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Asparagaceae Agave angustifolia Haw. Accepted By
Poaceae Agrostis avenacea J.F. Gmel. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Amaioua glomerulata (Lam. ex Poir.) Delprete & C.H. Perss. Accepted By
Asparagaceae Beaucarnea goldmanii Rose Accepted By
Melastomataceae Blakea unguiculata Almeda & Penneys Accepted By
Dennstaedtiaceae Blotiella lindeniana (Hook.) R.M. Tryon Accepted By
Alstroemeriaceae ! Bomarea edulis (Tussac) Herb. Accepted By
Cyperaceae Carex donnell-smithii L.H. Bailey Accepted By
Poaceae ! Chloris barbata Sw. Accepted By
Poaceae Chloris cucullata Bisch. Accepted By
Cyatheaceae Cnemidaria mutica var. contigua (Underw. ex Maxon) Stolze Accepted By
Cyatheaceae Cyathea retanae A. Rojas Accepted By
Cyperaceae ! Cyperus mutisii (Kunth) Andersson Accepted By
Poaceae Danthonia secundiflora J. Presl Accepted By
Poaceae Danthonia secundiflora subsp. secundiflora Accepted By
Rubiaceae ! Diodia teres Walter Accepted By
Athyriaceae Diplazium atirrense (Donn. Sm.) Lellinger Accepted By
Athyriaceae ! Diplazium ceratolepis (Christ) Christ Accepted By
Athyriaceae Diplazium matamense A. Rojas Accepted By
Athyriaceae Diplazium pactile Lellinger Accepted By
Athyriaceae Diplazium sanderi (C. Chr.) L. Pacheco Accepted By
Cyperaceae ! Eleocharis atropurpurea (Retz.) J. Presl & C. Presl Accepted By
Poaceae Guadua Kunth Accepted By
Convolvulaceae ! Ipomoea heptaphylla Sweet Accepted By
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea riparum Standl. & L.O. Williams Accepted By
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea sororia D.F. Austin & Tapia-Muñoz Accepted By
Cyperaceae Isolepis nigricans Kunth Accepted By
Juncaceae !! Juncaceae Juss. Accepted By
Asparagaceae Manfreda scabra (Ortega) McVaugh Accepted By
Rubiaceae Margaritopsis microdon (DC.) C.M. Taylor Accepted By
Melastomataceae Meriania compressicaulis Almeda & Penneys Accepted By
Melastomataceae Miconia aguilarii (Kriebel & Almeda) Gamba & Almeda Accepted By
Melastomataceae ** Miconia aurantiaca (Almeda & Kriebel) Gamba & Almeda Accepted By
Melastomataceae Miconia solearis (Naudin) Gamba & Almeda Accepted By
Cyperaceae ! Oxycaryum cubense (Poepp. & Kunth) Palla Accepted By
Poaceae Panicum hirticaule J. Presl Accepted By
Poaceae ! Panicum polygonatum Schrad. Accepted By
Poaceae Paspalum conjugatum P.J. Bergius Accepted By
Polypodiaceae Pecluma consimilis (Mett.) M.G. Price Accepted By
Polypodiaceae Pecluma ptilotos var. bourgaeana (E. Fourn.) A.R. Sm. Accepted By
Polypodiaceae Pleopeltis tico (A. Rojas) A.R. Sm. Accepted By
Polypodiaceae Polypodium colpodes Kunze Accepted By
Polypodiaceae Polypodium fallax Schltdl. & Cham. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Psychotria lundellii Standl. Accepted By
Rubiaceae ! Psychotria racemosa Rich. Accepted By
Pteridaceae Pteris albertiae Arbeláez Accepted By
Pteridaceae ! Pteris longifolia L. Accepted By
Pteridaceae Pteris longipetiolulata Lellinger Accepted By
Pteridaceae Pteris muricatopedata Arbeláez Accepted By
Cyperaceae ! Rhynchospora polyphylla (Vahl) Vahl Accepted By
Cyperaceae Scleria macrophylla J. Presl & C. Presl Accepted By
Poaceae Setaria sphacelata var. anceps (Stapf) Veldkamp Accepted By
Rubiaceae Spermacoce brownii Rusby Accepted By
Gleicheniaceae Sticherus × subremotus (Jermy & T.G. Walker) J. Gonzales Accepted By
Melastomataceae Tibouchina sericea de Santiago Accepted By
Cyperaceae Torulinium odoratum (L.) S.S. Hooper Accepted By
Poaceae Triplasis purpurea var. caribensis R.W. Pohl Accepted By
Poaceae Urochloa fusca (Sw.) B.F. Hansen & Wunderlin Accepted By
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