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Published In: Recueil des Travaux Botaniques Néerlandais 31: 289. 1934. (Recueil Trav. Bot. Néerl.) Name publication detail


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Acceptance : Accepted
Note : Belongs to Tribe Palicoureeae
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Notopleura (Benth. & Hook.f.) Bremek. includes about 100 species of shrubs and small trees distributed widely in the New World tropics. Notopleura plants are terrestrial or epiphytic herbs or subshrubs that are found in moist to wet tropical forests, from low to high elevations. The plants are usually fleshy to rather succulent, and the terrestrial species are often unbranched. The genus is distinguished by its stipules with glandular or laminar, often well developed appendages and its inflorescences that are terminal or often pseudoaxillary. The flowers are white, relatively small, and presumeably pollinated by insects. The carnose fruits are white, orange, red, or sometimes black, and presumeably dispersed by birds. Some Notopleura species are distylous.

Notopleura species have previously been included by most authors in Psychotria Subg. Heteropsychotria Steyerm., but recent consideration of both morphological (Taylor, 1996, 2001) and molecular (Andersson & Rova, 1999; Nepokroeff, 1997; Nepokroeff et al., 1999) characters show that this genus is better treated separately. An overview of Notopleura was presented by Taylor (2001), who presented a key to its species and recognized two subgenera. Notopleura subg. Notopleura includes the majority of species in the genus, which are terrestrial and have pseudoaxillary inflorescences; Notopleura subg. Viscagoga (Baill.) C.M. Taylor includes epiphytic species with terminal inflorescences.

When Notopleura was included in Psychotria, several published species were synonymized by most authors with Psychotria macrophylla, which was by far the most commonly collected species and considered morphologically variable and difficult to characterize. Taylor (2001, 2003) showed that Notopleura macrophylla is a clearly and much more narrowly characterizable species, and separated a number of species from it.

Author: C.M. Taylor. The content of this web page was last revised on 17 November 2010.
Taylor web page: http://www.mobot.org/MOBOT/Research/curators/taylor.shtml


Neotropics: lowland wet forest to montane forests, Mexico and the Antilles to Bolivia and Brazil.

Taxa Included Here:

Montamans Dwyer = Notopleura subg. Notopleura
Notopleura longipedunculata (Dwyer) C.M. Taylor, nom. illeg., = Notopleura longipedunculoides
Psychotria aggregata Standl. = Notopleura aggregata
Psychotria agostinii Steyerm. = Notopleura agostinii
Psychotria albacostata Rusby = Notopleura macrophylla
Psychotria aligera Steyerm. = Notopleura aligera
Psychotria amplinoda Steyerm. = Notopleura tapajozensis
Psychotria amplinoda var. ayangannae Steyerm. = Notopleura tapajozensis
Psychotria aneurophylla Standl. = Notopleura aneurophylla
Psychotria aneurophylloides Steyerm. = Notopleura aneurophylloides
Psychotria anomothyrsa K. Schum. & Donn. Sm. = Notopleura anomothyrsa
Psychotria araguensis Steyerm. = Notopleura araguensis
Psychotria bullatifolia Standl. = Notopleura polyphlebia
Psychotria camponutans (Dwyer & M.V. Hayden) Hammel = Notopleura camponutans
Psychotria capacifolia Dwyer = Notopleura capacifolia
Psychotria caribaea Urb. = Notopleura discolor
Psychotria cartagoensis Nepokroeff = Notopleura latistipula
Psychotria chapensis Steyerm. = Notopleura chapensis
Psychotria crassa Benth. = Notopleura crassa
Psychotria crassa f. alba Steyerm. = Notopleura crassa
Psychotria crassa f. angustior Steyerm. = Notopleura crassa
Psychotria decurrens Steyerm. = Notopleura decurrens
Psychotria discolor (Griseb.) Rolfe = Notopleura discolor
Psychotria dosbocensis Dwyer = Notopleura capacifolia
Psychotria dudleyi Steyerm. = Notopleura sp., (see discussion under Notopleura epiphytica in Taylor, 2001)
Psychotria dukei Dwyer = Notopleura dukei
Psychotria epiphytica K. Krause = Notopleura epiphytica
Psychotria fernandezii Steyerm. = Notopleura fernandezii
Psychotria ferreyrae C.M. Taylor = Notopleura leucantha
Psychotria guadalupensis (DC.) Howard = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria guadalupensis subsp. grosourdieana (Baill.) Steyerm. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria guadalupensis subsp. tetrapyrena (Urb.) Steyerm. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria guadalupensis subsp. venezuelica Steyerm. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria hartwegiana Standl. = Notopleura marginata
Psychotria humensis Steyerm. = Notopleura humensis
Psychotria killipii Standl. = Notopleura sp. (see discussion under Notopleura pithecobia in Taylor, 2001)
Psychotria lassula Standl. = Notopleura epiphytica
Psychotria laevis DC. = Notopleura uliginosa
Psychotria laevis var. angustifolia Benth. = Notopleura uliginosa
Psychotria lateralis Steyerm. = Notopleura lateralis
Psychotria lateriflora Standl. = Notopleura lateriflora
Psychotria longipedunculata Dwyer, nom. illeg. = N. longipedunculoides
Psychotria longipedunculoides C.M. Taylor = N. longipedunculoides
Psychotria longissima Standl. = Notopleura longissima
Psychotria macrophylla Ruiz & Pav. = Notopleura macrophylla
Psychotria macrophylla subsp. albacostata (Rusby) Steyerm. = Notopleura macrophylla
Psychotria macrophylla var. angustissima Standl. = Notopleura angustissima
Psychotria macrophylla subsp. anomothyrsa (K. Schm. & Donn. Sm.) Steyerm. = Notopleura anomothyrsa
Psychotria macrophylla subsp. anomothyrsa f. tomentella Steyerm. = Notopleura anomothyrsa
Psychotria macropodantha Standl. = Notopleura macropodantha
Psychotria madida Standl. = N. madida
Psychotria maxonii Standl. = Notopleura maxonii
Psychotria merumensis Steyerm. = Notopleura merumensis
Psychotria micayensis Standl. = Notopleura micayensis
Psychotria microbracteata Steyerm. = Notopleura microbracteata
Psychotria morii Dywer = Notopleura siggersiana
Psychotria multiramosa Steyerm. = Notopleura multiramosa
Psychotria orchidearum Standl. = Notopleura epiphytica
Psychotria orchidearum subsp. persedens Dwyer = Notopleura peperomiae
Psychotria palestinae Standl. ex Steyerm. = Notopleura palestinae
Psychotria paramorum Standl. = Notopleura epiphytica
Psychotria parasitica Sw. (nom. illeg.) = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria patria Standl. & Steyerm. = Notopleura patria
Psychotria patria var. tovarensis Steyerm. = Notopleura patria
Psychotria pendula (Jacq.) Urb. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria pendula subsp. grosourdieana (Baill.) Urb. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria pendula subsp. tetrapyrena Urb. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Psychotria pendula subsp. trinitensis Urb. = Notopleura perpapillifera
Psychotria peperomiae Standl. = Notopleura peperomiae
Psychotria perpapillifera Steyerm. = Notopleura perpapillifera
Psychotria perparva Dwyer = Notopleura perparva
Psychotria phytolacca DC. = Notopleura uliginosa
Psychotria pithecobia Standl. = Notopleura pithecobia
Psychotria plagiantha (Standl.) C.M. Taylor = Notopleura plagiantha
Psychotria polyphlebia Standl. = Notopleura polyphlebia
Psychotria saulensis Steyerm. = Notopleura saulensis
Psychotria semimetralis K. Krause = Notopleura epiphytica
Psychotria siggersiana Standl. = Notopleura siggersiana
Psychotria standleyana Styerm. = Notopleura standleyana
Psychotria subimbricata Steyerm. = Notopleura subimbricata
Psychotria sucrensis Steyerm. = Notopleura sucrensis
Psychotria tapajozensis Standl. = Notopleura tapajozensis
Psychotria terepaimensis Steyerm. = Notopleura terepaimensis
Psychotria thesceloantha Steyerm. = Notopleura thesceloantha
Psychotria tolimensis Wernham = Notopleura tolimensis
Psychotria tonduzii Standl. = Notopleura tonduzii
Psychotria uberta Standl. & Steyerm. = Notopleura uberta
Psychotria uliginosa Sw. = Notopleura uliginosa
Psychotria uliginosa var. discolor Griseb. = Notopleura discolor
Psychotria victoriae Dwyer (nom. illeg.) = Notopleura tolimensis
Psychotria wilburiana Dwyer = Notopleura wilburiana
Psychotria xerococcoides Dwyer = Notopleura panamensis
Uragoga grosourdieana Baill. = Notopleura guadalupensis
Uragoga leucantha K. Krause = Notopleura leucantha
Uragoga uliginosa (Sw.) Kuntze = Notopleura uliginosa
Viscoides pendulum Jacq. = Notopleura guadalupensis


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Key to the Subgenera of Notopleura


1. Plants terrestrial, usually unbranched, usually erect; stipules with interpetiolar appendage succulent, or expanded into a membranaceous lamina, or absent; inflorescences pseudoaxillary; pyenes 2, in cross-section hemispherical to strongly dorsiventrally flattened.....Subg. Notopleura


1. Plants epiphytic, usually branched, often clambering or climbing; stipules with interpetiolar appendage succulent or absent; inflorescences terminal or pseudoaxillary; pyrenes 2 to 6, in cross-section hemispherical to triangular or somewhat dorsiventrally flattened....Subg. Viscagoga



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