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CollectorColl NoScientific Name CountryDateFamily
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL12388 Annesleya Post & KuntzeVietnam08 February 2009Theaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 67799 Camellia L.Taiwan25 July 1989Theaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 14244 Camellia L.Vietnam3 April 1997Theaceae
Lowry, Porter Prescott 4907 Camellia L.Vietnam21 April 1997Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH1770 Camellia L.Vietnam17 November 1995Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH1893 Camellia L.Vietnam22 November 1995Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH1903 Camellia ? L.Vietnam22 November 1995Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH2607 Camellia L.Vietnam13 March 1997Theaceae
Myers, John Kevin 1249 Camellia L.United States5 November 1999Theaceae
Myers, John Kevin 1250 Camellia L.United States5 November 1999Theaceae
Myers, John Kevin 1251 Camellia L.United States5 November 1999Theaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 4716 Camellia L.Vietnam2 March 2000Theaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 4717 Camellia L.Vietnam2 March 2000Theaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 4723 Camellia L.Vietnam2 March 2000Theaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 5556 Camellia L.Vietnam13 September 2000Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH5665 Camellia L.Vietnam23 April 2000Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH6028 Camellia L.Vietnam5 May 2000Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH6468 Camellia L.Vietnam12 May 2000Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. 3264 Camellia L.Vietnam23 September 2003Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. 4184 Camellia L.Vietnam9 October 2003Theaceae
HLF, * 625 Camellia L.Vietnam23 Dec 2002Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp 1373 Camellia L.Vietnam27 April 2003Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp 1607 Camellia L.Vietnam4 May 2003Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp 1609 Camellia L.Vietnam4 May 2003Theaceae
Harder, Daniel K. 8150 Camellia L.Vietnam12 Dec 2002Theaceae
Wu, * WP-1568 Camellia L.Vietnam12 Nov 2006Theaceae
Wu, Su Kung WP-1359 Camellia L.Vietnam3 Nov 2006Theaceae
Wu, * WP-1606 Camellia L.Vietnam14 Nov 2006Theaceae
Valenzuela Gamarra, Luis 9630 Camellia L.Peru27 Abril 2007Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HAL9663 Camellia ? L.Vietnam10 November 2006Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HAL9664 Camellia ? L.Vietnam10 November 2006Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL11768 Camellia L.Vietnam20 April 2008Theaceae
Nguyên, Tiên Hiêp HLF4580 Camellia L.Vietnam03 April 2004Theaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 23679 Camellia L.Vietnam10 November 2010Theaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 23769 Camellia L.Vietnam12 November 2010Theaceae
van der Werff, Hendrik (Henk) Hessel 23995 Camellia L.Vietnam21 November 2010Theaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 21234 Camellia L.China29 September 2001Theaceae
Regalado, Jacinto C., Jr. 1650 Camellia L.Vietnam06 April 2009Theaceae
Wu, Su Kung WS-2411 Camellia L.Laos22 October 2011Theaceae
Wu, Su Kung WS-2464 Camellia L.Laos22 October 2011Theaceae
Lôc, Phan Kê HAL8898 Camellia amplexicaulis (Pit.) Cohen-StuartVietnam30 July 2006Theaceae
Cham, Le Van HLF292 Camellia amplexicaulis ? (Pit.) Cohen-StuartVietnam20 June 2002Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. 4116 Camellia caudata Wall.Vietnam8 October 2003Theaceae
Wu, * WP-1456 Camellia caudata Wall.Vietnam8 Nov 2006Theaceae
LIEVENS, * 5677 Camellia chrysantha (Hu) TuyamaUnited States14 April 1994Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. HAL8024 Camellia elongata (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) RehderVietnam10 May 2005Theaceae
Unknown s.n. Camellia euryoides Lindl. var. euryoides   Theaceae
Soejarto, Djaja Djendoel 10447 Camellia flava (Pit.) SealyVietnam29 November 1998Theaceae
Soejarto, Djaja Djendoel 10527 Camellia flava (Pit.) SealyVietnam30 November 1998Theaceae
Cuong, N.M. 29 Camellia flava (Pit.) SealyVietnam28 December 1998Theaceae
Lôc, Phan Kê HAL9025 Camellia flava (Pit.) SealyVietnam28 July 2006Theaceae
Henry, Augustine 10908 Camellia henryana Cohen-StuartChina1884 - 1900Theaceae
Solomon, James Clinton 15737 Camellia japonica L.Bolivia8 Noviembre 1986Theaceae
Mimoro, Kiyoko 4384 Camellia japonica L.Japan18 Nov 1977Theaceae
Furuse, M. 880 Camellia japonica L.Japan25 Aug 1972Theaceae
Iwatsuki, Kunio 585 Camellia japonica L.Japan27 Aug 1975Theaceae
Yashima, M. s.n. 1973 Camellia japonica L.Japan16 Dec 1973Theaceae
Nemoto, Tomoyuki 5633 Camellia japonica L.Japan7 April 1984Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 6897 Camellia japonica L.Japan30 April 1986Theaceae
Garcés, Carla 100 Camellia japonica L.Honduras10 Nov 1982Theaceae
D'Arcy, William Gerald 10969 Camellia japonica L.Panama20 Mar 1977Theaceae
Callejas Posada, Ricardo 9563 Camellia japonica L.Colombia21 Octubre 1990Theaceae
Giraldo G., Luis Fernando 400 Camellia japonica L.Colombia31 Enero 1995Theaceae
Renderos, Miguel A. 347 Camellia japonica L.El Salvador22 Oct 1997Theaceae
Guerra C., I. Roberto 82 Camellia japonica L.Honduras24 Oct 1982Theaceae
Dueñas, Carmen Celina 87 Camellia japonica L.Honduras15 Ene 1984Theaceae
Krapovickas, Antonio 42706 Camellia japonica L.Argentina8-VIII-1988Theaceae
Rodríguez, Dagoberto DR-00146 Camellia japonica L.El Salvador26 Oct 2005Theaceae
Lôc, Phan Kê HAL9059 Camellia japonica L.Vietnam12 August 2006Theaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 2561 Camellia japonica L.United States16 October 2013Theaceae
Sok, Cho Yoon s.n. 1987 Camellia japonica L. var. japonica South Korea30 September 1987Theaceae
Wallich, Nathaniel s.n. Camellia kissii Wall.  Theaceae
Tsang, Wai-tak 24609 Camellia kweichowensis Hung T. Chang  Theaceae
Averyanov, Leonid V. VH3561 Camellia langbianensis (Gagnep.) P.H. HôVietnam02 April 1997Theaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 66632 Camellia oleifera AbelThailand18 June 1989Theaceae
Stone, John Richard 1791 Camellia oleifera AbelRepublic of Georgia21 June 1999Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 7925 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan27 April 1987Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 7922 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan27 April 1987Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 7916 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan27 April 1987Theaceae
Anonymous 11853 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan6 June 1976Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 6821 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan8 June 1986Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 13105 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan19 April 1990Theaceae
Anonymous 11854 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan6 June 1976Theaceae
Tsugaru, Shunsuke 3272 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan27 May 1977Theaceae
Murata, Gen 30374 Camellia rusticana HondaJapan31 May 1977Theaceae
Mwangoka, Moses A. 112 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Tanzania7 November 1998Theaceae
Stone, John Richard 1776 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Republic of Georgia21 June 1999Theaceae
Mwangoka, Moses A. 290 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Tanzania1 February 1999Theaceae
Mwangoka, Moses A. 431 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Tanzania13 April 1999Theaceae
Iwatsuki, Kunio 130 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.Japan24 August 1975Theaceae
Townesmith, Andrew Keith 2563 Camellia sasanqua Thunb.United States16 October 2013Theaceae
Dorr, Laurence Joseph 3114 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzeMadagascar12 May 1984Theaceae
Smith, David Nelson 1754 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzePeru28 May 1982Theaceae
Young, Kenneth R. 606 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzePeru2 June 1981Theaceae
Soza, Danilo 344 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzeNicaragua8 enero 1985Theaceae
Gentry, Alwyn Howard 16066 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzePeru18 January 1976Theaceae
Núñez Vargas, Percy 8946 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzePeru4-6 abril 1988Theaceae
Núñez Vargas, Percy 13942 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzePeru10 August 1991Theaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 3767 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzeMadagascar20 December 1988Theaceae
Miller, James (Jim) Spencer 3814 Camellia sinensis (L.) KuntzeMadagascar29 January 1989Theaceae
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