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Frahm, J. P. 1991. Dicranaceae: Campylopodioideae, Paraleucobryoideae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 54. 238 pp. Decrease font Increase font Restore font
Authors: Frahm, J.-P.
Title Page Year: 1991
Article Title: Dicranaceae: Campylopodioideae, Paraleucobryoideae
Publication: Fl. Neotrop. Monogr.JSTOR
Full Title: Flora Neotropica, Monograph
MO Library Title: Flora Neotropica
MO Call Number: UN-CAT-SEP'ED: QK205.F58
BPH Number: /S 332.L
Publisher: Organization for Flora Neotropica by The New York Botanical Garden
City: New York
Series/dates: 1967+
Collation: 54. 238 pp
Keywords: 0, bryophyte, Atractylocarpus, Brothera, Bryohumbertia, Campylopodiella, Campylopodioideae, Campylopodium, Campylopus, Dicranaceae, Dicranodontium, Microcampylopus, MRC, Paraleucobryoideae, Paraleucobryum, Pilopogon, Spaerothecium
Printing Note: Eleven genera and 87 species treated; ~Bryohumbertia filifolia~ var. ~longifolia~ (Bartr.) supfl. comb., ~Campylopus arctocarpus~ var. ~caldensis~ (Ångstr.) comb. & stat. nov., ~C. fragilis~ ssp. ~fragiliformis~ (Frahm) comb. nov., ~C. griseus~ ssp. ~ingeniensis~ (Williams) comb. nov., ~C. huallagensis~ var. ~weberbaueri~ (Broth.) comb. & stat. nov., and ~Pilopogon guadeloupensis~ (Brid.) comb. nov. (P. gracilis syn. nov.)
Reference Kind: Journal Article
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