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Barker, N. P., H. P. Linder & E. H. Harley. 1995. Polyphyly of Arundinoideae (Poaceae): evidence from rbcL sequence data. Syst. Bot. 20(4): 423–435. Decrease font Increase font Restore font
Authors: Barker, Nigel P.
Linder, Hans Peter
Harley, Eric H.
Title Page Year: 1995
Article Title: Polyphyly of Arundinoideae (Poaceae): evidence from rbcL sequence data
Publication: Syst. Bot.view some online JSTOR
Full Title: Systematic Botany
MO Library Title: Systematic Botany
MO Call Number: QK1.S945; EWAN
BPH Number: /S 877.R
Series/dates: v. 1+, 1976+
Collation: 20(4): 423–435
Keywords: gd, Aegilops, Andropogoneae, Aristida, Aristideae, Arundineae, Arundinoideae, Arundo, Avena, Bambusa, Cenchrus, Centotheceae, Centropodia, Chasmanthium, Danthonia, Danthonieae, DNA, Enneapogon, Eragrostideae, Eragrostis, Gynerium, Hordeum, Hyparrhenia, Joinvillea, Karroochloa, Merxmuellera, Moliniopsis, Monachater, Neurachne, Oryza, Pappophoreae, Pennisetum, Phragmites, Plinthanthesis, Poaceae, polphylly, Puccinellia, Rytidosperma, Sorghum, Stipa, Stipagrostis, Stipeae, Thysanolaena, Thysanolaeneae, Tristachya, Triticum, Zea, Zizania
Reference Kind: Journal Article
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