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 CollectorColl NoScientific NameCountryDateFamily
Gregg, Josiah 251 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico14 July 1848Nyctaginaceae
Parada, Germaine Alexander 5255 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia29 January 2013Nyctaginaceae
Fortunato, Renée Hersilla 1429 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Argentina18/11/1990Nyctaginaceae
Nelson, Cyril Hardy 9755 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Honduras10 Jun 1986Nyctaginaceae
Crane, Cathy J. 540 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Belize11 Apr 1983Nyctaginaceae
Dunn, David Baxter 19138 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico1 Sept 1972Nyctaginaceae
Téllez Valdés, Oswaldo 11087 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico08 Oct 1987Nyctaginaceae
Tyson, Edwin L. 2019 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama31 October 1965Nyctaginaceae
Stern, William Louis 352 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama31 May 1959Nyctaginaceae
Greenman, Jesse More 5042 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama12 January 1922Nyctaginaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 4865 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama31 March 1969Nyctaginaceae
Felger, Richard Stephen 85-1119 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico09 October 1985Nyctaginaceae
Linares, José L. 2694 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.El Salvador28 Apr 1995Nyctaginaceae
Rodríguez González, Alexánder 2339 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Costa Rica30 Jun 1997Nyctaginaceae
Flores Franco, Gabriel 2579 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico17 Mar 1991Nyctaginaceae
Flores Franco, Gabriel 3041 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico6 Oct 1993Nyctaginaceae
Martínez Salas, Esteban Manuel 12893 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Honduras9 Jun 1985Nyctaginaceae
Molina Rosito, Antonio 34326 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Honduras05 January 1990Nyctaginaceae
Anthony, A. W. 356 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.MexicoMarch 1897 - June 1897Nyctaginaceae
Jones, Marcus Eugene 27479 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico14 September 1930Nyctaginaceae
Moore, A. David 1909 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua7 Jan. 1969Nyctaginaceae
Brant, Alan E. 4060 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.United States16 September 1998Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 1878 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico2 Sept 1973Nyctaginaceae
Torke, Kenneth J. 328 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico2 Aug 1975Nyctaginaceae
Rollins, Reed Clark 74154 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico10 Oct 1974Nyctaginaceae
Chiang Cabrera, Fernando 711 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico19 May 1979Nyctaginaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 33133 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico20 Sept 1986Nyctaginaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 63554 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Guatemala25 Jan 1987Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 8624 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua20 mayo 1981Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 8600 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua20 mayo 1981Nyctaginaceae
Araquistain, Mauricio 132 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua23 agosto 1979Nyctaginaceae
Mejía, Milcíades Manuel 8437 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.CaribbeanSeptember 23, 1980Nyctaginaceae
Grijalva P., Alfredo 2794 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua16 Julio 1983Nyctaginaceae
Arroyo Padilla, Luzmila (Chiqui) 5190 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia03 March 2011Nyctaginaceae
Morales, Juan Francisco 4610 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Costa Rica18 June 1995Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 5559 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador17-18 May 1973Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 4055 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Argentina10 December 1978Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 2980 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua5 August 1977Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 6249 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua4 February 1978Nyctaginaceae
De la Barra, Nelly 282 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Bolivia23 Marzo 1996Nyctaginaceae
Chiang Cabrera, Fernando 9675 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico3 Oct. 1972Nyctaginaceae
Taylor, Charlotte M. 11395 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Argentina22 March 1994Nyctaginaceae
Vaughn, James 647 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico17 July 1978Nyctaginaceae
Gregg, Josiah 181 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico24 June 1848Nyctaginaceae
Palmer, Edward 595 Allionia incarnata L.MexicoApr 1896 - Nov 1896Nyctaginaceae
Palmer, Edward 81 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico1898Nyctaginaceae
Wiggins, Ira Loren 132 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico28 August 1941Nyctaginaceae
Wynd, Frederick Lyle 189 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico19 Jun 1936Nyctaginaceae
Wiggins, Ira Loren 5309 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico13 April 1931Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 18473 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua18 November 1980Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 8443 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia10 October 1982Nyctaginaceae
Téllez Valdés, Oswaldo 10515 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico20 Jun 1987Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 18712 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia29 julio 1988Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 4 Bougainvillea glabra ? ChoisyNicaragua27 abr. 1980Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 6003 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia10 August 1981Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 161 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua26 January 1969Nyctaginaceae
Cerón Martínez, Carlos Eduardo 20382 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Ecuador26 Septiembre 1992Nyctaginaceae
Nichols, Charles E. 1059 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua23 Dec. 1968Nyctaginaceae
Cerón Martínez, Carlos Eduardo 15639 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Ecuador9 Julio 1991Nyctaginaceae
Cerón Martínez, Carlos Eduardo 18738 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Ecuador17 Abril 1992Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 17971 Bougainvillea praecox Griseb.Bolivia9 marzo 1988Nyctaginaceae
Lott, Emily J. 3562 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico13 May 1991Nyctaginaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 14128 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico22 June 1977Nyctaginaceae
Weaver, Richard E. 2050 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico4 July 1969Nyctaginaceae
Dunn, David Baxter 22670 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico8 April 1977Nyctaginaceae
Taylor, Raymond John Jr. 7340 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico29 Dec 1970Nyctaginaceae
Case, Pan 132 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico21 July 1979Nyctaginaceae
Wislizenus, Friedrich (Frederick) Adolph 114 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico20 Aug 1846Nyctaginaceae
Long, Robert William 3208 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico25 March 1970Nyctaginaceae
Tenorio L., Pedro 16369 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico23 Sept 1989Nyctaginaceae
Ventura, E. 4928 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico21 Nov 1987Nyctaginaceae
Flores Franco, Gabriel 2149 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico1 Aug 1990Nyctaginaceae
Flores Franco, Gabriel 1275 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico23 Sept 1989Nyctaginaceae
Ramírez R., Rolando 1075 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico7 Sept 1991Nyctaginaceae
Torres Colín, Rafael 6205 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico25 Sept 1984Nyctaginaceae
Long, Robert William 3302 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico26 March 1970Nyctaginaceae
Martínez Calderón, Guadalupe 1294 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico20 Feb 1967Nyctaginaceae
Campos de la Cruz, José 3254 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Peru6 Enero 1997Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 8506 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Bolivia19-20 October 1982Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 9062A Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua3 junio 1981Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 2342 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua4 septiembre 1980Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 4480 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua9 noviembre 1980Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 2280 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua4 septiembre 1980Nyctaginaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 4364 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua7 noviembre 1980Nyctaginaceae
Parada, Germaine Alexander 5428 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia04 February 2013Nyctaginaceae
Alvarez, Aída 306 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador30 Apr 1992Nyctaginaceae
Rohweder, Otto 3659 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.El Salvador24 Jul 1950Nyctaginaceae
Johnston, Marshall Conring 11756 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico27 July 1973Nyctaginaceae
Ramírez, F. FR823 Allionia incarnata L.Guatemala09 jul 2003Nyctaginaceae
Castellanos, Alejandro 179 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico25 marzo 1978Nyctaginaceae
Neill, David A. 8435 Colignonia ovalifolia HeimerlEcuador22 May 1988Nyctaginaceae
Smith, David Nelson 4328 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru16 Jul 1983Nyctaginaceae
Smith, David Nelson 4337 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru21 Jul 1983Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 17335 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia11 noviembre 1987Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 60993 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru1 February 1988Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 10475 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Bolivia5 May 1983Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 13082 Colignonia weberbaueri HeimerlBolivia19 January 1985Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 61012 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru1 February 1988Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 12357 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia16 September 1984Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 10724 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia27 August 1983Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 14261 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia28 September 1985Nyctaginaceae
Jørgensen, Peter Møller 518 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador22 April 1994Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 11674 Colignonia parviflora (Kunth) ChoisyBolivia8 March 1984Nyctaginaceae
Øllgaard, Benjamin 8715 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador11 Aug 1976Nyctaginaceae
Balslev, Henrik 10322 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador25 Oct 1976Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 3469 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador15 Apr 1973Nyctaginaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 11091 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador15 Aug 1989Nyctaginaceae
Øllgaard, Benjamin 57825 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador21-22 Feb 1985Nyctaginaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 9088 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador26 Apr 1987Nyctaginaceae
Madsen, Jens Elgaard 74068 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador22-23 Apr 1984Nyctaginaceae
Øllgaard, Benjamin 74128 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador13-14 May 1988Nyctaginaceae
Øllgaard, Benjamin 74194 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador04 May 1988Nyctaginaceae
Ellemann, Lis 75374 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador17-18 Nov 1988Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 1162 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador01 Jul 1968Nyctaginaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 11633 Allionia aff. puberula Phil.Bolivia5 March 1984Nyctaginaceae
Palacios Cuenca, Walter Armando 6308 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador16 Oct 1990Nyctaginaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 28482A Bougainvillea glabra ChoisyMadagascar15 January 1975Nyctaginaceae
Lewis, Marko Alexander 37519 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Bolivia5 September 1990Nyctaginaceae
Lewis, Marko Alexander 39250 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia17 July 1991Nyctaginaceae
Lewis, Marko Alexander 881044 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeBolivia11 August 1988Nyctaginaceae
García, R. 40 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Caribbean30 June 1984Nyctaginaceae
Cuamacás, S. Bibiana (Viviana) 167 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador12 Jul 1992Nyctaginaceae
Lyonnet, Ernest 1566 Allionia incarnata L.MexicoJuly 1937Nyctaginaceae
Breedlove, Dennis E. 60908 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico24 March 1984Nyctaginaceae
Novara, Lázaro Juan 11246 Allionia incarnata L.Argentina18/03/1999Nyctaginaceae
Cóbar, Ana José AC388 Allionia incarnata L.Guatemala08 julio 2003Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 19952 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico23 November 1989Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 20783 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico17 October 1990Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 23182 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico11 September 1993Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 25655 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico03 October 1995Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 25680 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico24 October 1995Nyctaginaceae
Cruz-Espinosa, Cutberto Angel 548 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico27 octubre 2001Nyctaginaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 54939 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia26 March 2007Nyctaginaceae
Staedler, Y. M. YS07-26 Allionia incarnata L.Argentina05 February 2007Nyctaginaceae
Rico Arce, María de Lourdes ("Lulú") 1269b Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia07 February 2003Nyctaginaceae
Parada, Germaine Alexander 2966 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia25 January 2011Nyctaginaceae
Arroyo Padilla, Luzmila (Chiqui) 5203 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia03 March 2011Nyctaginaceae
Duke, James A. 5709 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama25 Sep 1962Nyctaginaceae
Votava, Frank Victor 130 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.CaribbeanFeb 1971Nyctaginaceae
Abbott, John Richard 16658 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Bolivia23 Apr 1995Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 17715 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua29 June 1980Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 26510 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Nicaragua25 Sept 2001Nyctaginaceae
Villacorta M., Raul 2297 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.El Salvador10 Oct 1995Nyctaginaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 1014 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.PanamaJuly 1961Nyctaginaceae
Schmalzel, Robert J. 487 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama20 Mar 1982Nyctaginaceae
Castrejón Reyna, Javier F. 550 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico18 Nov 1999Nyctaginaceae
Bang, Miguel 928 Allionia incarnata L.Bolivia1891Nyctaginaceae
Breedlove, Dennis E. 62393 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico08 March 1985Nyctaginaceae
Brant, Alan E. 3999 Allionia incarnata L.United States13 September 1998Nyctaginaceae
Frye, Theodore Christian 2298 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico08 April 1939Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 23543 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico09 October 1993Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 23618 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico16 October 1993Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 28374 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico04 September 2005Nyctaginaceae
Løjtnant, Bernt 13945 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzeEcuador28 May 1979Nyctaginaceae
Madsen, Jens Elgaard 63764 Bougainvillea glabra ChoisyEcuador03 Jul 1987Nyctaginaceae
Balslev, Henrik 2046 Colignonia ovalifolia HeimerlEcuador03 Oct 1981Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 2588 Boerhavia viscosa Lag. & Rodr.Ecuador28 Mar 1973Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 2453 Boerhavia viscosa Lag. & Rodr.Ecuador22 Mar 1973Nyctaginaceae
Løjtnant, Bernt 13734 Colignonia ovalifolia HeimerlEcuador26 Apr 1979Nyctaginaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 2184 Boerhavia viscosa Lag. & Rodr.Ecuador19 Mar 1973Nyctaginaceae
Løjtnant, Bernt 13898 Colignonia ovalifolia HeimerlEcuador28 May 1979Nyctaginaceae
Løjtnant, Bernt 13218 Colignonia ovalifolia HeimerlEcuador13 May 1979Nyctaginaceae
Stein, Bruce Alan 2065 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru2 Feb 1985Nyctaginaceae
Stein, Bruce Alan 2708 Colignonia scandens Benth.Ecuador10 May 1985Nyctaginaceae
Núñez Vargas, Percy 10460 Bougainvillea graciliflora HeimerlPeru20 May 1989Nyctaginaceae
Brant, Alan E. 3973 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.United States12 September 1998Nyctaginaceae
Hunter, Abel Aken 786 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Panama27 February 1935Nyctaginaceae
Magaña A., M. A. 2134 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Mexico5 Jun 1979Nyctaginaceae
Harmon, William Edward 5677 Boerhavia coccinea Mill.Guatemala16 Jun 1971Nyctaginaceae
Sagástegui Alva, Abundio 10438 Allionia incarnata L.Peru20 Febrero 1983Nyctaginaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 5088 Allionia incarnata L.United States24 May 1990Nyctaginaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 25198 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico26 Aug 1988Nyctaginaceae
Schmidt, Heidi Helga 2613 Allionia incarnata L.United States13 April 1998Nyctaginaceae
Gregg, Josiah 484b Allionia incarnata L.Mexico20 September 1848Nyctaginaceae
Gregg, Josiah 484a Allionia incarnata L.Mexico20 September 1848Nyctaginaceae
Gregg, Josiah 466 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico20 September 1848Nyctaginaceae
Epling, Carl Clawson s.n. Allionia incarnata L.Mexico21 February 1933Nyctaginaceae
Smith, David Nelson 6183 Bougainvillea peruviana Bonpl.Peru24 Feb 1984Nyctaginaceae
Smith, David Nelson 6010 Colignonia rufopilosa KuntzePeru17 Feb 1984Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 51807 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Argentina25 Sep 1985Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 51733 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Argentina22 Sep 1985Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 58186 Bougainvillea pachyphylla Heimerl ex Standl.Peru8 June 1987Nyctaginaceae
Lewis, Marko Alexander 88838 Bougainvillea pachyphylla Heimerl ex Standl.Bolivia16 June 1988Nyctaginaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 11112 Bougainvillea glabra ChoisyEcuador12 September 1981Nyctaginaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 10598 Boerhavia viscosa Lag. & Rodr.Ecuador8 May 1981Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 30678 Boerhavia viscosa Lag. & Rodr.Ecuador24 January 1981Nyctaginaceae
Vargas Caballero, Israel G. 111 Bougainvillea stipitata Griseb.Bolivia8 Febrero 1989Nyctaginaceae
Rubio, Daniel 2058 Bougainvillea glabra vel sp. aff. ChoisyEcuador20 Aug 1991Nyctaginaceae
Rubio, Daniel 2056 Bougainvillea pachyphylla Heimerl ex Standl.Ecuador20 Aug 1991Nyctaginaceae
Hahn, William (Bill) James 1678 Bougainvillea infesta Griseb.Paraguay18 August 1983Nyctaginaceae
Hahn, William (Bill) James 1385 Bougainvillea campanulata HeimerlParaguay4 June 1983Nyctaginaceae
Stein, Bruce Alan 3486 Colignonia ovalifolia vel sp. aff. HeimerlColombia15 Feb. 1986Nyctaginaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 75389 Bougainvillea praecox Griseb.Bolivia29 October 1991Nyctaginaceae
Sagástegui Alva, Abundio 9289 Colignonia acutifolia (Heimerl) HeimerlPeru18 Mayo 1979Nyctaginaceae
Sagástegui Alva, Abundio 9135 Colignonia acutifolia (Heimerl) HeimerlPeru22 Mayo 1978Nyctaginaceae
Sagástegui Alva, Abundio 8818 Colignonia scandens Benth.Peru12 Mayo 1977Nyctaginaceae
Griffiths, David 6898 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico20 August 1904 - 21 August 1904Nyctaginaceae
Fortunato, Renée Hersilla 5566 Allionia incarnata L.Argentina20/01/1997Nyctaginaceae
Ramírez, F. FR806 Allionia incarnata L.Guatemala7 Jul 2003Nyctaginaceae
Hinton, George Sebastian 28510 Allionia incarnata L.Mexico01 October 2006Nyctaginaceae
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