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ARGENTINA (northwest)

 Northwest Argentina: Provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán.

 Area: 231,231 square kilometers (Jujuy - 53,219 square kilometers; Salta - 155,488 square kilometers; Tucuman - 22,524 square kilometers).

 Bryophyte Diversity: Mosses unknown, estimated at 200 or more species.

 Endemism: Unknown. Numerous new speciesof mosses  were described by Müller based mainly on the collections of Lorentz; most however will likely prove to be synonyms of more widespread taxa, particularly of the tropical Andean region.

 Floristic Coverage: Moderate, Tucumano-Boliviano montane forests are presently being surveyed by Schiavone and collaborators from LIL. Very few recent collections are known from the dry forests (including the Chaco forest) or puna.

 TROPICOS: 301 bryophytes.

 Infrastructure: Historical collections, particularly those of Lorentz are at NY and S, among other herbaria; collections of Fries at H.

LIL (Herbario, Fundación Miguel Lillo, Tucumán). Contains the greater number of bryophytes for northwest Argentina, duplicates at AR.


Collectors: A. B. Biasuso, R. E. Fries, P. G. Lorentz, M. M. Schiavone.


Floristic and Ecological Moss Literature for Argentina


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Background References Related to the Argentina Flora and Vegetation


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