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Authors: Morrone, Osvaldo N.
Soreng, Robert John
Davidse, Gerrit
Filgueiras, Tarciso S.
Judziewicz, Emmet Joseph
Peterson, Paul M.
Zuloaga, Fernando Omar
Title Page Year: 2003
Article Title: Classification of New World Poaceae. In Catalogue of New World Grasses (Poaceae): II. Subfamily Chloridoideae; III. Subfamilies Panicoideae, Aristoideae, Arundinoideae, and Danthonioideae; IV. Subfamily Pooideae
Publication: Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb.View in BotanicusView in Biodiversity Heritage Library
Full Title: Contributions from the United States National Herbarium
MO Library Title: Contributions from the United States National Herbarium
MO Call Number: QK1.U6755
BPH Number: 331.05
Series/dates: v. 1+, 1890+
Succeeded By: Smithsonian Contr. Bot.
Collation: 39, 41, 46, 48:
Keywords: Aciachninae, Aegilopinae, Aegilopineae, Agropyrinae, Agrostidea, Agrostideae, Agrostidinae, Agrostidoideae, Airinae, Airopsideae, Alopecureae, Alopecurinae, Ammochloinae, Ampelodesminae, Amplodesmeae, Andropogoneae, Andropogoninae, Andropogonoideae, Anomochloaceae, Anthephoreae, Anthephorinae, Anthistiinae, Anthoxantheae, Anthoxanthinae, Anthoxanthoideae, Apludastrae, Apludinae, Apocopidinae, Aristaveninae, Aristideae, Aristidoideae, Arthropogoneae, Arthropogoninae, Arundinaceae, Arundinarieae, Arundineae, Arundinelleae, Arundinellinae, Arundininae, Arundinoideae, Athraxoninae, Avenaceae, Aveneae, Aveninae, Avenoideae, Bambusaceae, Bambuseae, Beckmannieae, Beckmanniinae, Boivinelleae, Bothriochloinae, Boutelouinae, Brachiariinae, Brachyelytreae, Brachyelytrinae, Brachypodieae, Brachypodiinae, Brizinae, Bromea, Bromeaceae, Bromeae, Brominae, Calamagrostideae, Calamagrostidinae, Cenchrinae, Centhostecoideae, Centotheceae, Centothecinae, Centothecoideae, Chamagrostideae, Chlorideae, Chloridoideae, Cinneae, classification, Clinelyminae, CNWG, Coiceae, Coicinae, Coleanthinae, Cortaderieae, Cortaderiinae, Corynephorinae, Cynodonteae, Cynosureae, Cynosurinae, Cynosuroideae, Cyphochlaeneae, Dactylodinae, Danthonieae, Danthoniinae, Danthonioideae, Davidse, Deschampsinae, Diarrheneae, Diarrheninae, Digitarieae, Digitariinae, Dupontieae, Duthieinae, Echinariinae, Echinarioideae, Eleusininae, Elyminae, Eragrostideae, Eragrostoideae, Eriachneae, Erianthinae, Euchlaeneae, Eufestuceae, Eulaliinae, Eutriticinae, Festuceae, Festucinae, Festucoideae, Filgueiras, Foenodorinae, Frumenteae, Garnotieae, Garnotiinae, Gaudinieae, Germainiinae, Glycerieae, Glyceriinae, Glycerioideae, Gramineae, Gramininae, Graphephoreae, Gynerieae, Hainardieae, Henrardiinae, Hilariinae, Holceae, Holcinae, Hordeaceae, Hordeeae, Hordeinae, Hordeoideae, Horseinae, Imperateae, Isachneae, Isachninae, Ischaeminae, Ischaemininae, Judziewicz, Lecomtelleae, Lecomtellinae, Loliaceae, Lolieae, Loliinae, Maydeae, Maydinae, Melicaceae, Meliceae, Melicinae, Melinae, Melinideae, Melinidinae, Micraireae, Micrairoideae, Miliaceae, Milieae, Miliinae, Miscanthinae, Molinieae, Moliniinae, Monathochloinae, Morrone, Muhlenbergiinae, Munroinae, Nardeae, Nardinae, Neurachneae, Olyreae, Ophiureae, Orcuttieae, Orcuttiinae, Ortachinae, Oryzeae, Otachyriinae, Paniceae, Panicinae, Panicoideae, Pappophoreae, Pappophoroideae, Parapholiinae, Parianaceae, Paspaleae, Paspalinae, Pennisetinae, Peterson, Phalareae, Phalarideae, Phalaridinae, Phalaridoideae, Phalariinae, Pharaceae, Phleeae, Phleinae, Pholiurinae, Phragmiteae, Poaceae, Poanae, Poatae, Poeae, Poinae, Poodae, Pooideae, Pseudoraphidinae, Psilureae, Psilurinae, Puccinelliinae, Puelioideae, Ratzeburgiinae, Reimarochloinae, Roegneriinae, Rottboelleae, Rottboellieae, Rottboelliinae, Rottboellioideae, Sacchareae, Saccharinae, Saccharoideae, Scolochloeae, Scolochloinae, Scribneriinae, Secaleinae, Secaloideae, Seslerieae, Sesleriinae, Setariinae, Snowdeniinae, Sorgha, Sorghinae, Spinificeae, Sporobolinae, Steyermarkochloeae, Stipacea, Stipaceae, Stipeae, Stipinae, Stipodae, Stipoideae, Streptochaetaceae, Streptogyneae, subfamilies, subtribes, Thuareinae, Thysanolaeneae, Torreyochloinae, Trachideae, Trachidinae, tribes, Trichopteryginae, Tripsaceae, Tripsacinae, Triraphideae, Triseteae, Tristeginae, Tristegineae, Tristegininae, Tristeginoideae, Triticeae, Triticinae, Triticodae, Uniolinae, Uranthoeciinae, Ventenatinae, Vilfaceae, Vilfeae, Vilfinae, Vossiastriae, Zeaceae, Zeeae, Zeinae, Zeugitinae, Zoysiinae, Zuloaga
Printing Note: Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 39 (2000), 41 (2001), 46 (2003), 48 (2003), and updates on-line
Reference Kind: Journal Article
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