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Current Determination
Anacardium occidentale L. Family: Anacardiaceae Determined By: John D. Mitchell 1984
Collection Information
Collectors Benedito V. Rabelo
Collector Team Benedito V. Rabelo
Collection Number 2383
Collection Date 27 Sep 1983
Location Brazil, Amapá
Keywords CAPP1109579
Herbaria MO
Description Tree, 6 m x 25 cm. Bark rough, inner bark light pink, exuding drops of resin. Calyx green, corolla lobes white with pink honey guides, later turning almost entirely pink, lower half of inside of petals green, ovary and lower part of style green, upper part of style white. Photos.
Locality Road from Macapá to Porto Grande, 37 km N of Macapá.
Barcodes/Accession Numbers
InstitutionBarcodeAccessionObject KindObject Subkind 
MO MO-1741835 5931593 sheet

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