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Buck, W. R. 1987. Taxonomic and nomenclatural rearrangements in the Hookeriales with notes on West Indian taxa. Brittonia 39: 210–224. Decrease font Increase font Restore font
Authors: Buck, W. R.
Title Page Year: 1987
Article Title: Taxonomic and nomenclatural rearrangements in the Hookeriales with notes on West Indian taxa
Publication: BrittoniaJSTOR view 1-current issue
Full Title: Brittonia
World List Short Title: Brittonia. New York.
World List Title: Brittonia
World List Publisher: New York, USA
MO Library Title: Brittonia
MO Call Number: QK1.B762; EWAN
BPH Number: 230.01
Series/dates: v. 1+, 1931/35+
Collation: 39: 210–224
Keywords: 138, bryophyte, Achrohypnella, Adelotheciaceae, Brymela, Chaetomitriopsis, Curviramea, Dimorphocladon, Elharveya, Harveya, Pulvinella, Sauloma, Thamniopsis, Trachyxiphium, Vesiculariopsis
Printing Note: [Adelotheciaceae fam. nov., Brymela acuminata (Mitt.) comb. nov., B. callicostellödes (Herz. & Thér.) comb. nov., B. cuspidata (Jaeg.) comb. nov., B. fissidentoïdes (Hook. f. & Wils.) comb. nov., B. fluminensis (Hampe) comb. nov., B. obtusifolia (Bartr.) comb. nov., B. parkeriana (Hook. & Grev.) comb. nov., B. rugulosa (Mitt.) comb. nov., B. websteri (Crum & Bartr.) comb. nov., Calytrochaeta albescens (Hampe) comb. nov., C. setigera (Mitt.) comb. nov., Cyclodictyon subtortifolium (Bartr.) comb. nov., Isopterygium plumicaule (C. Müll.) comb. nov., Schizomitrium belangerianum (Besch.) comb. nov., S. cirrhosum (Hampe) comb. nov., S. subsecundum (Mitt.) comb. nov., Thamniopsis cheilonera (C. Müll. ex Broth.) comb. nov., T. cruegeriana (C. Müll.) comb. nov., T. diffusa (Wils.) comb. nov., T. incurva (Hornsch.) comb. nov., T. langsdorfii (Hook.) comb. nov., T. pappeana (Hampe) comb. nov., T. purpureophylla (C. Müll. ex Britt.) comb. nov., T. secunda (Griffith) comb. nov., T. sinuata (Mitt.) comb. nov., T. terrestris (Mitt.) comb. nov., T. undata (Hedw.) comb. nov., T. utacamundiana (Mont.) comb. nov., Trachyxiphium gen. nov., T. aduncum (Mitt.) comb. nov., T. guadelupense (Brid.) comb. nov., T. heteroïcum (C. Müll.) comb. nov., T. hypnaceum (C. Müll.) comb. nov., T. pernutans (C. Müll.) comb. nov., T. subfalcatum (Hampe) comb. nov., T. tenue (Mitt.) comb. nov., T. vagum (Mitt.) comb. nov., T. variable (Mitt.) comb. nov.]
Reference Kind: Journal Article
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