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Collector Name: Marian J. Short
Reference Initials: M. J.
MO Abbreviation: M. Short
FNA Abbreviation: M. Short
Life or Publication Dates: fl. 1982
Country: Belize, Costa Rica, UK, Ecuador
Specialty: S
Projects: Mesoamericana

Project Person Data (Last Modified On 1/1/0001)
Alternate Text: M.J. Short
Address: (BM), Department of Botany, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, Reino Unido.
Email: mjw@nhm.ac.uk
Home Page Url:
Contributor Role: Autora
Collector Abbreviation:
Is Contributor: Yes

Contributor for the following Names
Family!Scientific Name AuthorReferenceDate
Polemoniaceae! BonplandiaCav.Anales Hist. Nat. 2: 1311800
Polemoniaceae  Bonplandia geminifloraCav.Anales Hist. Nat. 2: 132, t. 201800
Geraniaceae! ErodiumL'Hér. ex AitonHort. Kew. 2: 414–4161789
Geraniaceae! Erodium cicutarium(L.) L'Hér. ex AitonHort. Kew. 2: 4141789
Geraniaceae! Erodium moschatum(L.) L'Hér. ex AitonHort. Kew. 2: 414–4151789
Geraniaceae  GeraniaceaeJuss.Gen. Pl. 2681789
Geraniaceae  GeraniumL.Sp. Pl. 2: 6761753
Geraniaceae  Geranium alpicolaLoes.Bull. Herb. Boissier, sér. 2, 3(2): 92–931903
Geraniaceae  Geranium andicolaLoes.Bull. Herb. Boissier, sér. 2, 3(2): 931903
Geraniaceae  Geranium costaricenseH.E. MooreGentes Herbarum 8(3): 253–2541951
Geraniaceae  Geranium goldmaniiRose ex Hanks & SmallN. Amer. Fl. 25(1): 171907
Geraniaceae  Geranium oaxacanumH.E. MooreContr. Gray Herb. 146: 30–32, t. 1, f. 21943
Geraniaceae  Geranium seemanniiPeyr.Linnaea 30(1): 66–671859
Polemoniaceae  LoeseliaL.Sp. Pl. 2: 6281753
Polemoniaceae  Loeselia ciliataL.Sp. Pl. 2: 6281753
Polemoniaceae  Loeselia glandulosa(Cav.) G. DonGen. Hist. 4(1): 2481837
Polemoniaceae  Loeselia mexicana(Lam.) BrandPflanzenr. 27[IV,250]: 1741907
Polemoniaceae  Loeselia ramosissima(M. Martens & Galeotti) Walp.Repert. Bot. Syst. 6: 5261847
Geraniaceae  PelargoniumL'Hér. ex AitonHort. Kew. 2: 4171789
Geraniaceae  Pelargonium × hortorumL.H. BaileyStand. Cycl. Hort. 2531, f. 28401916
Polemoniaceae  PolemoniaceaeJuss.Gen. Pl. 1361789
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