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 CollectorColl NoScientific NameCountryDateFamily
Bradford, Jason Christopher 950 Acer negundo L.United StatesJune 2000Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 26580 Acer negundo L.United States27 July 2014Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 4240 Acer negundo L.United States4 June 2004Sapindaceae
Bradford, Jason Christopher 961 Acer rubrum L.United StatesJune 2000Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39892 Acer rubrum L.United States2009Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 56357 Acer negundo L.United States06 June 2009Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 528 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States9 June 1973Sapindaceae
Klinger, Mary 148 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States1 August 1996Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 1614 Acer pensylvanicum L.United States10 May 1976Sapindaceae
Proctor, George Richardson 25206 Acer skutchii RehderGuatemala21 Jul 1964Sapindaceae
Bradford, Jason Christopher 952 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited StatesJune 2000Sapindaceae
Klinger, Mary 104 Acer campestre L.United States18 July 1996Sapindaceae
Klinger, Mary 91 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States16 July 1996Sapindaceae
Klinger, Mary 90 Acer campestre L.United States16 July 1996Sapindaceae
Klinger, Mary 72 Acer campestre L.United States11 July 1996Sapindaceae
Carver, George Washington s.n. 1895 Acer nigrum F. Michx.United States1895Sapindaceae
Edwards, Mary Taylor 362 Acer saccharum MarshallMexico26 Jun 1937Sapindaceae
PAMMEL, * 8 Acer nigrum F. Michx.United States12 April 1895Sapindaceae
Gattinger, Augustin s.n. Acer nigrum F. Michx.United StatesApril-JulySapindaceae
Ball, Carleton Roy 328 Acer nigrum F. Michx.United States01 May 1897Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 906 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States25 June 1974Sapindaceae
Delannay, Xavier 1741 Acer platanoides L.Belgium25 Apr 1976Sapindaceae
Delannay, Xavier 1742 Acer campestre L.BelgiumApr 1976Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 38079 Acer saccharinum L.United States10 Jun 2008Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 38039 Acer saccharinum L.United States20 Mar 2008Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 38062 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States25 Apr 2008Sapindaceae
Merello, Mary C. 1137 Acer saccharinum L.United States19 May 1995Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 760 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States5 June 1974Sapindaceae
Schmidt, Heidi Helga 1522 Acer pensylvanicum L.United States27 July 1994Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 7476 Acer macrophyllum PurshUnited States9 May 1992Sapindaceae
Zhu, Guang Hua 1090 Acer saccharinum L.United States13 May 1992Sapindaceae
BOYLE, * 430 Acer glabrum var. douglasii (Hook.) DippelCanada22 July 1991Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1014 Acer platanoides L.Netherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 28061 Acer pensylvanicum L.United States2 August 1992Sapindaceae
Merello, Mary C. 690 Acer glabrum var. torreyi (Greene) SmileyUnited States22 June 1993Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 1545 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States29 April 1984Sapindaceae
Crosby, Matthew T. 43 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States18 August 1989Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 4943 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States3 May 1990Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 27795 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States30 April 1989Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 225 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States21 September 1994Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 8246 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States28 June 1994Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 26925 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States06 April 1986Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 1782 Acer davidii Franch.Republic of Georgia21 June 1999Sapindaceae
Summers, James ["Bill"] W. 4136 Acer saccharinum L.United States08 April 1991Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 1780 Acer oblongum Wall. ex DC.Republic of Georgia21 June 1999Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 15436 Acer saccharinum L.Bolivia23 July 1986Sapindaceae
Taylor, Mary Susan (Sue) 5962 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States23 July 1989Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 4926 Acer saccharinum L.United States1 May 1990Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 20058 Acer pensylvanicum L.United States26 August 1994Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 432 Acer saccharinum L.United States26 March 1973Sapindaceae
Haefner, Rebecca A. 1848 Acer rubrum L.United States09 September 1979Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 15838 Acer negundo L.United States15 August 2011Sapindaceae
Tiehm, Arnold J. 15752 Acer negundo L.United States30 April 2009Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 60139 Acer negundo L.United States11 June 2013Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 37627 Acer negundo L.United States7 Sep 1998Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 1907 Acer negundo L.United States16 May 1976Sapindaceae
Redfearn Jr., Paul Leslie 30973 Acer saccharinum L.United States11 April 1976Sapindaceae
Weber, Wallace Rudolph 264 Acer saccharinum L.United States12 October 1995Sapindaceae
Weber, Wallace Rudolph 104 Acer saccharinum L.United States19 August 1995Sapindaceae
Cavender, Kathy 122 Acer saccharinum L.United States18 July 1983Sapindaceae
Davis, John (Rev.) 643 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States24 August 1911Sapindaceae
Bornstein, Allan Jay 428 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States25 April 1995Sapindaceae
Davis, John (Rev.) 622 Acer saccharinum L.United States21 August 1911Sapindaceae
Freeman, Craig C. 21990 Acer rubrum L.United States14 October 2006Sapindaceae
Rhodes, Donald Gene 102 Acer rubrum L.United States10 March 1953Sapindaceae
Roth, Peggy R. s.n. Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States05 May 1962Sapindaceae
Roth, Peggy R. s.n. Acer rubrum L.United States05 May 1962Sapindaceae
Becker, Cindy Elizabeth 1564 Acer rubrum L.United States09 August 2005Sapindaceae
Gust, Gregory 868 Acer rubrum L.United States18 August 2005Sapindaceae
García Franco, J. G. 563 Acer negundo L.Mexico25 Mar 1983Sapindaceae
Roth, Peggy R. s.n. Acer saccharinum L.United States05 May 1962Sapindaceae
Tadych, Baadi V. OA-10 Acer negundo L.United States20 April 2008Sapindaceae
Tadych, Baadi V. OA-11 Acer negundo L.United States20 April 2008Sapindaceae
Rhodes, Donald Gene 102 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States13 April 1954Sapindaceae
Rhodes, Donald Gene 102 Acer saccharinum L.United States10 March 1954Sapindaceae
Sheraga, M. 35 Acer saccharinum L.United States23 April 1964Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 61274 Acer negundo L.United States15 June 2014Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 17880 Acer negundo L.United States04 August 2012Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 14350 Acer negundo L.United States21 September 2010Sapindaceae
Bush, Benjamin Franklin 6614 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States20 April 1912Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 1616 Acer spicatum Lam.United States10 May 1976Sapindaceae
Snow, Neil Wilton 6064 Acer rubrum L.United States25 August 1994Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 1852 Acer rubrum L.United States14 May 1976Sapindaceae
Hicks, D. 42 Acer rubrum L.United States18 sep 1969Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 60547 Acer negundo L.United States08 October 2013Sapindaceae
Becker, Cindy Elizabeth 1407 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States11 July 2005Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39858 Acer rubrum L.United States14 March 2009Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39856 Acer rubrum L.United States11 March 2009Sapindaceae
Freeman, Craig C. 22013 Acer saccharinum L.United States14 October 2006Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39841 Acer rubrum L.United States08 March 2009Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39840 Acer saccharinum L.United States01 March 2009Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39859 Acer saccharinum L.United States14 March 2009Sapindaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 39839 Acer rubrum L.United States19 November 2008Sapindaceae
Galloway, Jennifer G. JGRKBT6/4/97-10 Acer rubrum L.United States04 JUN 1997Sapindaceae
ELKINS, * 47 Acer negundo L.United States20 mar 1974Sapindaceae
Feltz, Eric J. 59 Acer negundo L.United States18 April 2009Sapindaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 1797 Acer negundo L.United States08 April 2010Sapindaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 1928 Acer negundo L.United States21 October 2010Sapindaceae
Villarreal-Quintanilla, José Angel 8738 Acer grandidentatum Nutt.Mexico18 Sept 1999Sapindaceae
Fishbein, Mark E. 732 Acer grandidentatum Nutt.Mexico9 Oct 1992Sapindaceae
Sharp, Aaron John (Jack) 4693 Acer saccharum MarshallGuatemala8 Feb 1946Sapindaceae
Meyer, Karen M. 1312 Acer negundo L.United States10 July 2012Sapindaceae
Meyer, Karen M. 1343 Acer negundo L.United States11 July 2012Sapindaceae
Applequist, Wendy Linn 329 Acer negundo L.United States15 May 2013Sapindaceae
Mohn, Rebekah 5-26-13-5 Acer negundo L.United States26 May 2013Sapindaceae
Feltz, Eric J. 154 Acer negundo L.United States08 August 2014Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 17718 Acer negundo L.United States15 July 2012Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 17855 Acer negundo L.United States29 July 2012Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 1658 Acer spicatum Lam.United States11 May 1976Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 3992 Acer spicatum Lam.United States25 August 2003Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 1808 Acer ginnala Maxim.Republic of Georgia22 June 1999Sapindaceae
Smith, Timothy Eugene 4230 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States02 May 2006Sapindaceae
Farrington, Susan J. 12-18 Acer ginnala Maxim.United States10 October 2012Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 8570 Acer ginnala Maxim.United States08 May 1996Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 12974 Dipteronia sinensis Oliv.United States01 July 1999Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 25769 Acer saccharinum L.United States03 October 2010Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 25793 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States03 October 2010Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 4033 Acer nigrum F. Michx.United States16 August 1992Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 2723 Acer rubrum L.United States26 June 1992Sapindaceae
OWENS, * 801 Acer rubrum L.United States15 sep 1969Sapindaceae
OWENS, * 720 Acer negundo L.United States22 sep 1969Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 14783 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States13 April 1919Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 1689 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States11 April 1909Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 29999 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States08 May 1926Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 32991 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States08 October 1927Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 4151 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States06 September 1913Sapindaceae
CETA 193 Acer negundo L.United States22 June 1978Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 19899 Acer rubrum L.United States01 March 2005Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 19208 Acer rubrum L.United States12 September 2004Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 59349 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States14 July 2012Sapindaceae
Anderson, Loran Crittenden 26986 Acer rubrum L.United States17 April 2013Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 59284 Acer saccharinum L.United States10 July 2012Sapindaceae
Holmberg, Nels J. 1219 Acer negundo L.United States23 April 2005Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 59352 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States14 July 2012Sapindaceae
Longbottom, Wayne D. 13117 Acer rubrum L.United States15 April 2010Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 60343 Acer saccharinum L.United States11 August 2013Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 25783 Acer negundo L.United States03 October 2010Sapindaceae
Zhu, Guang Hua 1211 Acer negundo var. texanum PaxUnited States23 August 1992Sapindaceae
Sherman, Chris D. 62 Acer campestre Boiss.United States23 August 1991Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 114 Acer campestre Boiss.United States15 June 1994Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 990 Acer carpinifolium Siebold & Zucc.Netherlands22 June 1993Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 115 Acer tataricum L.United States15 June 1994Sapindaceae
Sherman, Chris D. 66 Acer tataricum L.United States26 August 1991Sapindaceae
Sherman, Chris D. 37 Acer tataricum L.United States20 August 1991Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1004 Acer griseum (Franch.) PaxNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 143 Acer palmatum Thunb.United States14 July 1994Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1005 Acer opalus var. obtusatum (Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd.) HenryNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Merello, Mary C. 1005 Acer capillipes Maxim.United States29 April 1994Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 145 Acer griseum (Franch.) PaxUnited States14 July 1994Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1007 Acer cissifolium (Siebold & Zucc.) K. KochNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 177 Acer griseum (Franch.) PaxUnited States28 July 1994Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1008 Acer triflorum Kom.Netherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1009 Acer stachyophyllum HiernNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1010 Acer maximowiczianum Miq.Netherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Snow, Neil Wilton 5991 Acer negundo var. interius (Britton) Sarg.United States26 April 1994Sapindaceae
Merello, Mary C. 526 Acer barbatum Michx.United States22 November 1992Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1011 Acer cappadocicum subsp. lobelii (Ten.) P. C. de JongNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Zaenker, W. 39 Acer tataricum L.United States11 May 1994Sapindaceae
Jongkind, Carel Christiaan Hugo 1012 Acer pectinatum subsp. forrestii (Diels) A.E. MurrayNetherlands28 June 1993Sapindaceae
Dietrich, Chris H. 80 Acer japonicum Thunb.United States21 October 1994Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 5808 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States31 May 1914Sapindaceae
Palmer, Ernest Jesse 6300 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States18 July 1914Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 1388 Acer negundo L.United States09 April 1992Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 1893 Acer negundo L.United States19 April 1992Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 3020 Acer negundo L.United States11 July 1992Sapindaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 61132 Acer negundo L.United States07 June 2014Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 10012 Acer negundo L.United States02 March 1997Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 13384 Acer negundo L.United States28 March 2000Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 20609 Acer negundo L.United States06 September 2005Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 18795 Acer negundo L.United States23 March 2004Sapindaceae
Stone, John Richard 1488 Acer spicatum Lam.United States15 August 1998Sapindaceae
Abbott, John Richard 2388 Acer ginnala Maxim.United States03 June 1992Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 2563 Acer negundo L.United States1 August 1986Sapindaceae
Ochs, Clifford 224 Acer negundo L.United States20 August 1992Sapindaceae
Ochs, Clifford 38 Acer negundo L.United States17 April 1992Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 5423 Acer negundo L.United States8 May 1976Sapindaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 11185 Acer saccharinum L.United States28 June 1936Sapindaceae
Zhu, Guang Hua 1083 Acer negundo L.United States13 May 1992Sapindaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 11830 Acer saccharinum L.United States16 July 1936Sapindaceae
Ochs, Clifford 72 Acer negundo L.United States7 May 1992Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 8200 Acer negundo L.Bolivia10 September 1982Sapindaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 24825 Acer negundo L. var. negundo United States17 August 1937Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 27629 Acer negundo L.United States9 April 1988Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 12797 Acer negundo L.Bolivia16 November 1984Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 27630 Acer negundo L.United States9 April 1988Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 4925 Acer negundo L.United States1 May 1990Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 438 Acer negundo L.United States9 April 1973Sapindaceae
Stein, Bruce Alan 1922 Acer negundo L.United States15 August 1984Sapindaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 442 Acer negundo L.United States11 April 1973Sapindaceae
Raven, Peter Hamilton 27087 Acer negundo L.United States14 June 1986Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 5481 Acer negundo L.United States30 August 1990Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 2006 Acer negundo L.United States6 April 1985Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 7970 Acer negundo L.United States10 April 1993Sapindaceae
Snow, Neil Wilton 6415 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States30 May 1995Sapindaceae
Ohba, Hideaki 86613 Acer negundo L.United States1 June 1986Sapindaceae
Schmidt, Heidi Helga 889 Acer circinatum PurshUnited States2 July 1993Sapindaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 6713 Acer glabrum Torr.United States14 August 1991Sapindaceae
Hodges, Dale W. 187 Acer saccharum MarshallUnited States19 April 1963Sapindaceae
Sherman, Chris D. 353 Acer platanoides L.United States13 May 1993Sapindaceae
Taylor, Mary Susan (Sue) 4271a Acer glabrum var. torreyi (Greene) SmileyUnited States10 September 1981Sapindaceae
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