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 CollectorColl NoScientific NameCountryDateFamily
Ventura V., E. 966 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Mexico17 January 1985Bignoniaceae
Sandoval, Eliberto A. 1177 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.El Salvador14 April 1993Bignoniaceae
Morales Quirós, Juan Francisco 4178 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica13 May 1995Bignoniaceae
Tyson, Edwin L. 6884 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama4 Oct 1972Bignoniaceae
Carrasquilla, Luis G. 225 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama20 Jul 1972Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1617 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama31 Aug 1971Bignoniaceae
Lewis, Walter Hepworth 2247 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama08 June 1967Bignoniaceae
D'Arcy, William Gerald 5107 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama5 Feb 1971Bignoniaceae
Nee, Michael Harley 7085 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama21 Sep 1973Bignoniaceae
Vergara, Doris 128 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Panama10 Oct 1975Bignoniaceae
Sandoval, Eliberto A. MS-00381 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.El Salvador11 Mar 1997Bignoniaceae
Hammel, Barry Edward 13208 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica17 July 1982Bignoniaceae
Smith, Damon A. 548 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica11 November 1981Bignoniaceae
Jacobs, Brian 3285 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica6 June 1985Bignoniaceae
Wilbur, Robert Lynch 28267 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica6 December 1979Bignoniaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 308 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.United States19 October 2005Bignoniaceae
Folsom, James P. 9952 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica1 May 1981Bignoniaceae
Aguilar Fernández, Reinaldo Alexis de Jesús RA008743 Anemopaegma orbiculatum (Jacq.) DC.Costa Rica5/10/2004Bignoniaceae
Esteves, Gerleni Lopes CFCR 13385 Anemopaegma album Mart.Brazil5/9/1990Bignoniaceae
Ganev, Wilson 3102 Anemopaegma album Mart.Brazil22. IV 94Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 61228 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPeru5 February 1988Bignoniaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 26031 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuadorSept 5 1980Bignoniaceae
Stein, Bruce Alan 3098 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador26 Jun 1985Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 53844 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia31 March 1986Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 40714 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia24 Feb 1983Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 72445 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador20 Jan 1991Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 57034 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia17 April 1987Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 73022 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador02 Feb 1991Bignoniaceae
Barbosa, César E. 6509 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia8 mayo 1990Bignoniaceae
Espina Z., Josefina 2711 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia19 abril 1989Bignoniaceae
Silverstone-Sopkin, Philip Arthur 5934 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia12 de febrero de 1990Bignoniaceae
Silverstone-Sopkin, Philip Arthur 6088 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia27 de enero de 1991Bignoniaceae
Duke, James A. 9651 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia1/2/1967Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 17483 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia10 August 1976Bignoniaceae
Játiva, Carlos D. 2108 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuadorAug 1967Bignoniaceae
Duke, James A. 11524 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia24 May 1967Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 7273 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia8 January 1973Bignoniaceae
Løjtnant, Bernt 15288 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador27 June 1979Bignoniaceae
Calzada, Juan Ismael 612 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico20 Oct 1971Bignoniaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 39412 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico26 June 1977Bignoniaceae
Dorantes López, Jesús D-3222 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico15 junio 1974Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 32300 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico24 May 1981Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 32571 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico2 June 1981Bignoniaceae
Gómez Pompa, Arturo 5113 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico27/7/1973Bignoniaceae
Hernández Magaña, Rafael 692 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico9/6/1970Bignoniaceae
Matuda, Eizi 5623 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico29/5/1945Bignoniaceae
Matuda, Eizi 17926 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico2 Jun 1948Bignoniaceae
Martínez Calderón, Guadalupe 3114 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico28/7/1970Bignoniaceae
Neill, David A. 2364 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandNicaragua13 Aug 1977Bignoniaceae
Allen, Paul Hamilton 2831 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama12 Nov 1941Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 4907 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama3 Apr 1972Bignoniaceae
Sytsma, Kenneth J. 3741 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama12 Mar 1981Bignoniaceae
Dwyer, John Duncan 9374 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama30 Dec 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 6964 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama29 December 1972Bignoniaceae
Sermeño, A. 23 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEl Salvador10/12/1989Bignoniaceae
Silverstone-Sopkin, Philip Arthur 6228 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia6/8/1991Bignoniaceae
MacDougall, Thomas Baillie s.n. Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico14 March 1953Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 7395 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama10 May 1973Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 14042 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama31 Jan 1975Bignoniaceae
Sytsma, Kenneth J. 2568 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama13 December 1980Bignoniaceae
Correa A., Mireya D. 2040 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama18 mayo 1976Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 13805 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama22 January 1975Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 6315 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama1 Oct 1972Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 731B Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama7 Apr 1971Bignoniaceae
Duke, James A. 4936 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama30 Jun 1962Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 32358 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico27 May 1981Bignoniaceae
Ibarra Manríquez, Guillermo 135 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico31 mayo 1982Bignoniaceae
Ibarra Manríquez, Guillermo 496 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico27 March 1983Bignoniaceae
Ibarra Manríquez, Guillermo 1028 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico14 Nov 1983Bignoniaceae
Whitson, Margaret Kathryn 113 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandCosta Rica16 June 1995Bignoniaceae
Breedlove, Dennis E. 50766 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico07 April 1981Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 35356 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia5 December 1981Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 42729 Anemopaegma floridum Mart. ex DC.Peru7 July 1983Bignoniaceae
Callejas Posada, Ricardo 5779 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia21 Nov 1987Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 65684 Anemopaegma floridum Mart. ex DC.Peru12 Feb 1989Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 2199 Anemopaegma floridum Mart. ex DC.Peru16 julio 1981Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 49686 Anemopaegma floridum Mart. ex DC.Brazil18 Jan 1985Bignoniaceae
Gentle, Percy H. 7322 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandBelize9 May 1951Bignoniaceae
Breedlove, Dennis E. 34868 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico08 May 1973Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 19665 Anemopaegma floridum Mart. ex DC.Peru23 April 1977Bignoniaceae
Breedlove, Dennis E. 24684 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico19 April 1972Bignoniaceae
Boege, L. Wolfgang 1261 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico23/5/1969Bignoniaceae
Beaman, John Homer 5144 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico20/10/1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 69108 Anemopaegma cf. ionanthum A.H. GentryBrazil15 Jan 1990Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 57115 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Colombia25 April 1987Bignoniaceae
Zardini, Elsa Matilde 16552 Anemopaegma flavum MorongParaguay18 November 1989Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 78006 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithBolivia8 July 1992Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 51573 Anemopaegma flavum MorongPeru29 July 1985Bignoniaceae
Araquistain, Mauricio 3333 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithNicaragua1 diciembre 1982Bignoniaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 12421 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithNicaragua25 octubre 1981Bignoniaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 12446 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithNicaragua25 octubre 1981Bignoniaceae
Zardini, Elsa Matilde 16717 Anemopaegma flavum MorongParaguay18 November 1989Bignoniaceae
Brandbyge, John S. 30515 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithEcuador13 Apr 1980Bignoniaceae
Brandbyge, John S. 30600 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithEcuador08 May 1980Bignoniaceae
Balslev, Henrik 84782 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithEcuador02 Apr 1989Bignoniaceae
Balslev, Henrik 97172 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithEcuador11 Mar-13 May 1990Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 40612 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithColombia23 Feb 1983Bignoniaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 23359 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithNicaragua25 febrero 1984Bignoniaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 24001 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica25 Jan 1986Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 72343 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaEcuador17 January 1991Bignoniaceae
Moreno, Pedro Pablo 12905 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithNicaragua12 noviembre 1981Bignoniaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 25018 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica18 March 1987Bignoniaceae
Stevens, Warren Douglas 24761 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica13 March 1987Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 50350 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Brazil18 Feb 1985Bignoniaceae
Davidse, Gerrit 29744 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaMexico14 November 1984Bignoniaceae
Huashikat, Victor 852 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru10 Octubre 1979Bignoniaceae
Grayum, Michael Howard 8996 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica12 November 1988Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 43795 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru29 Aug 1983Bignoniaceae
Liesner, Ronald Lee 17149 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuela3 April 1984Bignoniaceae
Hammel, Barry Edward 16617 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryCosta Rica31 March 1988Bignoniaceae
Harling, Gunnar Wilhelm 1722 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador28 Aug 1947Bignoniaceae
Timaná, Martín E. 3174 Anemopaegma flavum MorongPeru13 noviembre 1991Bignoniaceae
Liesner, Ronald Lee 22875 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuela7 November 1987Bignoniaceae
Revilla Cardenas, Juan 2222 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru22 Enero 1977Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 30798 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador25 January 1981Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 7448 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru20 abril 1986Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 65054 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithColombia24 Jan 1989Bignoniaceae
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz Broder 21452 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithEcuador20 Feb 1980Bignoniaceae
Robles González, Rafael de Jesús Ramón 2624 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica8 February 1989Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 3664 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru21 Dic 1982Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 10052 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru14 nov. 1987Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 12965 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru20 Oct. 1989Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 8482 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru8 diciembre 1986Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 16169 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru18 abril 1991Bignoniaceae
Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo 2752 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru30 diciembre 1981Bignoniaceae
Aguilar Fernández, Reinaldo Alexis de Jesús 347 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryCosta Rica5 September 1991Bignoniaceae
Ayala Flores, Franklin 3016 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru17 dic 1980Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 78514 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica5 January 1993Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 15730 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru08 January 1976Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 18337 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru15 March 1977Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 18503 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru20 March 1977Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 78793 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryCosta Rica13 January 1993Bignoniaceae
Ayala Flores, Franklin 3729 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru5 Agosto 1982Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 12288 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador31 October 1974Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 40989 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryColombia5 March 1983Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 10218 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador27 February 1974Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 43205 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPeru16 July 1983Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 60834 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Colombia20 January 1988Bignoniaceae
Chávez, Carlos 572 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaCosta Rica14 July 1991Bignoniaceae
Neill, David A. 5461 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaMexico3 Mar. 1983Bignoniaceae
Pipoly, John J., III 14766 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru12 March 1991Bignoniaceae
Revilla Cardenas, Juan 3659 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru1977Bignoniaceae
Revilla Cardenas, Juan 3643 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru1977Bignoniaceae
Revilla Cardenas, Juan 3678 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru1977Bignoniaceae
D'Arcy, William Gerald 16119 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPanama23 Mar 1985Bignoniaceae
Robles González, Rafael de Jesús Ramón 1387 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica29 November 1987Bignoniaceae
Robles González, Rafael de Jesús Ramón 1390 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica29 November 1987Bignoniaceae
Croat, Thomas Bernard 19661 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru24 August 1972Bignoniaceae
de Nevers, Gregory Clark 5239 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryPanama07 April 1985Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 21812 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Ecuador14 May 1978Bignoniaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 9199 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador9 Oct 1979Bignoniaceae
de Nevers, Gregory Clark 4197 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaPanama06 November 1984Bignoniaceae
de Nevers, Gregory Clark 6547 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithPanama18 December 1985Bignoniaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 11873 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador14 October 1981Bignoniaceae
Delprete, Piero G. 5197 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica10 July 1991Bignoniaceae
Ruiz M., Juan Celedonia 1276 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Peru26 abril 1988Bignoniaceae
Kernan, Christopher 1049 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica25 April 1989Bignoniaceae
Killeen, Timothy J. 4378 Anemopaegma paraense Bureau & K. Schum.Bolivia20-25 agosto 1992Bignoniaceae
Dodson, Calaway Homer 6612 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador17 Jan 1977Bignoniaceae
Boeke, Jef D. 2283 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador30/6/1978Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 17138 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia1 August 1976Bignoniaceae
Whitefoord, Caroline 117 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandPanama8 Feb 1982Bignoniaceae
MacDougall, Thomas Baillie s.n. Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandMexico14/3/1953Bignoniaceae
Sodiro, Luigi (Luis, Aloysius) s.n. Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador0/12/1890Bignoniaceae
Pérez de Molas, Lidia 1496 Anemopaegma longipetiolatum SpragueParaguay15 December 1986Bignoniaceae
Gillespie, Lynn Judith 1760 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithGuyana22 June 1989Bignoniaceae
Walter, * 252 Anemopaegma scabriusculum Mart.Brazil10 April 1989Bignoniaceae
Scariot, A.O. 504 Anemopaegma scabriusculum Mart.Brazil10 April 1989Bignoniaceae
Gillespie, Lynn Judith 1419 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithGuyana27 May 1989Bignoniaceae
Gillespie, Lynn Judith 1457 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithGuyana28 May 1989Bignoniaceae
Hahn, William (Bill) James 5817 Anemopaegma foetidum Bureau & K. Schum.Guyana21 April 1989Bignoniaceae
Delgado, Luz 109 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuelaMarch 1988Bignoniaceae
Fernández, Ángel 4533 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuelaApril 1988Bignoniaceae
Fernández, Ángel 4440 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuelaApril 1988Bignoniaceae
Castillo, Aníbal 3260 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithVenezuela22 de Mayo 1990Bignoniaceae
Pitman, Nigel 1059 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador9 Dec 1994Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 12054 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandEcuador25 October 1974Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 40415 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandColombia17 Feb 1983Bignoniaceae
Holst, Bruce K. 4356 Anemopaegma chrysanthum DugandBelize13 April 1992Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1172 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica12 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1164 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica12 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1142 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica11 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1034 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica28 June 1971Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 1829 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica17 July 1973Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 1793 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica13 June 1973Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 996 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica6 August 1972Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 712 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica18 April 1972Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1305 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica22 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 618 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica13 March 1972Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 892 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica23 June 1972Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 785 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica18 May 1972Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1234 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica17 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1186 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica16 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1311 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica23 Jul 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 1240 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica17 July 1971Bignoniaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 14202 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryPanama14 February 1975Bignoniaceae
Gómez Pignataro, Luis Diego 20336 Anemopaegma santaritense A.H. GentryCosta Rica04 May 1983Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 1504 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaCosta Rica6 August 1972Bignoniaceae
Opler, Paul A. 668 Anemopaegma puberulum (Seibert) MirandaCosta Rica1 AQpril 1972Bignoniaceae
Morales Quirós, Juan Francisco 4088 Anemopaegma chrysoleucum (Kunth) SandwithCosta Rica10 May 1995Bignoniaceae
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