO
ChinaSichuanBa Tang3420-3900 m29°20'00"N099°15'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31456MO
ColombiaCundinamarcaUbaque3355 m04°34'00"N074°02'00"W22 Abr 1972 Antoine M. Cleef3062aU
ColombiaMagdalenaSanta Marta3490 m10°51'00"N073°41'00"W13-18 Feb 1959 Harriet G. Barclay & Pedro Juajibioy C.7026MO
ColombiaMagdalenaSanta Marta3490 m10°51'00"N073°41'00"W13-18 Feb 1959 Harriet G. Barclay & Pedro Juajibioy C.7022MO
ColombiaNariñoPasto3250 m01°18'00"N077°10'00"W24 Jul 1997 Bernardo R. Ramírez Padilla10806MO
ColombiaNariñoPasto3000 m01°12'00"N077°12'00"W6 Nov 1988 S. P. Churchill & Alba L. Arbeláez15952NY, PSO
Easter Island100 m27°06'00"S109°24'00"W28 Apr 2000 Robert R. Ireland & Gilda Bellolio30039MO
EcuadorCarchi3400 m00°44'00"N077°48'00"W26 Oct 1981 Jens E. Madsen36339AAU
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]6 VIII 1972 S.R. Gradstein & J.G. de Molenaar2102MO
FinlandKuopio100 m  4-8-1972 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald4154MO
France [46°14'15"N][002°33'26"E]1886 Millers.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]19.5.1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3315MO
Germany300-350 m[51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]9.9.1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3967MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]22-VI-1879 Schulze36MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  J. Plitts.n.PH
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  George Engelmanns.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  A. E. Fürnrohrs.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]  Anonymouss.n.MO
GermanySaarland580 ft  09 February 2011 Jane L. Darigo40MO
Icelandca 500 msm[64°54'22"N][018°40'07"W]  Jan-Peter Frahms.n.MO
Japan160 m[38°10'43"N][137°35'58"E]9 Jun 1952 HATTORI471MO
Japan160 m[38°10'43"N][137°35'58"E]9 June 1952 HATTORIs.n.MO
Japan1300 m[38°10'43"N][137°35'58"E]V 1951 KUNO276 MO
NetherlandsSouth Holland   11 V 1970 W.V. Rubers1895MO
Norway [69°19'10"N][018°13'15"E]17.6.1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3598MO
NorwayOppland900 - 1000 m  28 June 1970 STUDENTS70-1811aMO
Poland320 m[51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]2 Jun 1984 R. Ochyra636 MO
PolandPrzemysl180 m  17 Sept 1973 R. Ochyra43 MO
TaiwanTaiwan2400 m  8 Jan 1972 Liu4814MO
TaiwanTaiwanTai-Chung2200 - 2500 m24°23'15"N121°17'00"E23 Apr 1999 James R. Shevock, Lin Shu-Hong & Lai Kwo-Shang18002MO
United KingdomEngland   8 Oct 1960 Ipses.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous183 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous276 MO
United StatesAlaska2600 ft63°42'00"N148°56'00"W8-28 Jul 1951 CROASDALEB25MO
United StatesAlaskaKetchikan Gateway10 - 20 m55°20'20"N131°30'00"W13 July 1990 - 14 July 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36752MO
United StatesAlaskaKetchikan Gateway m55°20'20"N131°30'00"W14 July 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36742MO
United StatesArizonaCoconino5600 - 5800 f[36°05'00"N][112°08'00"W]15 June 1974 William D. Reese12239MO
United StatesArizonaCoconino [36°05'00"N][112°08'00"W]15 June 1974 William D. Reese12267MO
United StatesArkansasBenton [36°20'00"N][094°20'00"W]4 june 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.23752MO
United StatesCaliforniaColusa [39°11'00"N][122°16'00"W]8 May 1934 Gilford J. Ikenberry1528MO
United StatesCaliforniaDel Norte100 f41°50'44"N123°58'06"W13 July 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38860MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno7200 f37°00'45"N119°02'45"W28 July 1996 James R. Shevock & Mona R. Bourell14048AMO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno4800 f36°41'30"N118°57'00"W30 July 1996 James R. Shevock14063MO
United StatesCaliforniaGlenn4600 f39°32'00"N122°40'00"W2 July 1997 James R. Shevock15814MO
United StatesCaliforniaInyo9800 f37°10'10"N118°33'55"W7 September 1999 James R. Shevock & Sylvia Haultain18610MO
United StatesCaliforniaInyo8900 f37°12'15"N118°34'00"W1 May 1997 James R. Shevock15278MO
United StatesCaliforniaInyo8400 f36°59'30"N118°23'00"W11 July 1996 James R. Shevock13882MO
United StatesCaliforniaKern5300 f35°39'15"N118°04'00"W11 May 1996 James R. Shevock & Dana A. York13394MO
United StatesCaliforniaKern7200 f35°29'15"N118°24'15"W23 May 1997 James R. Shevock15537MO
United StatesCaliforniaKern4150 f35°41'00"N118°08'50"W26 April 1998 James R. Shevock & Patrick Whitmarsh17078MO
United StatesCaliforniaMadera5200 ft[37°10'00"N][119°50'00"W]3 Jun 1934 Gilford J. Ikenberry1454MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono8000 f37°46'00"N118°44'10"W19 August 2000 James R. Shevock & Dana A. York19994MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono8000 f37°35'00"N118°52'00"W9 July 1996 James R. Shevock13807MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono7300 f38°09'00"N119°07'30"W3 May 1997 James R. Shevock15339MO
United StatesCaliforniaMono7300 f38°09'00"N119°07'30"W3 May 1997 James R. Shevock15340MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Francisco260 f37°47'25"N122°27'25"W20 May 2000 James R. Shevock19361MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Francisco25 f37°48'10"N122°28'00"W20 May 2000 James R. Shevock19366MO
United StatesCaliforniaTehama7375 f40°26'04"N121°30'08"W22 August 2008 James R. Shevock & Showers, David W.31921MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare8470 f36°11'35"N118°16'13"W24 September 2005 James R. Shevock, Eve Laeger & Loren Ross27707MO
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