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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
     J.J. Bernhardis.n.MO
Azores   July 1929 William Trelease1310MO
Canada [62°27'15"N][096°41'25"W]19 Jul 1925 F.A. MacFadden6759MO
CanadaAlberta   3 Aug 1926 F.A. MacFadden6756MO
CanadaAlberta   27 Jul 1926 F.A. MacFadden6757MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   7 Apr 1926 F.A. MacFadden6758MO
CanadaBritish Columbia   1928 F.A. MacFadden1036MO
CanadaOntario   28 Jul 1964 R.H. Zanders.n.MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygurca 1900 m43°30'00"N087°15'00"E11 August 1993 Alan T. Whittemore, Benito C. Tan, Hu, Ren-liang, Zhao, Jian-cheng, R.-L. Zhu & M. Sulayman4832 
ChinaXinjiang Uygur2000 m43°53'00"N088°07'00"E23 July 1993 Alan T. Whittemore, Zhao, Jian-cheng & R.-L. Zhu4532 
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1800-2000 m43°15'00"N084°48'00"E30 July 1995 Si He951149MO
ChinaXinjiang Uygur1800-2000 m43°15'00"N084°48'00"E30 July 1995 Si He951152MO
ChinaXinjiang UygurBurqinca 1100 m48°27'00"N086°43'00"E2 August 1993 Alan T. Whittemore, Benito C. Tan, Hu, Ren-liang, Zhao, Jian-cheng, R.-L. Zhu & M. Sulayman4736 
FranceSavoie   1959 A. C. D'Alleizettes.n.MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]16.1.1965 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald554MO
Germany [51°08'12"N][010°40'47"E]7-4-1965 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald556MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg960 m48°23'00"N009°38'00"E27 Sep 1968 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1649MO
GermanyBaden-Württemberg   21 Jan 1967 E.H. Hegewald & P.D. Hegewald1039MO
GermanyLower Saxony   May 1948 A. von Hubschmann405MO
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1700 m43°06'00"N076°55'00"E14 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3842 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°10'00"N077°13'00"E8 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore & Bruce Allen3706 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°10'00"N077°13'00"E8 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore & Bruce Allen3687 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1700 m43°06'00"N076°55'00"E14 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3827 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1700 m43°06'00"N076°55'00"E14 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3828 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°10'00"N077°13'00"E8 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore & Bruce Allen3683 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°15'00"N077°14'00"E17 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3877 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1300 m43°10'00"N076°45'00"E7 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3671 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 1800 m43°10'00"N077°13'00"E8 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore & Bruce Allen3691 
KazakhstanAlmatyca 2000 m43°05'00"N076°58'00"E13 July 1991 Alan T. Whittemore, Bruce Allen & R.E. Magill3796 
KenyaRift Valley7300 ft  09 July 1939 Peter R. O. BallyB92MO
Poland [51°54'30"N][019°18'28"E]4-VI-1959 MIckiewiczs.n.MO
South Africa [28°34'22"S][023°49'34"E]  Theodor Bernhardis.n.MO
Sweden [62°09'17"N][017°41'50"E]1931 Stenholm, Carl6329MO
Turkey1100 m[38°57'11"N][035°36'41"E]  Ahmet Yayintas2996EMO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Anonymouss.n.MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Coe F. Austin85 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]  Coe F. Austin86 MO
United States [45°10'01"N][119°17'31"W]5-29-1896 Connays.n.MO
United StatesAlaska   14 Jun 1899 William Trelease1501aMO
United StatesArizonaMohave2209 m36°21'15"N113°11'25"W30 May 2007 John C. Brinda1802MO
United StatesArkansasConway [35°15'10"N][092°41'00"W]27 May 1953 Lewis E. Anderson11920MO
United StatesCaliforniaSan Mateo [37°27'00"N][122°21'00"W]6 Aug 1938 Ira L. Wiggins20161MO
United StatesConnecticutTolland 41°59'08"N072°07'14"W01 August 2010 John Atwood1703MO
United StatesIdahoClearwater1640 ft46°51'00"N115°56'00"W10 Aug 2000 Karen L. Gray2706MO
United StatesIndianaParke [39°52'30"N][087°20'30"W]30 Sep 1979 * WILCUT76MO
United StatesIowaAllamakee [43°17'00"N][091°22'00"W]27 Jun 1936 Conard, Henry Shoemakers.n.MO
United StatesKentucky   10-5-1940 NEWMANs.n.MO
United StatesMaineCumberland 43°48'10"N070°14'30"W09 August 2000 Bruce Allen22388MO
United StatesMaineKennebec24 m44°13'55"N069°43'27"W13 May 2000 Bruce Allen22083MO
United StatesMaineLincoln 43°50'00"N069°37'00"W13 August 1997 - 14 August 1997 Bruce Allen19959MO
United StatesMarylandBaltimore [39°28'00"N][076°39'00"W]28 Nov 1968 E. G. WorthleyH-285MO
United StatesMichigan   29 May 1938 Paul D. Voths.n.MO
United StatesMichiganCheboygan [45°27'00"N][084°30'20"W]13 Oct 1985 REID47MO
United StatesMichiganCheboygan [45°27'00"N][084°30'20"W]11 Jul 1962 R.H. Zanders.n.MO
United StatesMichiganCheboygan [45°27'00"N][084°30'20"W]27 June 1964 Anonymouss.n.MO
United StatesMichiganEmmet [45°32'00"N][084°55'00"W]6 Jul 1974 Arthur L. Muller16384MO
United StatesMichiganKeweenaw [47°22'00"N][088°12'00"W]30 Sept 1978 Frederick J. Hermann28708MO
United StatesMinnesota   16 Oct 1910 Conklin, George Hall6333MO
United StatesMissouriBarry1040 f36°41'36"N093°36'43"W23 Apr 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1715MO
United StatesMissouriCallaway700 f[38°50'21"N][091°55'47"W]28 March 2003 Nels J. Holmberg275MO
United StatesMissouriChristian [36°58'15"N][093°11'50"W]27 June 1981 R. Düll, Irene Düll-Hermanns & Paul L. Redfearn, Jr.2037MO
United StatesMissouriCrawford815 ft37°48'06"N091°10'01"W07 September 2009 Nels J. Holmberg3076MO
United StatesMissouriDallas301 m37°52'36"N092°52'25"W11 May 2013 John C. Brinda, John Atwood & Nels J. Holmberg4556MO
United StatesMissouriFranklin690 f38°12'22"N091°06'20"W23 Mar 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1590MO
United StatesMissouriFranklin700 f38°23'26"N091°11'20"W24 Jan 2005 Nels J. Holmberg909MO
United StatesMissouriHowell950 f36°47'30"N092°04'52"W14 May 2003 Nels J. Holmberg136MO
United StatesMissouriIron1220 ft37°33'45"N090°44'31"W18 November 2011 John Atwood1981MO
United StatesMissouriLaclede880 ft37°43'32"N092°51'09"W30 January 2008 Nels J. Holmberg2566MO
United StatesMissouriLaclede275 m37°51'56"N092°49'18"W11 May 2013 John C. Brinda, John Atwood & Nels J. Holmberg4544MO
United StatesMissouriMiller620 ft38°18'20"N092°28'35"W07 February 2014 Nels J. Holmberg4947MO
United StatesMissouriMontgomery620 ft38°54'20"N091°34'28"W01 November 2010 Nels J. Holmberg3381MO
United StatesMissouriOzark780 f36°45'40"N092°19'36"W10 Mar 2008 Alan E. Brant6388MO
United StatesMissouriOzark850 f36°45'42"N092°19'51"W11 Mar 2008 Alan E. Brant6392MO
United StatesMissouriOzark935 f[36°38'48"N][092°27'01"W]17 April 2004 Nels J. Holmberg431MO
United StatesMissouriPerry122 m37°47'17"N089°44'46"W14 March 2013 Alan E. Brant, William Teeters, Roger Brewington & Brent Ashcroft7245MO
United StatesMissouriReynolds835 ft37°31'41"N090°48'18"W24 March 2012 John Atwood2039MO
United StatesMissouriSaint Charles510 ft38°41'01"N090°42'28"W14 March 2010 Nels J. Holmberg3146MO
United StatesMissouriSaint Francois760 ft37°58'08"N090°32'06"W16 February 2009 Nels J. Holmberg2851MO
United StatesMissouriSaint Francois279 m37°58'38"N090°31'19"W17 February 2013 John C. Brinda4352CAS, DUKE, E, F, GOET, KPABG, MHA, MO, NICH, NY
United StatesMissouriSainte Genevieve850 ft37°52'22"N090°17'58"W08 November 2010 Nels J. Holmberg3406UMO
United StatesMissouriSainte Genevieve900 ft37°53'00"N090°18'00"W25 February 2011 John Atwood1758MO
United StatesMissouriShannon [37°09'21"N][091°24'35"W]06 October 1905 Benjamin F. Bushs.n.MO
United StatesMissouriTaney710 f36°33'16"N092°48'08"W24 Feb 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1491MO
United StatesMissouriTaney870 ft36°34'27"N093°05'07"W25 May 2012 Nels J. Holmberg4301MO
United StatesMissouriTexas [37°19'05"N][091°58'17"W]26 Mar. 1970 Aaron J. SharpM706MO
United StatesMissouriWarren710 f38°41'20"N091°00'42"W29 Mar 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1606MO
United StatesMissouriWashington675 f38°10'07"N091°04'12"W15 Feb 2006 Nels J. Holmberg1541MO
United StatesMissouriWashington760 f[37°57'47"N][090°52'59"W]19 Feb 2004 Nels J. Holmberg305MO
United StatesNew YorkTompkins 42°25'38"N076°31'27"WNovember 1921 Wayne E. Manning2MO
United StatesNew YorkTompkins [42°27'00"N][076°28'00"W]1923 Wayne E. Manning8MO
United StatesNew YorkTompkins [42°27'00"N][076°28'00"W]20 May 1923 Wayne E. Mannings.n.MO
United StatesNew YorkTompkins [42°27'00"N][076°28'00"W]06 April 1925 Wayne E. Mannings.n.MO
United StatesNew YorkTompkins [42°27'00"N][076°28'00"W]1922 Wayne E. Manning15MO
United StatesOhioPortage [41°10'00"N][081°12'00"W]15 Nov 1962 R.H. Zanders.n.MO
United StatesOregon   15 Aug 1963 E. G. WorthleyH-284MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre [41°15'10"N][077°54'00"W]30 Oct 1932 Lawrence Whites.n.MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre [41°15'10"N][077°54'00"W]17 Jun 1933 Lawrence Whites.n.MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre [41°15'10"N][077°54'00"W]17 November 1979 Bruce Allen1334MO
United StatesPennsylvaniaCentre900 ft[41°15'10"N][077°54'00"W]04 May 1974 Manuel, Monte Gregg1788MO
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