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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
CanadaAlberta   22 Aug 1951 Eula Whitehouse25644MO
CanadaBritish Columbia2750 f  27 July 1955 Howard A. Crum & Wilfred B. Schofield5626MO
CanadaManitoba   7 Jul 1960 C. H. Hand60-325MO
CanadaSaskatchewan   19 Jul 1960 C. H. Hand60-261MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur2060-2250 m[41°06'43"N][085°12'15"E]23 July 1995 Si He951036MO
GermanyRhineland-Palatinate340 m  20 Dec 1930 W. Freibergs.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous372 MO
United StatesArizonaCoconino5600 - 5800 f[36°05'00"N][112°08'00"W]15 June 1974 William D. Reese12232MO
United StatesArizonaCoconino3150 ft[36°05'00"N][112°08'00"W]27 September 1956 Inez M. Haring & Jessie Portmann11793MO
United StatesArizonaMohave1594 m36°37'46"N114°02'18"W15 May 2007 John C. Brinda1630MO
United StatesCaliforniaKern [35°20'00"N][118°40'00"W]9 Jul 1954 F.A. MacFadden26872MO
United StatesCaliforniaKern4000 f35°42'30"N117°55'30"W26 March 1998 James R. Shevock & Clayton Newberry16984MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa1500 f37°35'55"N120°07'35"W15 November 1999 James R. Shevock18749MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare5100 f35°48'15"N118°03'30"W16 February 1997 James R. Shevock14814MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare5400 f35°50'30"N118°10'15"W20 April 1997 James R. Shevock15166MO
United StatesIllinoisColes700 f39°24'12"N088°09'11"W15 Nov 1965 LATHROPs.n.MO
United StatesIowaHardin [42°23'00"N][093°15'20"W]1 August 1993 Ronald A. Pursell11078MO
United StatesIowaHardin 42°31'08"N093°15'31"W1 August 1993 Bruce Allen14980MO
United StatesIowaHardin 42°31'08"N093°15'31"W1 August 1993 Bruce Allen14977MO
United StatesMaineWashington [45°00'20"N][067°30'20"W]17 October 1987 Alison C. Dibble612MO
United StatesMissouriCamden780 f37°58'27"N092°45'48"W15 Sep 2007 Nels J. Holmberg2355MO
United StatesMissouriCedar [37°43'19"N][093°51'49"W]2 May 2003 Tim E. Smith3793MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas [36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]3 Jul 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8830MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas m[36°56'03"N][092°30'06"W]3 July 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8832MO
United StatesMissouriDouglas m36°54'30"N092°29'30"W13 July 1961 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.8963MO
United StatesMissouriHowell1000 f[36°46'14"N][091°53'38"W]19 April 1980 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Stephen L. Timme32230MO
United StatesMissouriJefferson [38°15'45"N][090°32'18"W]18 March 1973 Peter H. Ravens.n.MO
United StatesMissouriLaclede [37°39'38"N][092°35'31"W]2 Jan. 1975 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.29782MO
United StatesMissouriLaclede [37°39'38"N][092°35'31"W]2 Jan. 1975 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.29781MO
United StatesMissouriOregon m[36°40'53"N][091°24'38"W]31 May 1960 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.6014MO
United StatesMissouriPhelps [37°52'49"N][091°47'48"W]13 April 2012 John J. Atwood2066MO
United StatesMissouriSainte Genevieve [37°53'46"N][090°12'01"W]15 October 1965 Frank D. Bowers64MO
United StatesMissouriShannon900 f[37°09'21"N][091°24'35"W]29 March 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.38526MO
United StatesMissouriVernon 38°02'00"N094°08'00"W22 July 1969 Robert R. Ireland22469MO
United StatesMissouriWright [37°16'27"N][092°28'20"W]02 August 1990 Bill Summerss.n.MO
United StatesNebraskaAntelope545 m42°22'00"N098°07'00"W15 June 1976 S. P. Churchill7704MO
United StatesNebraskaBrown640 m42°46'00"N099°56'00"W19 June 1982 S. P. Churchill12056MO
United StatesNebraskaChase925 m40°25'00"N101°29'00"W21 May 1976 S. P. Churchill7408MO
United StatesNebraskaCherry745 m42°54'00"N100°29'00"W14 May 1976 S. P. Churchill7228MO, NEB
United StatesNebraskaDawes1250 m42°42'00"N103°01'00"W19 June 1975 S. P. Churchill5946BMO
United StatesNebraskaKeya Paha700 m42°48'30"N099°59'10"W25 Aug 1982 S. P. Churchill12345MO
United StatesNebraskaKeya Paha660 m42°47'00"N100°03'00"W29 June 1982 S. P. Churchill12316MO
United StatesNebraskaMorrill1080 m41°30'00"N102°38'00"W20 May 1976 S. P. Churchill7332MO
United StatesNebraskaSioux1370 m42°48'00"N103°55'00"W18 June 1975 S. P. Churchill5903MO
United StatesNebraskaSioux1370 - 1450 m42°45'00"N103°55'00"W19 August 1976 S. P. Churchill8108MO
United StatesNebraskaSioux4585 ft42°45'27"N103°55'10"W06 August 1924 E. R. WalkerNE-18MO
United StatesNebraskaSioux1370 m42°45'00"N103°55'00"W11 May 1976 S. P. Churchill7124MO
United StatesNebraskaSioux1370 - 1450 m42°45'00"N103°55'00"W19 August 1976 S. P. Churchill8112BMO
United StatesNebraskaWheeler600 m41°55'00"N098°19'00"W09 June 1999 R.F. Steinauer838-AMO
United StatesNevadaClark1471 m36°09'25"N115°29'38"W25 March 2000 Bruce Allen21975MO
United StatesNevadaClark1471 m36°09'25"N115°29'38"W25 March 2000 Bruce Allen21960MO
United StatesNevadaClark1487 m36°38'43"N114°04'18"W15 November 2002 James R. Shevock23638MO
United StatesNevadaClark1159 m[36°00'10"N][114°57'10"W]26 March 2000 Ronald A. Pursell12098MO
United StatesNevadaClark7200 f36°16'26"N115°37'38"W22 April 2007 James R. Shevock & John C. Brinda29822MO
United StatesNevadaEsmeralda7800 f37°53'46"N118°20'36"W27 April 2002 James R. Shevock22092MO
United StatesNevadaHumboldt5000 f41°28'34"N117°44'47"W29 October 2008 James R. Shevock, Francisco Lara & Ricardo Garilleti32494MO
United StatesNevadaLander2260 m40°23'48"N116°54'37"W31 May 2014 Jan Nachlinger & Arnold J. Tiehm3084MO
United StatesNevadaLander8050 ft39°17'29"N117°07'45"W30 May 2002 James R. Shevock & Alex Glazer22342MO
United StatesNevadaLander2438 m[39°57'10"N][116°57'10"W]17 June 1995 HEISE5104MO
United StatesNevadaLander2231 m[39°57'10"N][116°57'10"W]30 June 1995 HEISE5121MO
United StatesNevadaMineral [38°30'10"N][118°27'10"W]26 May 2015 Jan Nachlinger & Arnold J. Tiehm3182MO
United StatesNevadaWhite Pine1900 m[39°27'00"N][114°50'00"W]31 October 2002 Jan Nachlinger2474MO
United StatesNew MexicoEddy3000 f[32°57'00"N][104°45'00"W]2 Sept 1986 P.M. Eckel86128MO
United StatesNew MexicoTorrance [35°00'00"N][106°12'00"W]3 Nov 1937 Gilford J. Ikenberrys.n.MO
United StatesNew YorkNiagara [43°10'00"N][078°46'00"W]17 Apr 1971 R.H. Zander3507aMO
United StatesNew YorkNiagara [43°10'00"N][078°46'00"W]21 Mar 1986 P.M. Eckel125386MO
United StatesNorth DakotaDunn 47°27'00"N102°55'00"W26 Jul 1929 Gilford J. IkenberryND 99MO
United StatesNorth DakotaDunn 47°27'00"N102°55'00"W27 Jul 1929 Gilford J. IkenberryND 119-BMO
United StatesNorth DakotaDunn650 m47°33'00"N102°44'00"W01 July 1981 S. P. Churchill11560MO
United StatesNorth DakotaGrant695 m46°20'00"N101°57'00"W02 July 1981 S. P. Churchill11660MO
United StatesNorth DakotaMcKenzie680 m47°52'00"N102°44'00"W30 June 1981 S. P. Churchill11534MO
United StatesNorth DakotaOliver555 m47°00'00"N100°57'00"W03 July 1981 S. P. Churchill11677MO
United StatesNorth DakotaSlope [46°26'20"N][103°24'40"W]10 Aug 1929 Gilford J. IkenberryND 111MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre 40°52'30"N077°47'20"W19 May 1978 Robert A. Hattaway1783MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre 40°52'30"N077°47'20"W19 May 1978 Robert A. Hattaway1784MO
United StatesSouth DakotaLawrence1950 m44°09'00"N103°51'00"W25 May 1977 S. P. Churchill9078-AMO
United StatesSouth DakotaLawrence 44°16'00"N103°51'00"W6 Aug 1983 Bruce Allen3627MO
United StatesSouth DakotaLawrence1790 m44°08'00"N103°50'00"W25 May 1977 S. P. Churchill9104MO
United StatesSouth DakotaPennington 43°55'00"N103°52'00"W5 Aug 1983 Bruce Allen3563MO
United StatesSouth DakotaPennington1635 m43°57'00"N103°36'00"W20 August 1976 S. P. Churchill8156MO
United StatesSouth DakotaPennington1820 m44°01'00"N103°47'00"W20 August 1976 S. P. Churchill8237MO
United StatesSouth DakotaPotter530 m45°00'00"N100°14'00"W25 June 1976 S. P. Churchill7867MO
United StatesSouth DakotaPotter530 m45°00'00"N100°14'00"W25 June 1976 S. P. Churchill7863MO
United StatesSouth DakotaRoberts325 m45°24'00"N096°40'00"W23 June 1976 S. P. Churchill7813MO, NEB
United StatesUtah   1883 Barber, Edwin Atlees.n.MO
United StatesWashington   Oct 1905 John B. Leiberg1097MO
United StatesWyomingBig Horn2526 m[44°32'00"N][108°05'00"W]28 Aug 2005 Martin J. Lenz2313MO
United StatesWyomingCrook1620 m44°32'00"N104°25'00"W21 May 1977 S. P. Churchill8758MO
United StatesWyomingCrook1280 m44°36'00"N104°43'00"W22 May 1977 S. P. Churchill8812MO
United StatesWyomingLaramie5700 ft41°08'00"N104°48'00"W17 June 2007 Yelena I. Kosovich-Anderson897MO
United StatesWyomingPark6600 ft[44°25'00"N][109°40'00"W]19 Apr 1992 J.C. Elliott1941MO
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