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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
CanadaAlberta4700 ft  23 June 1955 Howard A. Crum3566MO
CanadaAlberta4700 ft  23 June 1955 Howard A. Crum3554MO
CanadaAlberta4900 ft  5 aug 1955 Howard A. Crum6158MO
CanadaAlberta5700-6000 ft  29 June 1955 Howard A. Crum & Wilfred B. Schofield3823MO
CanadaAlbertaca 4700 ft  27 June 1955 Howard A. Crum & Wilfred B. Schofield3720MO
CanadaAlberta4100 ft  25 June 1955 Howard A. Crum3703MO
CanadaAlberta3600 ft  24 june 1955 Howard A. Crum3603MO
CanadaAlberta   15 July 1925 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaAlberta   03 August 1926 F.A. MacFaddens.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia690 f49°16'29"N122°31'15"W10 May 2009 James R. Shevock, William R. Buck & Judith A. Harpel32823MO
CanadaBritish Columbia4000 ft  26 July 1955 Howard A. Crum5529MO
CanadaBritish Columbia4600-4800 ft  9 July 1955 Howard A. Crum4460MO
CanadaBritish Columbia 53°03'00"N131°47'00"W28 Jun 1994 Wilfred B. Schofield100931MO
CanadaBritish Columbia60 ft48°26'00"N123°24'00"W02 July 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.38754MO
CanadaBritish Columbia20 ft49°07'00"N124°00'00"W28 June 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38706MO
CanadaBritish Columbia625 ft49°17'00"N124°37'00"W26 June 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38668MO
CanadaBritish Columbia 49°06'00"N123°56'00"W03 May 1989 - 05 May 1989 Wilfred B. Schofields.n.MO
CanadaBritish Columbia 49°00'00"N121°00'00"W26 March 1987 Dale H. Vitt33746MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   13 October 1971 Wilfred B. Schofield47278MO
ChinaHubeiShen Nong Jia1450 - 1600 m  7 Sept 1980 Sino-American Expedition1148eMO
Japanca 1100 m[38°10'43"N][137°35'58"E]9 Aug 1956 SEKIs.n.MO
Turkey1000 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]13 March 1997 Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş499MO
Turkey1000 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]13 March 1997 Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş505AMO
Turkey1000 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]13 March 1997 Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş508MO
Turkey1000 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]13 March 1997 Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş513MO
Turkey950 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş550MO
Turkey m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş572MO
Turkey m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş573AMO
Turkey m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Özlem Tonguç Yayıntaş576MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymous395 MO
United StatesCaliforniaDel Norte4600 m[41°42'00"N][123°54'00"W]30 Sept 1967 Daniel H. Norris7796MO
United StatesCaliforniaDel Norte100 f41°50'44"N123°58'06"W13 July 1995 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr. & Alice Redfearn38863MO
United StatesCaliforniaFresno4250 f36°42'27"N119°00'42"W24 May 1998 James R. Shevock & Dana A. York17127MO
United StatesCaliforniaLake5100 f39°27'00"N122°45'00"W2 January 2000 James R. Shevock, David R. Toren & Ed Dearing18791MO
United StatesCaliforniaMarin [38°04'00"N][122°44'00"W]  Henry N. Bolanders.n.MO
United StatesCaliforniaMarin [38°04'00"N][122°44'00"W]21 Jan 1934 Gilford J. Ikenberry1456MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa3875 f37°43'00"N119°40'10"W18 March 2001 James R. Shevock20425MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4800 f37°30'57"N119°37'28"W9 October 2001 James R. Shevock21437MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa1775 f37°39'54"N119°48'37"W20 October 2006 James R. Shevock, Alison Colwell & Dena L. Grossenbacher29151MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4550 f37°43'35"N119°32'50"W28 October 2006 James R. Shevock29222MO
United StatesCaliforniaMariposa4700 f37°30'45"N119°37'26"W14 June 2007 James R. Shevock29983MO
United StatesCaliforniaMendocino [39°25'00"N][123°25'00"W]10 Nov. 1992 Si He40008MO
United StatesCaliforniaMendocino950 ft39°13'49"N123°23'25"W24 March 2002 Ronald A. Pursell12253MO
United StatesCaliforniaMonterey960 f36°19'33"N120°47'05"W3 September 2006 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman29056MO
United StatesCaliforniaMonterey850 f35°53'17"N121°26'28"W22 October 2005 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman27733MO
United StatesCaliforniaMonterey300 f36°04'16"N121°35'56"W11 December 2005 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman27763MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Mateo880 f37°25'48"N122°20'10"W6 June 2007 James R. Shevock29913MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Mateo2300 f37°24'30"N122°19'00"W10 June 2007 James R. Shevock29928MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Mateo1650 f37°25'46"N122°18'45"W6 June 2009 James R. Shevock, Li Zhang & Zhou, Lan-Ping33000MO
United StatesCaliforniaSanta Cruz750 f37°03'32"N122°05'53"W6 April 2008 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman31676MO
United StatesCaliforniaShasta2650 f40°35'30"N122°37'15"W22 March 2003 James R. Shevock, Steven.L. Jessup, Ken Kellman, Daniel Sarr & Colin P. Dillingham23777MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou3075 f41°37'31"N123°05'54"W11 July 2004 James R. Shevock25949MO
United StatesCaliforniaSiskiyou2400 f41°38'01"N123°06'10"W7 September 2011 James R. Shevock38760MO
United StatesCaliforniaTehama3500 f40°17'15"N123°02'15"W27 May 2000 James R. Shevock & Barbara J. Ertter19463MO
United StatesCaliforniaTrinity [40°35'00"N][123°10'00"W]15 April 1935 Gilford J. Ikenberry1457MO
United StatesCaliforniaTrinity3175 f40°53'28"N123°01'17"W1 July 2009 James R. Shevock33035MO
United StatesCaliforniaTrinity [40°35'00"N][123°10'00"W]01 November 1879 G.R. Kleebergers.n.MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare4575 f36°08'08"N118°36'40"W14 August 2008 James R. Shevock & Eve Laeger31846MO
United StatesCaliforniaTulare4800 f36°35'20"N118°49'30"W15 June 1997 James R. Shevock & Tseng Yen-Hsueh15764MO
United StatesCaliforniaTuolumne4300 f37°47'15"N119°55'10"W28 June 2008 James R. Shevock31711MO
United StatesIdahoBenewah2140 ft[47°17'00"N][116°42'10"W]28 April 1971 Gary J. SchroederM351MO
United StatesIdahoClearwater1470 ft46°27'38"N116°21'27"W12 Jan 1999 Karen L. Gray1543MO
United StatesIdahoClearwater1630 ft[46°37'00"N][115°27'10"W]8 Jun 2000 Karen L. Gray1993MO
United StatesIdahoElmore6000 f43°30'30"N115°24'00"W1 July 1998 James R. Shevock & Barbara J. Ertter17264MO
United StatesIdahoElmore6000 f43°32'00"N115°25'30"W1 July 1998 James R. Shevock & Barbara J. Ertter17268MO
United StatesMontanaFlathead3500 - 7000 ft[48°20'00"N][114°15'10"W]28 Jul 1898 John M. Holzinger44MO
United StatesMontanaFlathead [48°20'00"N][114°15'10"W]31 Aug 1966 Frederick J. Hermann20646MO
United StatesMontanaGlacier [48°39'00"N][112°58'00"W]21 Jun 1978 Lewis E. Anderson22812MO
United StatesNevadaCarson City6250 f39°09'45"N119°55'54"W20 April 2002 James R. Shevock22041MO
United StatesOregonca 3600 ft  19 Aug 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.11644MO
United StatesOregonBenton77 m44°38'58"N123°17'56"W21 October 2013 Andrew Townesmith2582MO
United StatesOregonBenton77 m44°38'58"N123°17'56"W21 October 2013 Andrew Townesmith2596AMO
United StatesOregonCoos375 f42°49'30"N124°02'36"W21 Mar 2005 James R. Shevock26434MO
United StatesOregonCurry [42°30'10"N][124°13'00"W]3-9 sept 1950 Leo Koch3238MO
United StatesOregonHood River40 m45°41'15"N121°41'00"W25 March 2008 Bruce Allen28724MO
United StatesOregonHood River40 m45°41'15"N121°41'00"W25 March 2008 Bruce Allen28750AMO
United StatesOregonHood River40 m45°41'15"N121°41'00"W25 March 2008 Bruce Allen28759MO
United StatesOregonJosephine2160 f42°05'20"N123°33'20"W22 April 2006 James R. Shevock, Daniel H. Norris & Scot Loring27931MO
United StatesOregonMarion200 ft[44°52'00"N][122°39'00"W]3 Mar 1939 Eldon K. Slavens49MO
United StatesOregonMultnomah43 m45°29'20"N122°17'35"W26 March 2008 Bruce Allen28831MO
United StatesOregonMultnomah [45°30'10"N][122°25'00"W]1876 Joseph Howell187MO
United StatesOregonMultnomah m[45°30'10"N][122°25'00"W]24 August 1962 Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.11495MO
United StatesSouth DakotaLawrence [44°22'00"N][103°49'00"W]30 Aug 1953 H. S. Conards.n.MO
United StatesSouth DakotaLawrence1590 m44°25'00"N103°55'00"W25 May 1977 S. P. Churchill9138MO
United StatesWashington   7-8-25 Charles M. Robertss.n.MO
United StatesWashingtonClallam [48°03'00"N][123°50'00"W]1 Aug 1958 Judith Pasics.n.MO
United StatesWashingtonCowlitz350 f45°57'51"N122°33'17"W22 March 2008 James R. Shevock & Ken Kellman31592MO
United StatesWashingtonPacific [46°34'00"N][123°43'00"W]29 Jan 1948 Walter J. Eyerdam3500MO
United StatesWashingtonSkamania1200 f45°53'04"N121°59'52"W2 November 2004 James R. Shevock & Judith A. Harpel26203MO
United StatesWashingtonThurston [46°55'00"N][122°49'00"W]26 August 1960 Elva Lawton3710MO
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