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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
Canada 55°20'00"N077°42'00"W3 Aug 1947 Tuomikoski, Risto Kalevi & James KucyniakK 589MO
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]  L. D. Schweinitzs.n.MO, PH
CanadaAlberta   4 Aug 1927 F.A. MacFadden4353MO
CanadaNewfoundland65 m47°15'00"N053°38'00"W09 September 2007 Ronald A. Pursell12806MO
CanadaNova Scotia   1 Sept 1959 Wilfred B. Schofield10952MO
CanadaOntario   25 Jul 1939 R.F. Cain832MO
CanadaOntario 46°55'00"N083°13'00"W23 Aug 1971 Robert R. Ireland15644MO
CanadaOntario 48°48'00"N086°37'00"W13 Aug 1971 Robert R. Ireland15256MO
CanadaOntario   8 Aug 1961 Howard A. Crum11238MO
CanadaOntario   7 Aug 1939 R.F. Cain942MO
CanadaOntario   3 Aug 1939 R.F. Cain945MO
CanadaOntario 44°53'00"N077°45'00"W06 August 1989 Bruce Allen8510MO
CanadaOntario   15 August 1990 Bruce Allen9629MO
CanadaOntario   15 August 1990 Bruce Allen9620BMO
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]11 Aug 1964 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald19MO
Finland [64°52'12"N][026°18'11"E]21 July 1974 Timo J. Koponen & Jan-Peter Frahms.n.MO
FinlandKeski-Suomi   16 Aug 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1454MO
FinlandLappi 68°31'00"N026°50'00"E25 Jul 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3775MO
FinlandLappi 60°45'00"N028°04'00"E28 Jul 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3831MO
FinlandLappi200 m64°33'00"N024°23'00"E27 Jul 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3812MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg1000-1140 m48°23'00"N009°38'00"E25 Oct 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1790MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg   17 Jul 1904 HOLLER5003MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg1150-1250 m48°23'00"N009°38'00"E25 Oct 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1781MO
GermanySchleswig-Holstein   13 Sept 1924 F. Koppes.n.MO
Ireland 54°22'00"N008°28'00"W12 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2699MO
Ireland 54°23'10"N008°17'58"W7 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2626MO
Ireland 54°06'07"N008°46'39"W13 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2727MO
Ireland 52°14'26"N010°18'58"W19 Sep 1970 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald2820MO
Netherlands1800 m.[52°04'38"N][005°34'40"E]VII.1921 PODPERAs.n.MO
NorwayRogaland 59°33'00"N006°18'00"E17 Jun 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3560MO
NorwayRogaland220-280 m58°36'00"N006°07'00"E13 Jun 1971 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald3406MO
PolandSuwalki120 m  17 Aug 1977 R. Ochyra116 MO
Russian Federation500 m53°32'00"N057°08'00"E12 Sep 1990 E. Ignatova13/107MO
Russian Federation600 m54°34'00"N053°45'00"E31 VIII 1990 E. Ignatova2/164MO
Russian Federation2240 m50°30'00"N089°10'00"E14 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/496MO
Russian Federation2250 m50°30'00"N089°08'00"E16 Jun 1989 M. Ignatov0/497MO
Russian Federation2050 m51°13'00"N088°02'00"E14 Jul 1991 M. Ignatov13/77MO
Russian Federation1850 m51°03'00"N088°09'00"E6 Jul 1991 M. Ignatov8/57MO
Russian Federation200 m59°44'00"N040°42'00"E22 Sep 1990 M. Ignatovs.n.MO
Turkey1050 m37°17'48"N034°47'46"E15 June 2000 Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş857MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous109 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous86 MO
United StatesArkansasBaxter m[36°20'00"N][092°22'00"W]13 April 1968 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.23231MO
United StatesArkansasCarroll m[36°20'00"N][093°31'00"W]17 June 1966 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.19156MO
United StatesArkansasFranklin m[35°33'00"N][093°52'00"W]16 June 1966 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.19144MO
United StatesArkansasFranklin900 - 1200 f[35°33'00"N][093°52'00"W]27 January 1966 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.18427MO
United StatesArkansasFranklin600 - 700 m35°45'04"N093°47'53"W08 June 2000 Bruce Allen22259MO
United StatesArkansasIzard m[36°06'00"N][091°54'00"W]30 June 1966 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.19557MO
United StatesArkansasJohnson1350 - 2050 f[35°34'00"N][093°27'00"W]19 February 1965 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.16718MO
United StatesArkansasMadison1699 - 2442 ft35°48'00"N093°36'00"W09 June 2000 Bruce Allen22297MO
United StatesArkansasMadison1699 - 2442 ft35°48'00"N093°36'00"W09 June 2000 Bruce Allen22281MO
United StatesArkansasMadison1600 f[36°00'10"N][093°42'00"W]4 March 1965 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.18564MO
United StatesArkansasMadison1699 - 2442 ft35°48'00"N093°36'00"W09 June 2000 Bruce Allen22293MO
United StatesArkansasNewton m35°55'40"N093°16'30"W25 April 1993 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr., Herb Culver & Kent Bonar38111MO
United StatesArkansasPope m[35°27'00"N][093°03'00"W]14 June 1966 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.19047MO
United StatesArkansasStone m[35°51'00"N][092°11'00"W]27 March 1970 - 29 March 1970 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.26751MO
United StatesArkansasVan Buren800 - 1000 f[35°34'00"N][092°29'00"W]20 February 1965 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.16570MO
United StatesGeorgiaCoffee230 m31°44'36"N082°51'52"W08 February 2003 Ronald A. Pursell12383MO
United StatesKentuckyBreathitt 37°28'07"N083°08'09"W30 November 2017 J. C. Silva-e-Costa & D. Nicholas McLetchie123 
United StatesLouisianaNatchitoches [31°46'00"N][093°08'00"W]17 Jul 1963 Ronald A. Pursell5943MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin44 m43°59'33"N070°03'31"W22 June 2004 Bruce Allen26812MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin44 m43°59'33"N070°03'31"W8 August 2006 Bruce Allen27818MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin 43°59'31"N070°03'47"W5 July 1993 Bruce Allen14741MO
United StatesMaineAndroscoggin 43°59'31"N070°03'47"W5 July 1993 Bruce Allen14742MO
United StatesMaineAroostook193 m47°01'48"N069°04'37"W24 June 2006 Ronald A. Pursell12626MO
United StatesMaineAroostook172 m45°57'21"N068°21'56"W11 July 2002 Ronald A. Pursell12339MO
United StatesMaineAroostook172 m45°57'21"N068°21'56"W11 July 2002 Ronald A. Pursell12338MO
United StatesMaineFranklin1403 f45°23'02"N070°46'42"W18 June 2007 Bruce Allen28366AMO
United StatesMaineFranklin1403 f45°23'02"N070°46'42"W18 June 2007 Bruce Allen28362MO
United StatesMaineFranklin 45°12'32"N070°31'24"W5 July 2008 Ronald A. Pursell12847MO
United StatesMaineFranklin [44°54'00"N][070°27'00"W]Aug 21, 1967 E. G. Worthleyme-59MO
United StatesMaineFranklin [44°54'00"N][070°27'00"W]Jul 21, 1966 E. G. Worthleyme-117MO
United StatesMaineHancock [44°32'00"N][068°24'00"W]22 July 1981 Bruce Allen2111MO
United StatesMaineKennebec122 m44°32'48"N069°54'25"W26 July 2002 Bruce Allen24788MO
United StatesMaineKennebec122 m44°32'48"N069°54'25"W26 July 2002 Bruce Allen24775MO
United StatesMaineKennebec122 m[44°28'00"N][069°46'00"W]23 August 2003 Ronald A. Pursell12451MO
United StatesMaineLincoln [44°03'00"N][069°32'00"W]06 August 1992 Bruce Allen13078MO
United StatesMaineLincoln31 m43°55'07"N069°38'22"W1 July 2004 Bruce Allen26953MO
United StatesMaineOxford [44°31'00"N][070°42'00"W]05 June 1991 Bruce Allen10104MO
United StatesMaineOxford [44°31'00"N][070°42'00"W]4 September 1998 Pat Ledlie35MO
United StatesMaineOxford [44°31'00"N][070°42'00"W]4 September 1998 Pat Ledlie37MO
United StatesMaineOxford 44°43'00"N070°38'00"W21 July 1995 Bruce Allen16770MO
United StatesMainePiscataquis395 m46°26'14"N069°36'22"W4 July 1999 Bruce Allen21623MO
United StatesMainePiscataquis395 m46°26'14"N069°36'22"W4 Jul 1999 Ronald A. Pursell12026MO
United StatesMaineSomerset615 - 620 m45°44'12"N070°17'44"W2 Jul 1999 Ronald A. Pursell11970MO
United StatesMaineSomerset859 ft45°21'41"N069°55'48"W24 June 2015 Bruce Allen31522AMO
United StatesMaineSomerset859 ft45°21'41"N069°55'48"W24 June 2015 Bruce Allen31533MO
United StatesMaineSomerset498 ft45°04'14"N069°56'22"W25 June 2015 Bruce Allen31538MO
United StatesMaineSomerset [45°15'20"N][069°55'00"W]11 Jul 1990 Bruce Allen9277MO
United StatesMichiganCharlevoix [45°13'00"N][085°00'20"W]11 July 1964 Anonymouss.n.MO
United StatesMichiganCheboygan [45°27'00"N][084°30'20"W]24-26 Aug 1942 Gilford J. Ikenberry833MO
United StatesMichiganCheboygan [45°27'00"N][084°30'20"W]15 Jul 1939 H.A. Gleason, Jr.2113MO
United StatesMichiganClare [43°59'00"N][084°51'00"W]12 Oct 1940 Irma Schnooberger3695MO
United StatesMichiganEmmet [45°32'00"N][084°55'00"W]25 Aug 1942 Gilford J. Ikenberry941MO
United StatesMichiganGogebic [46°23'00"N][089°42'00"W]26 Aug 1940 Gilford J. Ikenberry499MO
United StatesMichiganOntonagon [46°40'00"N][089°20'00"W]13 Sep 1992 Bruce Allen13351MO
United StatesMichiganOntonagon [46°40'00"N][089°20'00"W]13 September 1992 Bruce Allen13319MO
United StatesMinnesotaCook [47°55'00"N][090°33'00"W]31 Jul 1902 John M. Holzingers.n.MO
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