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Author YearArticle TitlePublicationCollation
Abalo, J. E. & G. Morales L.1982 Veinticinco (25) Heliconias nuevas de Colombia Phytologia51(1): 1–61
Abalo, J. E. & G. Morales L.1983 Doce (12) Heliconias nuevas del Ecuador Phytologia52(6): 387–413
Abalo, J. E. & G. Morales L.1983 Diez (10) heliconias nuevas de Colombia Phytologia54(6): 411–433
Abalo, J. E. & G. Morales-L.1985 Siete (7) heliconias nuevas de Colombia Phytologia57(1): 42–57
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Acosta Castellanos, S.1985 Algunas especies interesantes de la familia Acanthaceae en Mexico Phytologia57(4): 249–260
Acosta Castellanos, S.1987 Agrostis calderoniae (Gramineae), una nueva especie del valle de Mexico Phytologia62(6): 449–451
Adams, B. R.1988 New species and combinations in the genus Scaphyglottis (Orchidaceae) Phytologia64(4): 249–258
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Adams, C. D.1971 Miscellaneous additions and revisions to the Flowering Plants of Jamaica. III. Phytologia21(6): 405–410
Adams, R. P.2004 Juniperus deltoides, a new species, and nomenclatural notes on J. polycarpos and J. turcomanica (Cupressaceae) Phytologia86(2): 47–51
Adams, R. P. & A. E. Schwarzbach2006 Infraspecific adjustments in Juniperus deppeana (Cupressaceae) Phytologia88(3): 227–232
Adams, R. P., A. E. Schwarzbach & S. Nguyen2006 Re-examination of the taxonomy of Juniperus flaccida var. martinezii, and var. poblana (Cupressaceae) Phytologia88(3): 233–241
Adams, R. P., S. Nguyen, J. A. Morris & A. E. Schwarzbach2006 Re-examination of the taxonomy of the one-seeded, serrate leaf Juniperus of southwestern United States and northern Mexico (Cupressaceae) Phytologia88(3): 299–309
Agostini, G.1970 Notes on Myrsinaceae. I. Generic assignment of Conomorpha sodiroana Mez, Ardisia ambigua Mart., and related species Phytologia20(7): 401–403
Agostini, G.1973 Identity of Perrottetia costaricensis Lundell and Perrottetia racemosa Standley Phytologia26(3): 174
Allen, C. M., H. D. Guillory, C. H. Stagg, S. D. Parris & R. D. Thomas1987 Yellow root (Xanthorhiza simplicissima Marshall), Ranunculaceae, new to Louisiana Phytologia62(1): 5–6
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Anderson, L. C.1978 New taxa in Chrysothmanus, section Nauseosi (Asteraceae) Phytologia38: 309–320
Anderson, L. E.1980 Bryocrumia, a new genus of Hypnaceae (Musci) Phytologia45: 63–66
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Arreguín-Sanchéz, M. L. & R. Aguirre-Calverán1986 Una nueva localidad para Norteamérica de Phyllitis scolopendrium (L.) Newm. var. americana Fernald Phytologia60: 399–403
Arreguin-Sanchez, M. L. & R. Aguirre-Claverán1985 Nuevos registros de pteridofitas para el estado de Nuevo León, México Phytologia59: 59–64
Ash, S. R. & W. D. Tidwell1987 Arnophyton, a new name for Arnoldia Ash and Tidwell, 1986 Phytologia63: 64
Austin, D. F.1973 Dactylostigma, a new genus of Convolvulaceae from Madagascar Phytologia25: 425–430
Austin, D. F. & D. C. Wasshausen1973 A Ruellia (Acanthaceae) species in Exogonium (Convolvulaceae) Phytologia25: 433–437
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Baker, R. & W. Burger1976 Key & commentary on the spp. of Spathiphyllum (Araceae) in Costa Rica, including S. silvicola, sp. nov. Phytologia33: 447–453
Bala, S. & S. K. Sachdeva1990 Cytological and biochemical study of co-occurring diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid individuals of Setaria verticillata (L.) Beauv. (Poaceae) Phytologia68: 276–292
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Barkley, T. M.1990 New taxa in Senecio from México Phytologia69(3): 138–149
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Barringer, K. A.1986 Reinstatement of the genus Sanango Bunting & Duke (Buddlejaceae) Phytologia59(5): 363–364
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Beauchamp, R. M.1980 Baccharis vanessae, a new species from San Diego County, California Phytologia46: 216–222
Beauchamp, R. M.1980 Baccharis vanessae, a new species from San Diego County, California. Phytologia46: 216–222.
Beauchamp, R. M.1986 Taxonomic rearrangements proposed for a flora of San Diego County, California Phytologia59(1): 437–440
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Becker, K. M.1975 New combinations in Wedelia Jacq. (Asteraceae) Phytologia31(1): 25
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Beetle, A.A.1977 Noteworthy grasses from Mexico IV Phytologia35(3): 221–223
Beetle, A.A.1977 Noteworthy grasses from Mexico V Phytologia37(4): 317–407
Beetle, A.A.1977 Noteworthy grasses from Mexico VI Phytologia38(2): 173–176
Beetle, A.A.1978 Noteworthy grasses from Mexico VI Phytologia38(3): 173–176
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Bridges, E. L. & S. L. Orzell1990 Xyris chapmanii, a new species from the Gulf Coastal Plain of the southern United States Phytologia68(5): 381–389
Bridges, E. L. & S. L. Orzell1992 The rediscovery of Rhynchospora solitaria Harper (Cyperaceae) in Georgia Phytologia72(5): 369–372
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Brown, L. E.1993 The deletion of S. heterolepis (Poaceae) from the Texas and Louisiana floras, and the addition of S. silveanus to the Oklahoma flora Phytologia74: 371–381
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