Parker III, T. A. & B. Bailey. 1991. A biological assessment of the Alto Madidi region and adjacent areas of Northwest Bolivia. RAP Working Papers 1: 1–108. Decrease font Increase font Restore font
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Menispermaceae Abuta grandifolia (Mart.) Sandwith Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia loretensis J.F. Macbr. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha diversifolia Jacq. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha macrostachya Jacq. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha mapirensis Pax Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha obovata Benth. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acidoton venezolanus (Pax & K. Hoffm.) G.L. Webster Accepted By
Lythraceae Adenaria floribunda Kunth Accepted By
Bignoniaceae ! Adenocalymma impressum (Rusby) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae ! Adenocalymma purpurascens Rusby Accepted By
Bignoniaceae ! Adenocalymma uleanum Kraenzl. Accepted By
Fabaceae Adenopodia polystachya (L.) J.R. Dixon ex Croat Accepted By
Lamiaceae Aegiphila cordata Poepp. ex Schauer Accepted By
Lamiaceae Aegiphila cuneata Moldenke Accepted By
Lamiaceae Aegiphila haughtii Moldenke Accepted By
Lamiaceae ! Aegiphila integrifolia (Jacq.) B.D. Jacks. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Alchornea glandulosa Poepp. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Alchornea triplinervia (Spreng.) Müll. Arg. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Alibertia tutumilla Rusby Accepted By
Arecaceae Allagoptera leucocalyx (Drude) Kuntze Accepted By
Sapindaceae Allophylus divaricatus Radlk. Accepted By
Sapindaceae Allophylus glabratus Radlk. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Alseis reticulata Pilg. & Schmale Accepted By
Rubiaceae Amaioua corymbosa Kunth Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Amburana cearensis (Allemão) A.C. Sm. Accepted By
Ulmaceae Ampelocera edentula Kuhlm. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Amphilophium paniculatum (L.) Kunth Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Anadenanthera colubrina (Vell.) Brenan Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Andira inermis (W. Wright) Kunth ex DC. Accepted By
Poaceae !! Andropogon bicornis L. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) Sandwith Accepted By
Menispermaceae Anomospermum grandifolium Eichler Accepted By
Celastraceae Anthodon decussatum Ruiz & Pav. Accepted By
Araceae Anthurium clavigerum Poepp. Accepted By
Araceae Anthurium croatii Madison Accepted By
Araceae Anthurium ernestii Engl. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Aparisthmium cordatum (A. Juss.) Baill. Accepted By
Malvaceae Apeiba tibourbou Aubl. Accepted By
Acanthaceae Aphelandra aurantiaca (Scheidw.) Lindl. Accepted By
Acanthaceae Aphelandra goodspeedii Standl. & F.A. Barkley Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Apodandra brachybotrya (Müll. Arg.) J.F. Macbr. Accepted By
Burmanniaceae Apteria aphylla (Nutt.) Barnhart ex Small Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Apuleia leiocarpa (Vogel) J.F. Macbr. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea affinis A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea chica (Bonpl.) B. Verl. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea conjugata (Vell.) Mart. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea corallina (Jacq.) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea florida DC. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea patellifera (Schltdl.) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea pearcei (Rusby) K. Schum. ex Urb. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae * Arrabidaea platyphylla (Cham.) Bureau & K. Schum. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea poeppigii (DC.) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea selloi (Spreng.) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea verrucosa (Standl.) A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Poaceae ! Arundinella berteroniana (Schult.) Hitchc. & Chase Accepted By
Apocynaceae ! Aspidosperma marcgravianum Woodson Accepted By
Apocynaceae Aspidosperma tambopatense A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Apocynaceae Aspidosperma vargasii A. DC. Accepted By
Aspleniaceae Asplenium rutaceum (Willd.) Mett. Accepted By
Aspleniaceae Asplenium serratum L. Accepted By
Arecaceae Astrocaryum macrocalyx Burret Accepted By
Anacardiaceae Astronium graveolens Jacq. Accepted By
Asteraceae Ayapana amygdalina (Lam.) R.M. King & H. Rob. Accepted By
Asteraceae Baccharis chilco Kunth Accepted By
Asteraceae ! Baccharis salicifolia (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers. Accepted By
Arecaceae Bactris actinoneura Drude & Trail ex Drude Accepted By
Salicaceae Banara guianensis Aubl. Accepted By
Moraceae Batocarpus amazonicus (Ducke) Fosberg Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Bauhinia glabra Jacq. Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Bauhinia guianensis Aubl. Accepted By
Fabaceae Bauhinia hirsutissima Wunderlin Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Bauhinia tarapotensis Benth. Accepted By
Begoniaceae ! Begonia glabra Aubl. Accepted By
Begoniaceae ! Begonia parviflora Poepp. & Endl. Accepted By
Rubiaceae ! Bertiera guianensis Aubl. Accepted By
Bixaceae Bixa urucurana Willd. Accepted By
Moraceae Brosimum alicastrum Sw. Accepted By
Moraceae ! Brosimum guianense (Aubl.) Huber Accepted By
Orobanchaceae Buchnera juncea Cham. & Schltdl. Accepted By
Burmanniaceae ! Burmannia capitata (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) Mart. Accepted By
Malvaceae ! Byttneria aculeata (Jacq.) Jacq. Accepted By
Malvaceae Byttneria pescapriifolia Britton Accepted By
Meliaceae Cabralea cangerana Saldanha Accepted By
Meliaceae Cabralea canjerana (Vell.) Mart. Accepted By
Marantaceae Calathea capitata (Ruiz & Pav.) Lindl. Accepted By
Marantaceae Calathea crotalifera S. Watson Accepted By
Marantaceae ! Calathea lutea (Aubl.) Schult. Accepted By
Marantaceae ! Calathea micans (L. Mathieu) Körn. Accepted By
Icacinaceae Calatola venezuelana Pittier Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Calliandra angustifolia Spruce ex Benth. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Callichlamys latifolia (Rich.) K. Schum. Accepted By
Calophyllaceae ! Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Calycophyllum acreanum Ducke Accepted By
Rubiaceae Calycophyllum spruceanum (Benth.) Hook. f. ex K. Schum. Accepted By
Myrtaceae Calyptranthes densiflora Poepp. ex O. Berg Accepted By
Commelinaceae ! Campelia zanonia (L.) Kunth Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Caperonia palustris (L.) A. St.-Hil. Accepted By
Rubiaceae Capirona decorticans Spruce Accepted By
Caricaceae Carica microcarpa Jacq. Accepted By
Lecythidaceae Cariniana decandra Ducke Accepted By
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