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Current Determination
Anacardium occidentale L. Family: Anacardiaceae Determined By: J.D. Mitchell, 1985
Collection Information
Collectors Charles F. Baker
Collector Team Charles F. Baker
Collection Number 65
Collection Date June 18, 1908
Location Brazil, Pará
Keywords CAPP
Herbaria MO
Description Inclined to be a rather low broadly spreading tree, though sometimes tall. Most of the fruits are small and poor, but occasionally trees are encountered bearing fruits of very large size and fine flavor. There is also very variation in the size and quality of the nuts. Only carefully selected seed should be used for planting.
Locality Collected in the Botanic Garden of the Museu Goeldi. This is the Cajuiero of the Brazilians, the Cashew of Jamaica, and the Maranon of Cuba.
Barcodes/Accession Numbers
InstitutionBarcodeAccessionObject KindObject Subkind 
MO MO-1271960 1915246 sheet

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