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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Austriac 950 m s.m.[47°41'07"N][013°36'06"E]26.7.72 DULL9MO
AustriaStyria600 - 700 m  10 July 1984 Josef Poelts.n.MO
AustriaTirol1460 m  7 July 1991 Clifford C. Townsends.n.MO
AustriaTirol   17.6.1973 DULLs.n.MO
AustriaTirol14-1500 m  17-6-1973 DULLs.n.MO
AustriaTirol14-1500 m  17-6-1973 DULLs.n.MO
Belgium [50°30'02"N][004°36'50"E]6 V 1970 G.J. Fabius, S.R. Gradstein, J.G. de Molenaar & Geertje Zijlstra49MO
BoliviaCochabambaAyopaya3500 m16°56'04"S066°50'00"W23 abril 2010 Ivan Linneo2246MO, USZ
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi3670 m16°50'00"S067°05'00"W04 August 1987 Marko Lewis87-688LPB, MO, USZ
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi3460 m16°49'00"S067°02'00"W06 Aug 1987 Marko Lewis87-740ALPB
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi3670 m16°50'00"S067°05'00"W4 Aug 1987 Marko Lewis87-688LPB, MO
BoliviaLa PazInquisivi3420 - 3520 m16°49'00"S067°02'00"W04 August 1987 Marko Lewis87742LPB, MO, USZ
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]22 July 1906 James F. Collins4158MO
Canada 53°21'00"N078°58'00"W11 Jul 1947 - 12 Jul 1947 James Kucyniak & Tuomikoski, Risto KaleviT 336MO
CanadaAlberta5300 f51°44'00"N115°22'00"W18 June 1971 R.H. Zander3544MO
CanadaAlberta4400 f  23 June 1961 Charles D. Bird6234MO
CanadaAlberta5500 ft  14 June 1965 Charles D. Bird12823MO
CanadaAlberta   18 June 1971 A.J. Sharp3133CMO
CanadaAlberta   8 June 1971 Dale H. Vitt5019MO
CanadaAlberta   3 Aug 1966 George Neville Jones43497MO
CanadaBritish Columbia 59°39'00"N126°59'00"W23 July 1977 Wilfred B. Schofield66065MO
CanadaBritish Columbia m60°20'20"N130°20'00"W20 June 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36410MO
CanadaBritish Columbia m60°20'20"N130°20'00"W20 June 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36417MO
CanadaManitoba 58°46'00"N094°10'00"W19 June 1956 Howard A. Crum & Wilfred B. Schofield6464MO
CanadaManitoba 56°53'00"N099°58'00"W17 July 1955 RITCHIE1222MO
CanadaManitoba   12 Aug 1973 Sally K. Freckmann912MO
CanadaNewfoundland   25 june 1981 Frank D. Bowers10846MO
CanadaNewfoundland10 f  16 August 1992 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn37586MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories   27 Aug 1962 John W. Thieret9444MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories1400 ft64°12'00"N127°25'00"W18 July 1970 William J. Cody18979MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories 66°05'00"N118°02'00"W1 july 1948 William C. Steere10014MO
CanadaNorthwest Territories4260 ft63°00'00"N129°02'00"W25 July 1967 William J. Cody16535MO
CanadaOntario 48°48'00"N086°37'00"W13 Aug 1971 Robert R. Ireland15248MO
CanadaOntario   11 Oct 1958 P. Garton5817MO
CanadaOntario   4 Sept 1944 R.F. Cain1927MO
CanadaOntario   29 Jul 1963 Sam Mayzers.n.MO
CanadaOntario   28 July 1964 A.J. Sharps.n.MO
CanadaQuebec3500 ft  12 July 1950 Frere Fabius4582MO
CanadaQuebec   17 Jul 1960 - 18 Jul 1960 Howard A. Crum & Harry R. Williams10714MO
CanadaQuebec   23 July 1960 Howard A. Crum & Harry R. Williams10842MO
CanadaQuebec   13 July 1960 Howard A. Crum & Harry R. Williams10517MO
CanadaYukon Territory703 m60°40'00"N135°10'00"W21 June 1990 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn36429MO
CanadaYukon Territory   18 September 1898 Robert S. Williams749MO
ChinaGuizhou [26°48'54"N][106°52'26"E]1964 LI499MO
ChinaHebei [40°43'28"N][115°25'13"E]14 Aug. 1982 Gao Chien30586MO
ChinaHebei1880 m[40°43'28"N][115°25'13"E]8 Aug. 1984 Jun-Xia Ji1124MO
ChinaHeilongjiang [47°50'29"N][127°46'56"E]29 July 1957 Gao Chien267MO
ChinaHeilongjiangNing An   1956 Linxingzu39MO
ChinaHenan1100 m[33°52'57"N][113°36'49"E]29 July 1960 Jian-Xin Luo348MO
ChinaHenan2140 m[33°52'57"N][113°36'49"E]18 July 1960 Jian-Xin Luo308MO
ChinaHenanXi Xia1000 m  12 July 1960 Jian-Xin Luo182MO
ChinaHenanXi Xia900 m  28 July 1960 Jian-Xin Luo344MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]6 July 1979 CAO433MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]20 July 1986 Bai En-zhong39435MO
ChinaJilin1800 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 Sept. 1981 Gao Chien22254MO
ChinaJilin2300 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]21 Sept. 1981 Gao Chien22167MO
ChinaJilin800 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]7 Sept. 1963 Gao Chien7711MO
ChinaJilin850 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 Aug. 1963 Gao Chien7206MO
ChinaJilin1400 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]26 Aug. 1963 Gao Chien7429MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]20 Sept. 1981 Gao Chien22409MO
ChinaJilin1300 m[43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 June 1958 Gao Chien1211MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 June 1958 Gao Chien1071MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 June 1958 Gao Chien1043MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 June 1958 Gao Chien1078MO
ChinaJilin [43°39'52"N][126°11'38"E]22 June 1958 Gao Chien1044MO
ChinaJilinChang Bai 42°03'05"N128°03'42"E18 July 1962 Chen20MO
ChinaLiaoning [41°17'56"N][122°36'27"E]29 May 1963 Gao Chien6886MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]20 Sept. 1956 CUI1982MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]4 July 1954 Wang2274MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]15 Oct. 1953 Zhang Yu-liang69MO
ChinaNei Mongol Zizhiqu [44°05'11"N][113°54'52"E]23 Aug. 1957 Chen Pan-chieh & Gao Chien946MO
ChinaShaanxiHua Yin   5 Aug. 1962 Chen Pan-chieh759MO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]10 Aug. 1979 ZHEN190MO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]1958 SHUI5914MO
ChinaSichuan4280 m.[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]29 August 1988 Bruce Allen6829MO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]5 September 1988 Bruce Allen7152BMO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]8 September 1988 Bruce Allen7238MO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]Oct. 15, 1060 Guan Zhong Tian7603101MO
ChinaSichuan3850 m[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]Aug. 1, 1963 GUAN1412MO
ChinaSichuan3420-3900 m29°20'00"N099°15'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31360MO
ChinaSichuan2430-2470 m.[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]28 August 1988 Bruce Allen6786MO
ChinaSichuan [30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]5 September 1988 Bruce Allen7122MO
ChinaSichuan3700 m.[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]5 September 1988 Bruce Allen7123MO
ChinaSichuan3040-3460 m32°20'00"N103°30'00"E8 June 1983 Si He30448aMO
ChinaSichuan3420-3900 m29°20'00"N099°15'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31440MO
ChinaSichuan3500-3560 m30°15'00"N099°30'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31588MO
ChinaSichuan2430-2470 m.[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]28 August 1988 Bruce Allen6756BMO
ChinaSichuan4260-4300 m.[30°36'57"N][102°42'36"E]29 August 1988 Bruce Allen6851MO
ChinaSichuan2240-3040 m33°10'00"N104°15'00"E7 June 1983 Si He30161MO
ChinaSichuan3420-3900 m29°20'00"N099°15'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31437MO
ChinaSichuan3420-3900 m29°20'00"N099°15'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31364MO
ChinaSichuan3040-3460 m32°20'00"N103°30'00"E8 June 1983 Si He30460MO
ChinaSichuan3120-3250 m32°50'00"N101°40'00"E8 June 1983 Si He30933MO
ChinaSichuan3500 - 3560 m30°15'00"N099°30'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31647MO
ChinaSichuan3300-4040 m30°00'00"N101°30'00"E5 Aug. 1983 Si He31894MO
ChinaSichuan2470-2810 m33°40'00"N103°10'00"E8 June 1983 Si He30685MO
ChinaSichuan3300-4040 m30°00'00"N101°30'00"E5 Aug. 1983 Si He31915MO
ChinaSichuan3450 - 3500 m28°50'00"N099°50'00"E8 July 1983 Si He31723MO
ChinaSichuan3820-4040 m28°50'00"N099°40'00"E5 Aug. 1983 Si He31798MO
ChinaSichuan2240-3040 m33°10'00"N104°15'00"E7 June 1983 Si He30229MO
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