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Current Determination
Allium textile A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Family: Amaryllidaceae Determined By: M. Ownbey, 15 Sep 1942
Previous Determinations
Allium striatum Jacq. Family: Amaryllidaceae Determined By:
Allium angulosum L. Family: Amaryllidaceae Determined By:
Collection Information
Collectors Charles A. Geyer
Collector Team Charles A. Geyer
Collection Number s.n.
Collection Date March 1839 - May 1939
Location United States, North Dakota
Keywords ENGEL
Herbaria MO
Locality Level or sloping intervales of the denudated hills of the Missouri above L'eau-qui-court river. soils: sandy, loamy, ferrugineous, saline, moist and dry.
Projects: Engelmann

Barcodes/Accession Numbers
InstitutionBarcodeAccessionObject KindObject Subkind 
MO MO-2140142 208689 sheet

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