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Family!Scientific Name AuthorReferenceDate
Pinaceae Abies pichta J. ForbesPinet. Woburn.# 1131839
Caryophyllaceae Agrostemma alpina (L.) J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 1041833
Bromeliaceae Billbergia pyramidalis J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 641833
Cactaceae Cereus tortuosus J. Forbes ex Otto & A. Dietr.Allg. Gartenzeitung 6: 651838
Asparagaceae Chlorophytum longipedunculatum J. Forbes  
Cupressaceae Cupressus articulata (Vahl) J. ForbesPinet. Woburn. 1911839
Cactaceae Echinocactus echinatus J. ForbesJourn. Hort. Tour Germ. 1521837
Cactaceae Echinocactus hamatus J. ForbesJourn. Tour Germ. 1521837
Cactaceae Echinocactus oxyacanthus J. ForbesJourn. Hort. Tour Germ. 1521837
Cactaceae Echinocactus rhodanthus J. ForbesJourn. Hort. Tour Germ. 1511837
Cactaceae Echinocactus spinosissimus J. ForbesJourn. Hort. Tour Germ. 1521837
Ericaceae Erica actea J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 11825
Ericaceae Erica bowia J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 41825
Ericaceae Erica divaricata J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 81825
Ericaceae Erica exserta J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 91825
Ericaceae Erica insulsa J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 121825
Ericaceae Erica luteoalba J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 141825
Ericaceae Erica modesta J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 151825
Ericaceae Erica oblonga J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 171825
Ericaceae Erica patersonioides J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 181825
Ericaceae Erica pellucidioides J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 181825
Ericaceae Erica perspicua J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 181825
Ericaceae Erica perspicuoides J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 181825
Ericaceae Erica purialis J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 201825
Ericaceae Erica serrulata J. ForbesHort. Eric. Woburn. 231825
Asteraceae ! Eriophyllum lanatum (Pursh) J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 1831833
Escalloniaceae Escallonia rubra var. glabriuscula J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 451833
Escalloniaceae Escallonia viscosa J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 2311833
Santalaceae Exocarpos luteolus J. Forbes  
Malvaceae ! Hibiscus violaceus J. Forbes 1833
Pinaceae Larix europaea var. pendula (Aiton) J. ForbesPinet. Woburn. 1361839
Pinaceae Larix microcarpa (Lamb.) J. ForbesPinet. Woburn. 139, t. 471839
Caprifoliaceae Linnaea americana J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 1351833
Campanulaceae Lobelia procumbens J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 331833
Campanulaceae Lobelia tyrianthina J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 331833
Cactaceae Opuntia glauca J. ForbesHort. Tour Germ. 1581837
Pinaceae Pinus gerardii J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 2101833
Pinaceae Pinus nepalensis J. ForbesPinet. Woburn. 341839
Salicaceae Salix australis J. ForbesSalict. Woburm. 205, t. 1031800
Salicaceae Salix geminata J. Forbes 1829
Passifloraceae Tacsonia grandiflora J. ForbesHort. Woburn. 2321833
Cupressaceae Taxodium sinense J. ForbesPinet. Woburn. 1791839
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