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Martínez Salas, E. M., M. Sousa Sánchez & C. H. Ramos Álvarez. 2001. Región de Calakmul, Campeche. Listados Floríst. México 22: 1–55. Decrease font Increase font Restore font
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Malvaceae Abutilon permolle (Willd.) Sweet Accepted By
Malvaceae ! Abutilon trisulcatum (Jacq.) Urb. Accepted By
Malvaceae Abutilon umbellatum (L.) Sweet Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Acacia angustissima (Mill.) Kuntze Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia centralis (Britton & Rose) Lundell Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia chiapensis Saff. Accepted By
Fabaceae !! Acacia collinsii Saff. Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia cornigera (L.) Willd. Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd. Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia gaumeri S.F. Blake Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia gentlei Standl. Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia globulifera Saff. Accepted By
Fabaceae Acacia pennatula (Schltdl. & Cham.) Benth. Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Acacia polyphylla DC. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha amentacea subsp. wilkesiana (Müll. Arg.) Fosberg Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha arvensis Poepp. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha diversifolia Jacq. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha leptopoda Müll. Arg. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha polystachya Jacq. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha schlechtendaliana Müll. Arg. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha setosa A. Rich. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha unibracteata Müll. Arg. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae ! Acalypha villosa Jacq. Accepted By
Achatocarpaceae Achatocarpus nigricans Triana Accepted By
Gesneriaceae Achimenes erecta (Lam.) H.P. Fuchs Accepted By
Amaranthaceae Achyranthes aspera L. Accepted By
Asteraceae Acmella filipes (Greenm.) R.K. Jansen Accepted By
Asteraceae Acmella lundellii R.K. Jansen Accepted By
Asteraceae Acmella pilosa R.K. Jansen Accepted By
Arecaceae ! Acoelorraphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. Accepted By
Arecaceae Acrocomia mexicana Karw. ex Mart. Accepted By
Pteridaceae ! Acrostichum aureum L. Accepted By
Pteridaceae ! Acrostichum danaeifolium Langsd. & Fisch. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Adelia barbinervis Schltdl. & Cham. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Adelia oaxacana (Müll. Arg.) Hemsl. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae ! Adenocalymma inundatum Mart. ex DC. Accepted By
Pteridaceae Adiantum latifolium Lam. Accepted By
Pteridaceae ! Adiantum tenerum Sw. Accepted By
Pteridaceae Adiantum tricholepis Fée Accepted By
Pteridaceae ! Adiantum villosum L. Accepted By
Bromeliaceae Aechmea bracteata (Sw.) Griseb. Accepted By
Bromeliaceae Aechmea bromeliifolia (Rudge) Baker Accepted By
Bromeliaceae Aechmea tillandsioides (Mart. ex Schult. & Schult. f.) Baker Accepted By
Lamiaceae Aegiphila monstrosa Moldenke Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Aeschynomene americana L. Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Aeschynomene americana var. flabellata Rudd Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Aeschynomene fascicularis Schltdl. & Cham. Accepted By
Asparagaceae Agave angustifolia Haw. Accepted By
Asteraceae ! Ageratum gaumeri B.L. Rob. Accepted By
Opiliaceae Agonandra macrocarpa L.O. Williams Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Albizia niopoides (Spruce ex Benth.) Burkart Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Albizia tomentosa (Micheli) Standl. Accepted By
Asteraceae ! Aldama dentata La Llave Accepted By
Rubiaceae Alibertia edulis (Rich.) A. Rich. ex DC. Accepted By
Sapindaceae Allophylus cominia (L.) Sw. Accepted By
Sapindaceae Allophylus psilospermus Radlk. Accepted By
Malvaceae ! Allosidastrum pyramidatum (Desp. ex Cav.) Krapov., Fryxell & D.M. Bates Accepted By
Rubiaceae Alseis yucatanensis Standl. Accepted By
Amaranthaceae Alternanthera flavescens Kunth Accepted By
Picramniaceae Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm. Accepted By
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus australis (A. Gray) J.D. Sauer Accepted By
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus berlandieri (Moq.) Uline & W.L. Bray Accepted By
Amaranthaceae ! Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell. Accepted By
Ulmaceae Ampelocera hottlei (Standl.) Standl. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Amphilophium paniculatum (L.) Kunth Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Amphilophium paniculatum var. molle (Schltdl. & Cham.) Standl. Accepted By
Rutaceae Amyris balsamifera L. Accepted By
Rutaceae Amyris elemifera L. Accepted By
Anacardiaceae Anacardium occidentale L. Accepted By
Poaceae Andropogon glomeratus (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. Accepted By
Anemiaceae Anemia adiantifolia (L.) Sw. Accepted By
Plantaginaceae Angelonia ciliaris B.L. Rob. Accepted By
Convolvulaceae * Aniseia cernua Choisy Accepted By
Convolvulaceae Aniseia martinicensis (Jacq.) Choisy Accepted By
Annonaceae ! Annona muricata L. Accepted By
Annonaceae Annona primigenia Standl. & Steyerm. Accepted By
Annonaceae ! Annona reticulata L. Accepted By
Annonaceae ! Annona squamosa L. Accepted By
Malvaceae Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. Accepted By
Araceae ! Anthurium gracile (Rudge) Schott Accepted By
Araceae Anthurium schlechtendalii Kunth Accepted By
Polygonaceae Antigonon leptopus Hook. & Arn. Accepted By
Acanthaceae Aphelandra scabra (Vahl) Sm. Accepted By
Fabaceae ! Apoplanesia paniculata C. Presl Accepted By
Primulaceae Ardisia densiflora Krug & Urb. Accepted By
Primulaceae Ardisia escallonioides Schltdl. & Cham. Accepted By
Primulaceae ! Ardisia revoluta Kunth Accepted By
Papaveraceae Argemone mexicana L. Accepted By
Euphorbiaceae Argythamnia guatemalensis Müll. Arg. Accepted By
Poaceae Aristida ternipes Cav. Accepted By
Aristolochiaceae ! Aristolochia maxima Jacq. Accepted By
Aristolochiaceae ! Aristolochia pentandra Jacq. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea costaricensis (Kraenzl.) A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea floribunda (Kunth) Loes. Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea patellifera (Schltdl.) Sandwith Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea podopogon (DC.) A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Bignoniaceae Arrabidaea pubescens (L.) A.H. Gentry Accepted By
Moraceae Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg Accepted By
Rubiaceae Asemnantha pubescens Hook. f. Accepted By
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