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 CollectorColl NoScientific NameCountryDateFamily
Grández Rios, Cesár A. 416 Acrostichum aureum L.Peru11 mayo 1985Pteridaceae
FRONTIER-TANZANIA 253 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania Pteridaceae
Grayum, Michael Howard 5910 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica21 August 1985Pteridaceae
Doumenge, Charles 298 Acrostichum aureum L.Cameroon27 February 1987Pteridaceae
Thomas, Duncan W. 2354 Acrostichum aureum L.Cameroon22 July 1983Pteridaceae
Dibata, J. J. 1038 Acrostichum aureum L.Gabon20 August 1992Pteridaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 12303 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua24 octubre 1981Pteridaceae
Jiménez Madrigal, Quírico 1654 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica20 September 1994Pteridaceae
Carrasquilla, Luis G. 359 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica13 Aug 1973Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 7819 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua21 Apr. 1978Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 4759 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua31 Julio 1996Pteridaceae
Rahajasoa, Grâce Monique 366 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar29 Avril 1994Pteridaceae
Randrianaivo, Richard 368 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar6 Mars 1999Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 19142 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua1 March 1981Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 19931 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua4 April 1981 - 6 April 1981Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 20637 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua28 September 1981Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 20666 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua29 September 1981Pteridaceae
Rodríguez González, Alexánder 182 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica29 july 1994Pteridaceae
Barrett, Bruce 217 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua9 July 1991Pteridaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 6057 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama19 Sep 1972Pteridaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 8370 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize20 Jun 1973Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 16865 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua16 Febrero 2002Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 16908 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua9 Marzo 2002Pteridaceae
Vincelli, Paul C. 667 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua17 June 1978Pteridaceae
Antonio, Thomas M. 4244 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama20 Apr 1980Pteridaceae
Kayombo, Canisius J. 4799 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania22 November 2003Pteridaceae
Shattuck, Otis E. 332 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama31 Oct 1931Pteridaceae
Peterson, Paul M. 6651 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama5 Feb 1989Pteridaceae
D'Arcy, William Gerald 9358 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama4 Nov 1975Pteridaceae
Nelson, Cyril Hardy 4595 Acrostichum aureum L.Honduras13 Mar 1978 - 20 Mar 1978Pteridaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 7503 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama20 Oct 1973Pteridaceae
Starry, D. E. 267 Acrostichum aureum L.PanamaJul 1931Pteridaceae
Novelo Retano, Alejandro 1995 Acrostichum aureum L.Mexico6/2/1998Pteridaceae
Novelo Retano, Alejandro 2343a Acrostichum aureum L.Mexico23/3/1998Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 17759 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua13 Octubre 2004Pteridaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 114286 Acrostichum aureum L.Venezuela6 Oct 1977Pteridaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 108388 Acrostichum aureum L.Venezuela17 Sep 1973Pteridaceae
BETANCUR, * 1963 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia18 September 1990Pteridaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 116764 Acrostichum aureum L.Venezuela24 Mar 1978Pteridaceae
BETANCUR, * 1963 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia18 Sepbre 1990Pteridaceae
Steyermark, Julian Alfred 108388 Acrostichum aureum L.Venezuela17 Septiembre 1973Pteridaceae
Harley, Raymond Mervyn 17563 Acrostichum aureum L.Brazil31 March 1974Pteridaceae
Gómez, Angela 439 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia6 Enero 1992Pteridaceae
Harley, Raymond Mervyn 17208 Acrostichum aureum L.Brazil20 March 1974Pteridaceae
Callejas Posada, Ricardo 9780 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia19 Diciembre 1990Pteridaceae
Hollowell, T.H. 302 Acrostichum aureum L.Guyana30 Apr 2000Pteridaceae
Gómez P., Luis Diego 6761 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua1976Pteridaceae
Shimek, Bohumil s.n. Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua25 Mar 1893 - 1 Apr 1893Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 27210 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua13 June 2008Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL11032 Acrostichum aureum L.Vietnam08 April 2007Pteridaceae
Arvigo, Rosita 352 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize26 March 1990Pteridaceae
Mwangoka, Moses A. 5818 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania09 July 2008Pteridaceae
Rakotonirina, Nivohenintsoa 745 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar23 January 2012Pteridaceae
Razakamalala, Richardson 6853 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar04 August 2012Pteridaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 14566 Acrostichum aureum L.Ecuador28/7/1984Pteridaceae
Hoffman, B. 734 Acrostichum aureum L.Guyana19 January 1992Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 18050 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua29 Junio 2005 - 30 Junio 2005Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 9799 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama20 Apr 1970Pteridaceae
Bartlett, Harley Harris 16318 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama25 Jun 1940 - 29 Aug 1940Pteridaceae
Spellman, David (Dave) L. 2299 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize4 Jul 1972Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 16503 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama28 Jul 1971Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 8213 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama27 Feb 1969Pteridaceae
Porter, Duncan MacNair 4980 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama1 Apr 1969Pteridaceae
von Wedel, Hans 1053 Acrostichum aureum L.PanamaOct. 7 1940Pteridaceae
Téllez Valdés, Oswaldo 10502 Acrostichum aureum L.Mexico20 Jun 1987Pteridaceae
McDaniel, Sidney T. 5149 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama22 Aug 1964Pteridaceae
Cornman, M. Alice 701 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama27 Jan 1918Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 5288 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama01 May 1968Pteridaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 7195 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama29 Nov 1966Pteridaceae
Kibure, O. A. 1091 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania24 August 2003Pteridaceae
Liesner, Ronald Lee 1919 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica9 February 1974Pteridaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 17811 Acrostichum aureum L.Brazil3 Apr 1980Pteridaceae
Gómez, * 835 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia30 Diciembre 1992Pteridaceae
Hamblett, R. Bruce 672 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua14 Dec. 1968Pteridaceae
Neill, David A. 11434 Acrostichum aureum L.Ecuador28 August 1998Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 8298 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama28 Feb 1969Pteridaceae
Nelson, Cyril Hardy 2082 Acrostichum aureum L.Honduras10 Apr 1974 - 13 Apr 1974Pteridaceae
Cabrera Cano, Edgar Francisco 6865 Acrostichum aureum L.Mexico28 Jul 1984Pteridaceae
Liesner, Ronald Lee 3044 Acrostichum aureum L.Costa Rica7 July 1977Pteridaceae
Saunders, Janice G. 227 Acrostichum aureum L.Honduras7 May 1980Pteridaceae
Cowan, Clark P. 3193 Acrostichum aureum L.Mexico9 Sep1980Pteridaceae
Ugent, Donald 97 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize8 Sep 1970Pteridaceae
Martínez Salas, Esteban Manuel 1615 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua18 Aug 1982Pteridaceae
Rueda, Ricardo M. 1688 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua3 Julio 1994Pteridaceae
FRONTIER-TANZANIA 1465 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania Pteridaceae
Espina Z., Josefina 2471 Acrostichum aureum L.Colombia15 abril 1989Pteridaceae
Herrera, Heraclio 575 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama22 noviembre 1989Pteridaceae
de Nevers, Gregory Clark 4623 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama25 January 1985Pteridaceae
Mejía, Milcíades Manuel 6280 Acrostichum aureum L.Caribbean14 May 1980Pteridaceae
Zanoni, Thomas A. 21115 Acrostichum aureum L.Caribbean29 June 1982Pteridaceae
Mejía, Milcíades Manuel 6160 Acrostichum aureum L.Caribbean06 May 1980Pteridaceae
Mejía, Milcíades Manuel 6529 Acrostichum aureum L.Caribbean28 May 1980Pteridaceae
Rajaonary, Fano A 174 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar28 September 2013Pteridaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 664 Acrostichum aureum L.United States11 January 2007Pteridaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 5933 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam12 October 2000Pteridaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HAL905 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam10 April 2001Pteridaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HAL1075 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam17 April 2001Pteridaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 7679 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam26 Nov 2002Pteridaceae
Wu, * WP-1676 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam19 Nov 2006Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HLF6711 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam18 March 2007Pteridaceae
Trai, Ngo Van HLF7109 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam27 March 2007Pteridaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HLF7216 Adiantum caudatum s. lat. L.Vietnam19 March 2008Pteridaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HLF4013 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam21 March 2004Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL12335 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam06 February 2009Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH1524 Adiantum flabellulatum L.Vietnam12 November 1995Pteridaceae
Wu, * WP-1581 Adiantum flabellulatum L.Vietnam12 Nov 2006Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HLF6910 Adiantum flabellulatum L.Vietnam22 March 2007Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL10999 Adiantum flabellulatum L.Vietnam07 April 2007Pteridaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 5310 Adiantum pedatum L.United States19 June 1990Pteridaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 40936 Adiantum pedatum L.United States14 August 2013Pteridaceae
Crow, Garrett E. 7436 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Costa Rica21 October 1989Pteridaceae
Birkinshaw, Christopher Robert 155 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar28 August 1992Pteridaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 2654 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Ecuador30 Mar-02 Apr 1973Pteridaceae
Knapp, Sandra Diane 4393 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Panama21 March 1982Pteridaceae
Fassett, Norman Carter 29162 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.El Salvador5 Nov 1953Pteridaceae
Vargas N., Ernesto 422 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Honduras24 Jan 1976 - 31 Jan 1976Pteridaceae
Hill, Steven Richard 17743 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Costa Rica12 Jan 1987Pteridaceae
Rojas Alvarado, Alexander Francisco 1504 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Costa Rica2 Mar 1994Pteridaceae
Atwood Jr., John T. 1593 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua04 January 1969Pteridaceae
Rasolohery, A. 319 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar18 fevrier 2001Pteridaceae
Novelo Retano, Alejandro 4234 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Mexico26-11-2001Pteridaceae
Atwood Jr., John T. 5319B Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua29 March 1971Pteridaceae
Rosales, José Manuel JMR01921 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.El Salvador21 Jan 2004Pteridaceae
Gómez P., Luis Diego 6766 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua1976Pteridaceae
Vargas, Orlando 1731 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Costa Rica2/14/2007Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 27604 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua8 January 2009Pteridaceae
Razanatsoa, Jacqueline 495 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar21 June 2010Pteridaceae
Razanatsoa, Hélène 757 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar20 June 2010Pteridaceae
Lôc, Phan Kê HLF4706 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Vietnam07 April 2004Pteridaceae
Manjato, Nadiah Vololomboahangy 266 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar25 septembre 2010Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 30184 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua29 November 2010Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 30188 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua29 November 2010Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 30783 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua28 December 2010Pteridaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 30863 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua30 December 2010Pteridaceae
Monterrosa Salomón, Jorge Alberto 1428 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.El Salvador21 junio 2007Pteridaceae
Ibarra, Ricardo s.n (6184) Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.El Salvador16 noviembre 2008Pteridaceae
Zanoni, Thomas A. 32017 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Caribbean06 November 1984Pteridaceae
Razakamalala, Richardson 7519 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar21 April 2013Pteridaceae
Yatskievych, George Alfred 02-38 Cheilanthes chusana Hook.China08 June 2002Pteridaceae
Zhang, Li-bing 333 Cheilanthes chusana Hook.China09 September 2007Pteridaceae
Zhang, Li-bing 517 Cheilanthes chusana Hook.China17 September 2007Pteridaceae
Conrad, Melvin L. 6852 Cryptogramma crispa (L.) R. Br. ex Hook.United States29 MAY 1973Pteridaceae
Chuang, Ching-Chang 724 Cryptogramma crispa (L.) R. Br. ex Hook.Canada19 JUL 1973Pteridaceae
Li, Heng 8485 Onychium japonicum (Thunb.) KunzeChina4 Sep 1997Pteridaceae
Mwasumbi, Leonard B. 12900 Pellaea glabella var. glabella United States22 June 1985Pteridaceae
Brant, Alan E. 2383 Pellaea glabella var. glabella United States14 June 1993Pteridaceae
Brant, Alan E. 2394 Pellaea glabella var. glabella United States17 June 1993Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2364 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia13 July 1989Pteridaceae
Núñez Vargas, Percy 8762 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru1-3 enero 1988Pteridaceae
O'Kane, Steve Lawrence 3374 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkMexico3 March 1989Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 17511 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru3 July 1972Pteridaceae
Ortíz, Felicito 1987 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkNicaragua30 junio 1984Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2662A Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkEcuador09-19 Dec 1990Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2272 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia7 July 1989Pteridaceae
la Croix, Isobyl Florence 4958 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkCongo (Brazzaville)28 November 1990Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2275 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia7 July 1989Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2276 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia7 July 1989Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2812 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia25 July 1990Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 19847 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru29 August 1972Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2068 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia20 June 1989Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 21007 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru03 October 1972Pteridaceae
Lewis, Marko Alexander 37194 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia14 April 1990Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 3049 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia19 Aug 1990Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2629 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia5 July 1990Pteridaceae
Fay, Alice D. A. 2630 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkBolivia5 July 1990Pteridaceae
Lewis, Walter Hepworth 9914A Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru3 Dec. 1985Pteridaceae
Lewis, Walter Hepworth 12786 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru15 March 1987Pteridaceae
Lewis, Walter Hepworth 12158 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru21 November 1986 - 27 November 1986Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 63229 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkMexico18 Jan 1987Pteridaceae
Pipoly, John J. 14953 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru14 March 1991Pteridaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 28820 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkPeru20 July 1980Pteridaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 18883 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkEcuador13 Aug 1979Pteridaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 19713 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkEcuador20 Aug 1979Pteridaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 13 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkEcuador16 May 1968Pteridaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 21920 Pityrogramma calomelanos (L.) LinkEcuador18 Mar 1980Pteridaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 14276 Onychium japonicum (Thunb.) KunzeVietnam8 April 1997Pteridaceae
Schmidt, Heidi Helga 2901 Cryptogramma stelleri (S.G. Gmel.) PrantlRepublic of Georgia24 August 1998Pteridaceae
Rakotondrainibe, France 6193 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar13 November 2000Pteridaceae
Stévart, Tariq 4469 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Gabon09 May 2012Pteridaceae
Rakotonirina, Nivohenintsoa 548 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Madagascar19 June 2010Pteridaceae
Grijalva, Armando 5196 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua20 Nov 1986Pteridaceae
Nichols, Charles E. 1719 Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.Nicaragua4 Jan. 1969Pteridaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 17128 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam4 July 2002Pteridaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HAL294 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam29 March 2001Pteridaceae
Lôc, Phan Kê CBL1615 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam21 April 1999Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH4894 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam25 May 1997Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH1537 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam12 November 1995Pteridaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. CBL669 Adiantum caudatum L.Vietnam26 November 1998Pteridaceae
Li, Heng 8510 Adiantum capillus-junonis Rupr.China5 Sep 1997Pteridaceae
Nusbaumer, Louis Paul Gustave Alvin 2532 Acrostichum aureum L.Madagascar23 novembre 2007Pteridaceae
Fakih, S. A. 55 Acrostichum aureum L.Tanzania29/08/1997Pteridaceae
Lévy, Paul 15 Acrostichum aureum L.Nicaragua1 June 1869 - 30 June 1869Pteridaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 10423 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama9 Mar 1974Pteridaceae
Hunter, Abel Aken 475 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama10 Feb 1935Pteridaceae
Wiley, J. R. 184 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize9 Aug 1970Pteridaceae
Puleston, Dennis E. 7652 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize28 Dec 1976Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 36891 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama7 Jul 1976Pteridaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 512 Acrostichum aureum L.Belize22 Mar 1967Pteridaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 16907 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama19 August 1971Pteridaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 10888 Acrostichum aureum L.Panama27 Mar 1974Pteridaceae
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