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Specimen coordinates in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
Country UpperLowerElevationLatitudeLongitudeDateQual.CollectorsColl NoInstitutions
ColombiaAntioquia960 m06°35'00"N076°50'00"W1 March 1992 Alwyn H. Gentry, César E. Barbosa & Dayron Cárdenas L.75965MO
ColombiaAntioquia   Julio 27 1978 Enrique Rentería A.918MO
ColombiaAntioquiaAmalfi500-1000 m07°04'00"N074°55'00"W13 Octubre 1991 TUBERQUIA21HUA
ColombiaAntioquiaFrontino800 m06°34'00"N076°30'00"W29 Octubre 1986 Ricardo Callejas2766HUA
ColombiaAntioquiaFrontino800 - 1000 m06°31'00"N076°18'00"W1 February 1995 John James Pipoly, III & et al.18210BRIT, MO, US
ColombiaAntioquiaMutatá180 m  1 Mayo 1987 Ramiro Fonnegra G., Francisco J. Roldán & et al.2013HUA, MO
ColombiaAntioquiaMutatá   27 Julio 1978 Ramiro Fonnegra G. & Enrique Rentería A.918 
ColombiaAntioquiaMutatá170 m07°13'00"N076°26'00"W27 March 1987 James L. Zarucchi, Julio C. Betancur B. & et al.5051HUA, MO
ColombiaAntioquiaUrrao1090 - 1215 m06°34'00"N076°19'00"W28 Julio 1988 Álvaro Cogollo P., Juan Guillermo Ramírez & et al.3581JAUM, MO
ColombiaAntioquiaUrrao850 m06°33'00"N076°19'00"W4 Junio 1988 Álvaro Cogollo P. & Juan Guillermo Ramírez3223JAUM, MO
ColombiaAntioquiaUrrao760 - 800 m06°31'00"N076°19'00"W18 Febrero 1989 Álvaro Cogollo P. & et al.4084JAUM, MO
ColombiaChocó 07°03'45"N077°35'45"W19 May 1967 James A. Duke11220MO
ColombiaChocó100 m06°15'00"N077°25'00"W7 March 1983 Alwyn H. Gentry & Adrian Juncosa41086MO
ColombiaChocó600 m  27 Abril 1979 Enrique Forero, Roberto Jaramillo M., Henry Y. Bernal, Henry León & M.M. Pulido5973MO
ColombiaChocó   Jan. 31-1967 James A. Duke9615MO
ColombiaChocó600 m  27 Abril 1979 Enrique Forero, Roberto Jaramillo M., Henry Y. Bernal, Henry León & M.M. Pulido5973MO
ColombiaChocóNovita600-900 m  22 Feb. 1977 Enrique Forero, Alwyn H. Gentry, Andrew M. Sugden & Douglas C. Daly3099MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]1896 John Donnell Smith6854US
Costa Rica60 m08°41'00"N083°13'00"W25.11.1999 Werner Huber & Anton Weissenhofer1715MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]12-11-1983 Isidro A. Chacón G.1726MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Evelio Alfaro299MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Flor Araya587MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Juan Francisco Morales4189MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Quírico Jiménez M., R. Quesada & Luis Diego Vargas1764MO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Barry E. Hammel8007AMO
Costa Rica [08°27'00"N][084°49'00"W]  Juan Francisco Morales1092MO
Costa RicaAlajuela1082 m  June 16, 1983 John F. Utley7135MO
Costa RicaAlajuela800 m10°19'00"N084°43'00"W18 May 1988 William A. Haber & Eladio Cruz L.8418MO
Costa RicaAlajuela900 m10°20'00"N084°43'00"W13 May 1987 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.7098MO
Costa RicaAlajuela1000-1100 m10°20'00"N084°45'00"W29 Nov 1986 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.6475MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaGuatuso700 m10°33'36"N084°54'00"W30 April 1983 Ronald L. Liesner, Emmet J. Judziewicz & Blanca Pérez G.15092MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaGuatuso800 m10°42'00"N085°00'00"W21 Aug 1998 Luis Diego Vargas, M. Rojas & Víctor H. Ramírez92MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaGuatuso800 - 800 m10°42'00"N085°00'00"W22 March 2005 Daniel Santamaría Aguilar1221 
Costa RicaAlajuelaGuatuso777 - 777 m10°42'05"N084°59'48"W24 June 2010 Luis Diego Vargas4200 
Costa RicaAlajuelaGuatuso800 m10°42'17"N084°59'32"W08 mayo 2000 José Luis Chaves & Eleomar Muñoz428MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos0 - 100 m10°41'10"N084°10'50"W9 November 2004 Daniel Solano1450 
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos810 m10°18'22"N084°25'37"WMarch 14, 1939 Austin Smith1767MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Carlos50 m10°39'00"N084°10'48"W3 October 1994 Alex Rodríguez G.430CR, MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Ramon1200 m10°09'42"N084°29'35"W11 June 1970 James L. Luteyn710MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Ramon1050 - 1100 m10°21'36"N084°30'00"W25 April 1983 Ronald L. Liesner & Emmet J. Judziewicz14888MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Ramon750 m10°12'36"N084°31'48"W24 April 1983 Ronald L. Liesner & Emmet J. Judziewicz14812MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Ramon500 m10°15'00"N084°30'36"W12 July 1991 Quírico Jiménez M. & Ricardo Soto991MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Ramon900 - 1000 m10°14'24"N084°37'48"W18 April 1982 Alonso Carvajal V.186MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala1500 m10°43'48"N085°03'00"WNov 1982 Luis Diego Gómez P. & et al.19187MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala1500 m10°43'48"N085°03'00"WNov 1982 Luis Diego Gómez P. & et al.19187MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala650 - 700 m10°43'00"N085°02'00"W9 Feb 2000 José Luis Chaves & I. López161MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala500 m10°54'36"N085°19'48"W29 October 1987 Gerardo Herrera Ch.1010MO
Costa RicaAlajuelaUpala700 m10°48'36"N084°57'00"W16 November 1987 Gerardo Herrera Ch.1296MO
Costa RicaCartagoJiménez700 m09°48'00"N083°42'00"W16 April 1983 - 17 April 1983 Ronald L. Liesner14300MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba450 - 525 m09°57'36"N083°33'36"W10 May 1983 Ronald L. Liesner, Emmet J. Judziewicz & Blanca Pérez G.15360MO
Costa RicaCartagoTurrialba500 m09°58'12"N083°27'00"W7 May 1999 Edgar Mora Castro343MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste450 m10°58'48"N085°27'00"W30 December 1989 Charlotte M. Taylor & Roy E. Gereau9817MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste700 m11°02'00"N085°24'30"W9 October 1990 Calixto Moraga & Curso II de Parataxónomos138MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste1400 m10°22'00"N084°52'00"W30 Jul 1986 William A. Haber & Erick Bello C.5845MO
Costa RicaGuanacaste900 - 1200 m10°47'00"N085°18'00"W27 January 1983 - 28 January 1983 Gerrit Davidse, Luis Diego Gómez P., Mario Sousa S., Christopher J. Humphries, Nancy C. Garwood, Rachel J. Hampshire & Mary Gibby23433MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLa Cruz1120 - 1220 m10°58'00"N085°28'00"W09 April 2008 Michael H. Grayum13049MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteLiberia1100 - 1300 m10°57'00"N085°28'00"W12 August 2007 Michael H. Grayum & Daniel García12658MO
Costa RicaGuanacasteTilarán1030 - 1030 m10°37'13"N084°59'34"W21 September 2006 Luis Diego Vargas1691 
Costa RicaGuanacasteTilarán680 m10°54'36"N085°44'24"W23 Mar 1999 Edgar Mora Castro & Alex Rodríguez G.218MO
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W8 August 1980 Barry E. Hammel9497DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W2 September 1980 Barry E. Hammel9681DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W6 June 1981 Barry E. Hammel & Jill Trainer10832DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W14 July 1986 Robert L. Wilbur39944DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W20 May 1982 Barry E. Hammel12371DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W18 July 1982 Barry E. Hammel & Jill Trainer13234DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia700 - 950 m10°17'30"N084°04'30"W09 April 1986 Michael H. Grayum6950MO
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W14 May 1978 Michael H. Grayum1299DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W2 March 1980 Barry E. Hammel7945DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W19 May 1980 Barry E. Hammel8705DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia45 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"WIV-10-1973 Paul A. Opler1714MO
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W23 June 1984 Brian Jacobs, Richard Stomberg & Damon A. Smith2559DUKE, MO
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'00"W26 March 1981 James P. Folsom9498DUKE, MO
Costa RicaHeredia1100 m10°15'57"N084°05'00"W5 Feb 2004 Alex Gilman124MO
Costa RicaHeredia900 m10°17'01"N084°04'48"W25 Feb 2004 Alex Gilman197MO
Costa RicaHeredia800 m10°17'27"N084°04'32"W2 March 2004 Alex Gilman227MO
Costa RicaHeredia700 m10°18'02"N084°04'31"W4 March 2004 Alex Gilman256MO
Costa RicaHeredia700 m10°18'02"N084°04'31"W13 April 2005 Alex Gilman421MO
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W28 November 1981 Damon A. Smith601DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W28 May 1985 Brian Jacobs3188DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W16 May 1981 James P. Folsom10131DUKE
Costa RicaHeredia100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W30 May 1980 Barry E. Hammel8885DUKE
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W25 Mayo 1983 Isidro A. Chacón G.828DUKE
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W8 Setiembre 1983 Isidro A. Chacón G.1265DUKE
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui 10°27'06"N084°04'16"W30 May 1982 Barry E. Hammel12663MO
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui100 m10°25'53"N084°00'13"W5/26/2005 Orlando Vargas1249 
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui500 m10°19'45"N084°04'50"W8 December 1989 Abelardo Chacón595MO
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui 10°25'12"N084°01'12"W03 Aug 1979 James H. Beach1487DUKE, MO
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui150-250 m10°24'00"N084°07'48"W12 Aug 1971 - 15 Aug 1971 William C. Burger & Melinda Burger8033MO
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui700 f10°24'00"N084°06'00"W29 May 1971 George R. Proctor32125MO
Costa RicaHerediaSarapiqui400 m10°17'00"N084°02'00"W20 September 1989 Orlando Vargas145MO
Costa RicaLimón10 m10°37'48"N083°45'00"W12 November 1988 Michael H. Grayum9003MO
Costa RicaLimón20 - 170 m10°41'00"N083°38'00"W15 September 1986 - 20 September 1986 W.D. Stevens & O.M. Montiel24441MO
Costa RicaLimón20 - 170 m10°41'00"N083°38'00"W16 January 1986 - 23 January 1986 W.D. Stevens23645MO
Costa RicaLimón650 m09°23'24"N082°57'36"W9 July 1989 Abelardo Chacón136MO
Costa RicaLimón10 - 120 m10°40'00"N083°40'00"W13 September 1986 - 14 September 1986 Gerrit Davidse & Gerardo Herrera Ch.31083MO
Costa RicaLimón10 - 120 m10°39'00"N083°40'40"W15 September 1986 - 16 September 1986 Gerrit Davidse & Gerardo Herrera Ch.31169MO
Costa RicaLimón1200 m09°52'48"N083°13'48"W01 May 1985 Luis Diego Gómez P., Gerardo Herrera Ch. & José Berrocal23601MO
Costa RicaLimón180 m09°35'00"N082°58'00"W16 Mar 1984 Clark P. Cowan4596MO
Costa RicaLimónPococí300 - 307 m10°11'20"N083°51'37"W15 June 2007 Luis Diego Vargas2401 
Costa RicaLimónPococí300 - 350 m10°11'31"N083°51'39"W20 September 2005 Luis Acosta3637 
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