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Group: Moss Rank: genus Herbarium Placement: Lehmann, upper, cases, M019

Authors: Published In: Synopsis Muscorum Europaeorum cxxxviii, 382–383. 1860. (Syn. Musc. Eur.) Name publication detail
Locality: ~Bryum julaceum~ Bridel, ~A. julaceum~ (Bridel) W. P. Schimper
Distribution: holotype
Type Specimens Higher Taxa:     Taxonomy Browser
Combinations for this basionym:
Bryum sect. Anomobryum (Schimp.) Kindb.
Bryum subg. Anomobryum (Schimp.) Schimp.
Projects: Andean Bryo , Bolivia Bryophytes , Cent. Amer. Moss , China Moss , Madidi Checklist

Keywords: 02, 11, 93, FNA, MOSS


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Accepted Names
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Accepted By and Published In:
  • Reference article Schimper, W. P. 1860. Syn. Musc. Eur. clix + v + 733 pp. E. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart.
Accepted By:
  • Reference article Abramov, I. I. & A. L. Abramova. 1983. Konspekt flor'i mhov Mongol'skoj Narodnoj Respubliki. Biol. Resursy Prir. Uslov. Mongol'sk. Narod. Respubl. 17. 221 pp.
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Subordinate Taxa
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Specimen coordinates enclosed in square brackets [ ] have been approximated based on political units.
  • South America     
    • Bolivia La Paz: 3300 m, 16°19'00"S 067°50'00"W, Feb 14, 1980, Marshall R. Crosby 13564
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4300 m, 17°09'00"S 067°21'00"W, 29 November 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1122 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4000 m, 16°55'00"S 067°55'00"W, 21 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1592 (LPB, MO, USZ)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 3660 m, 17°11'00"S 067°24'00"W, 04 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1208 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4320 m, 16°54'00"S 067°30'00"W, 06 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1267 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4320 m, 16°54'00"S 067°30'00"W, 06 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1279 (LPB, MO, USZ)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4320 m, 16°54'00"S 067°30'00"W, 06 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1287 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 16°54'00"S 067°29'00"W, 07 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1325 (LPB, MO, USZ)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Loayza: 4410 m, 16°54'00"S 067°29'00"W, 07 December 1987, Marko Lewis 87-1308 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia La Paz, Murillo: 3800 m, 16°32'00"S 068°02'00"W, 06 May 1988, Marko Lewis 88-495 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia Oruro, Sajama: 4379 m, 18°05'59"S 069°01'44"W, 01 septiembre 2007, C. Aldana & N. Sanjines 840 (LPB, MO, USZ)
    • Bolivia Oruro, Sajama: Parque Sajama, 4340-5010 m, 18°05'29"S 068°57'49"W, 4 Ago 2002, Alfredo F. Fuentes 5229 (LPB, MO)
    • Bolivia Potosí, Tomas Frias: Cerro Kari Kari, 4660 m, 19°36'00"S 065°42'00"W, 13 Jan 1979, Marko Lewis 79-282 (LPB, MO)
Literature Based Distribution
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Mapping will be based on a standard reference mark based on political units when available.
  • South America
    • Brazil : Forzza, R. C. 2010. Lista de espécies Flora do Brasil Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.
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