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            The following provides the abbreviation for the authors of named mosses. Author abbreviations follows Authors of Plant Names (Brummitt & Powell, 1992). This is intended to standardize all authors who have named plants. This departs naturally from previous abbreviations (e.g., Sayre et al., 1964) used in bryology, e.g., C. Müll., is now Müll. Hal. While the continued use of traditional abbreviation in particular groups such as lichens, hepatics, and mosses may cause little confusion among specialists of these groups, attempts to standardize the world flora must develop and maintain a system that is consistent and unambiguous such as in the case of abbreviations of authors or literature.

            In the following list the abbreviation is given first, generally in alphabetical order by family name, abbreviation commonly used previously, followed by the authors full name, and in some cases various comments that particularly relates to individuals that named Tropical Andean mosses; the institution containing the authors collections with emphasis again mainly on Andean material. Author information has been largely obtained from the following sources: Taxonomic Literature (2 Ed.) by Stafleu and Cowan (1976-1988), Index of Mosses, 1963-1989 by Crosby et al. (1992), Vade Mecum Bryologiae I (2002) by Crosby, and Index Herbariorum by Holmgren et al. (1990); and the article by Sayre (1977) on bryophyte authors and their herbaria.


J. Aguirre - Jaime Aguirre Ceballos, 1951-. Colombian bryologist, specialist on hepatics. (COL).

B.H. Allen - Bruce Hampton Allen, 1952-. United States bryologist, specialist in neotropical mosses, including the moss flora of Central America (two volumes completed, third volume in preparation), and various tropical families, including Meteoriaceae and Pilotrichaceae. (MO).

L.E. Anderson - Lewis Edward Anderson, 1912-2007. United States bryologist. Coauthor with H. A. Crum of Mosses of Eastern North America.

Ando - Hisatsugu Ando, 1922-2005. Japanese bryologist, specialist on the Hypnaceae. (HIRO).

A. L. Andrews - (Andr.) Albert LeRoy. Andrews 1878-1961. United States bryologist, specialist on the Bryaceae and Sphagnaceae.

Ångstr. - Johan ångström, 1813-1879. Swedish bryologist and physician. (BM, S, H, G).

Arn. George Arnott Walker Arnott, 1799-1868. Scottish botanist.

Arzeni - Charles Basel Arzeni, 1925-1997. United States bryologist.

Austin - (Aust.) Coe Finch Austin, 1831-1880. United States bryologist.


J.K. Bartlett - John K. Bartlett, 1945-1986. New Zealand bryologist.

E.B. Bartram - (Bartr.) Edwin Bunting Bartram, 1878-1964. United States bryologist, author of numerous articles on tropical mosses, including Mosses of the Philippines and Mosses of Guatemala. (FH, F, JE).

P. Beauv. - See P[alisot] de Beauvois

Besch. - émile Bescherelle, 1828-1903. French administrator and bryologist. (BM, PC).

Biasuco - Amalia Beatriz Biasuco, Argentine bryologist, specialist on Braunia, and region of northwestern Argentina. LIL; AR.

Bizot - Maurice Bizot, 1905-1979. French bryologist. (PC).

Bosch - Roelof Benjamin van den Bosch, 1810-1862. Dutch botanist. (L, RO).

Braithw. - Robert Braithwaite, 1824-1917. British bryologist.

A. Braun - Alexander Karl Braun, 1805-1877.

B. Bremer - Birgitta Bremer, 1950-. Swedish botanist, previously studied Schistidium, in recent times specialist on Old World Rubiaceae.

Brid. - Samuel Elisée de Bridel, 1761-1828. Swiss bryologist. Author of Muscologia Recentiorum and Bryologia Universa. (B).

E. Britton - (Britt.) Elizabeth Gertrude Britton, 1858-1934. United States bryologist, wife of Nathaniel Lord Britton. Early plant conversationalist and founder of the Sullivant Moss Society (now the American Bryological and Lichenological Society). Specialized on the mosses of the West Indies. Published on the H. H. Rusby moss collections from Bolivia. (NY), the only article Britton published directly related to South America. See: http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/libr/finding_guide/egbweb.asp

Broth. - Viktor Ferdinand Brotherus, 1849-1929. Finnish, foremost bryologist of the late 19th and early 20th century, published numerous articles on little known moss floras of the world, including the Neotropics, contributed the mosses (Bryales) to the first and second edition of Engler & Prantl's Die natúrlichen Planzenfamilien (H, Brotherus herbarium maintained separately at Helsinki as H-BR).

R.Br. ter. - Robert Brown, 1820-1906. (BM, CHR).

Bruch. - Philipp Bruch, 1781-1847. German pharmacist and bryologist. One of three authors of Bryologia Europaea which have been abbreviated as B.S.G. - (Philipp Bruch, Wihelm Philipp Schimper, and Wilhelm Theodor Gümbel). (BM, B, BR, L, LY).

B.S.G. - See Bruch.

W.R. Buck. - (Buck) William Russell Buck, 1950-. United States bryologist, specialist on neotropical mosses, including the West Indies, and various families, including the Entodontaceae and Sematophyllaceae. Published two major floras: Pleurocarpous mosses of the West Indies (1988) and Guide to the plants of central French Guiana: Part 3. Mosses (2003). Collected in Ecuador and Venezuela. (NY).


M.J. Cano - María J. Cano, 1967-. Spanish bryologist. Specialist on the Pottiaceae, with emphases on South America. Collected in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. (MUB).

Cardot - (Card.) Jules Cardot, 1860-1934. French bryologist. Published on tropical mosses, and studies of the Fontinalaceae and Leucobryaceae. (PC).

Ces. - Vincenzo de Cesati, 1806-1883.

S.P. Churchill - Steven Paul Churchill, 1948-. United States bryologist, specialist on tropical Andean mosses, and various genera of the Pilotrichaceae. (MO, NY).

Crosby - Marshall Robert Crosby, 1943-. United States bryologist, specialist on neotropical mosses and nomenclature of mosses. Collected in Bolivia and Ecuador. (MO).

H.A. Crum - (Crum) Howard Alvin Crum, 1922-2002. United States bryologist, author of numerous articles on the mosses of the Americas, co-author with Lewis E. Anderson on the Mosses of Eastern North America, specialist on New World Sphagnaceae. (MICH).

Cufod. - Georg Cufodontis, 1896-1974. Austrian botanist.


Delgad. - Claudo Delgadillo M., 1945-. Mexican bryologist. Specialist on neotropical bryogeography, Pottiaceae (Aloina and related genera) and Grimmia. (MEXU).

De Not. - Giuseppe De Notaris, 1805-1877. Italian botanist. (FI, RO).

Desv. - Nicaise Augustin Desvaux, 1784-1856. French botanist.

Dicks. - James Dickson, 1738-1822. British nurseryman.

Dism. - Gabriel Dismier, 1856-1942. French bryologist. Treated the genus Philonotis for the Americas. (PC).

Dixon - (Dix.) Hugh Neville Dixon, 1861-1944. Bristish bryologist.

Dozy - Frans Dozy, 1807-1856. Dutch physician and botanist. Author of several major treatments on Asian mosses, and with J. H. Molkenboer, Prodromus Florae Bryologicae Surinamensis. (JE, L, RO).

Duby - Jean étienne Duby, 1798-1885. Swiss botanist and clergyman. (G).

Dumort. - (Dum.) Barthélemy Charles Joseph Dumortier, 1797-1878. Belgian politician and botanist.

During - Hein Johannes During, 1947-. Dutch bryologist.

Dusén - Per Karl Hjalmar Dusén, 1855-1926. Swedish botanist, paleobotanist and explorer. In South America collected widely in southern South America. (BM, GB, JE, NY, S).


A. Eddy - Alan Eddy, 1937-1998. British bryologist, specialist on African Sphagnum and author of A Handbook of Malesian Mosses (three volumes completed). (BM).

Ehrh. - Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart, 1742-1795. German botanist of Swiss origin.

L.T. Ellis - Len Thomas Ellis, 1955-. British bryologist, specialist on Paleotropical Calymperaceae. (BM).

Enroth - Johannes Enroth, 1956-. Finnish bryologist, specialist on the Neckeraceae.


Fife - Allan James Fife, 1951-. United States-born New Zealand bryologist. Specialist on the Funariaceae and the mosses of New Zealand. (CHR).

M. Fleisch. - (Fleisch.) Max Fleischer, 1861-1930. German painter, bryologist and traveller. Author of Die Musci der Flora von Buitenzorg. (B, BM, FH, GOET, JE).

Florsch. - Peter Arnold Florschütz, 1923-1976. Dutch bryologist. Author of first volume on the mosses of Surinam. Collected in Suriname and Colombia. (U).

J. Florsch. - Jeanne Florschütz-de Waard, 1924-. Dutch bryologist, specialist on the moss flora of Surinam, co-authored with husband, Peter, the first checklist of Colombian mosses. (U).

Flowers - (Flow.) Seville Flowers, 1900-1968. United States bryologist.

J.-P. Frahm - Jan-Peter Frahm, 1945-2014. German bryologist, specialist on Campylopus and related genera of the world. Founder and editor of the journal Tropical Bryology. Collected in most countries of the Andes. (personal herbarium; U).

Fransén - Sven Goran Fransén, 1949-. Swedish bryologist, specialist on Bartramia. Collected in Ecuador and Venezuela. (GB).

Fürnr. - August Emanuel Fürnrohr, 1804-1861. German botanist.


P. Gaertn. - (Gaertn.) Philipp Gottfried Gaertner, 1754-1825. German physician and botanist.

M.T. Gallego - María Teresa Gallego, 1972-. Spanish bryologist. Specialist on the Pottiaceae, particularly the genus Syntrichia.. Collected in Ecuador. (MUB).

Gangulee - Hirendra Chandra Gangulee, 1914- . Indian bryologist.

Geh. - Adalbert Geheeb, 1842-1909. German botanist and pharmacist. (BM, JE, M, etc.)

Giese - Monika Giese, 1959-. German bryologist.

Goffinet – Bernard Goffinet, 1966- born in Belgium, resided in Canada, later USA. Molecular systematics, studies on the Orthotrichaceae s.l.

Gradst. - Stephan Robbert Gradstein, 1943-. Dutch bryologist now residing in Germany (at GOET), leading specialist on neotropical hepatics. Collected in most countries of the Neotropics. (GOET, U).

S.W. Greene - Standley Wilson Greene, 1928-1989. British bryologist.

Grev. - Robert Kaye Greville, 1794-1866. British botanist at Edinburgh. (BM, E, FH)

D.G. Griffin - Dana Gove Griffin, III, 1938-. United States bryologist, specialist on neotropical mosses, particularly páramo mosses (completing a páramo moss flora for Venezuela), and various families including the Bartramiaceae, Prionodontaceae. Collected primarily in Venezuela, but also Colombia and Peru. (FLAS).

Griff. - William Griffiths, 1810-1845. British colonial physician and botanist.

W. Gümbel - (Gümb., see Bruch) Wilhelm Theodor Gümbel, 1812-1858. German bryologist. See Philipp Bruch.


Hagen - Ingebrigt Severin Hagen, 1852-1917. Norwegian physician and bryologist.

Hampe - George Ernst Ludwig Hampe, 1795-1880. German botanist. In addition to the work on Colombia, also published on South American mosses from Ecuador and Brazil. Can be considered the founder of the Colombian moss flora. (BM; GOET, HAL, JE, NY, S, etc.).

Harv. - William Henry Harvey, 1811-1866. Irish botanist.

Hastings - Roy I. Hastings. Canadian bryologist. Specialist on the Grimmiaceae. (ALTA).

S. He - Si He. Chinese bryologist residing in the U.S.A. Specialist on the Chinese moss flora, also various genera, e.g., Homalia, Leptopterigynandrum, Symphyodon. (MO).

Hedenäs - Lars Hedenás, 1955-. Swedish bryologist, specialist on the taxonomy and phylogeny of various pleurocarpous mosses including the Amblystegiaceae. (S).

Hedw. - Johann Hedwig, 1730-1799. German bryologist, initially a physician, later professor of botany and director at the botanic garden at Leipzig. Author of Species Muscorum Frondosorum, published in 1801, the official publication and starting date for the acceptance of moss nomenclature (except Sphagnaceae). (G, L).

Henn. - Paul Crhistoph Hennings, 1841-1908. German cryptogamist.

F.J. Herm. - Frederick Joseph Hermann, 1906-1987. United States botanist. Collected in Bolivia and Colombia.

Herzog - (Herz.) Theodor Karl Julius Herzog, 1880-1961. German bryologist, specialist on neotropical bryophytes. Author of Die Bryophyten meiner zweiten Reise durch Bolivia and Geographie de Moose. Collected primarily in Bolivia, but also in northern Argentina. (JE; B, L, NY, PC, etc.).

Higuchi - Masanobu Higuchi, 1955-. Japanese bryologist, specialist on various genera of the Hypnaceae.

Hilp. - Friedrich Wilhelm Hilpert, 1907-. German botanist, student of Herzog. Author of Studien zur Systematik der Trichostomaceen.

Hoffm. - George Franz Hoffmann, 1760-1826. German botanist.

Hook. - William Jackson Hooker, 1785-1865. British botanist. Published and edited numerous works including Plantae Cryptogamicae (on the collections of Humboldt and Bonpland), Muscologia Britannica with T. Taylor, Musci Exotici (2 volumes), and Species Filicum. (BM; FH, GL, NY, H, S, etc.).

Hook.f. - Joseph Dalton Hooker, 1817-1911. British botanist and explorer, son of William Jackson Hooker. Author of numerous works including The Botany of the Antarctic Voyage..., Flora Antarctica, Flora Novae-zelandiae, The Cryptogamic Botany of the Antarctic Voyage..., Musci Antarctici..., and Flora Indica. (BM; FH, GL, RO, etc.).

Hornsch. - Christian Friedrich Hornschuch, 1793-1850. German botanist, mineralogist, entomologist, pharmacist. Contributed the mosses to Martius' Flora Brasiliensis (B - destroyed, BM, H, W).

Huds. - William Hudson, 1730-1793. British apothecary, horticulturist, and botanist.

Hyvönen - Jaakko Hyvönen, Finnish bryologist, specialist on the genus Pogonatum. (H).


Ireland - (Irel.) Robert Root Ireland, Jr., 1932-. United States bryologist in Canada, specialist on the moss flora of Canada, and Plagiothecium, Isopterygium and related genera. Collected in Colombia. (MO and US; previously with CANM).

Irmsch. - Edgar Irmscher, 1887-1968. German botanist, specialist on Begonia. Author of Beiträge zur Laubmoosflora von Columbien in O. Fuhrmann and E. Mayor (1914). (H).

Z. Iwats. - Zennoske Iwatsuki, 1929-. Japanese bryologist, specialist on Fissidens.


A. Jaeger - (Jaeg.) August Jaeger, 1842-1877. Swiss bryologist. Author of Genera et Species Muscorum, in part co-edited and co-authored with Friedrich Wilhelm Sauerbeck. (NY; JE, H).

H. Jameson - Hampden Gurney Jameson, 1852- 1936. British clergyman and botanist. Coauthor with Dixon, Student’s Handbook of British Mosses.

Jenn. - Otto Emery Jennings, 1877-1964. United States botanist.

C.E.O. Jensen - (C. Jens.) Christian Erasmus Otterstrom Jensen, 1859-1941. Danish bryologist.

J.A. Jiménez - Juan A. Jimenéz, 1976-. Spanish bryologist. Specialist on the Pottiaceae, with emphases on South America. Collected in Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador. (MUB).

Jur. - Jakob Juratzka, 1821-1878. Austro-Hungarian, Moravia-born, bryologist and associated law-courts.


Kanda - Hiroshi Kanda, 1946-. Japanese bryologist, specialist on the Amblystegiaceae.

Kindb. - Nils Conrad Kindberg, 1832-1910. Swedish bryologist and high school teacher. Author of Enumeratio Bryinearum Exoticarum. (S; CANM, H).

A.K. Kop. - Aune Kyllikki Koponen, 1938-. Finnish bryologist, specialist on the Splanchanaceae. (H).

T.J. Kop. - Timo Juhani Koponen, 1939-. Finnish bryologist, specialist on the Mniaceae, and general floristics of Southeast Asia. (H).

C. Krauss - Crhistian Ferdinand Fredrich von Krauss, 1812-1890. German botanist and zoologist. (H).

Kunth - Karl Sigismund Kunth, 1788-1850. German botanist, assisted A. v. Humboldt on New World collections and the publication of Synopsis Plantarum.... (BM, H).

Kuntze - Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze, 1843-1907. German traveller, botanist and nomenclaturalist. (NY).

Kunze - Gustav Kunze, 1793-1851. German botanist. Author of Synopsis Plantarum Cryptogamicarum.... (LZ - destroyed; H).


Lam. - Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre de Monnet de Lamarck, 1744-1829. French biologist, founder of the theory of evolution.

Lesq. - Charles Leo Lesquereux, 1806-1889. Swiss-born palaeobotanist and bryologist, later resided in the United States.

Lewinsky - Jette Lewinsky, 1948-1998. Danish bryologist and botanical illustrator, specialist on the genus Orthotrichum and Zygodon. (C).

M.A. Lewis - Marko Alexander Lewis, 1947-. United States-born bryologist, residing in Bolivia, foremost collector of Bolivian bryophytes. Collected in Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. (LPB; F, MO, NY).

Limpr. - Karl Gustav Limpricht, 1834-1902. German bryologist, teacher and principal of high school. Author of Die Laubmoose Deutschlands.

S.H. Lin - Shan Hsiung Lin, 1942-. Taiwanese bryologist, specialist on the Phyllogonaceae s.l.

Lindb. - Sextus Otto lindberg, 1835-1889. Swedish bryologist. (H, as SOL-H).

L. - Carl von Linnaeus (Carl von Linné), 1707-1778. (LINN). Author of Systema Naturae, Genera Plantarum, and Species Plantarum. (LINN).

Loeske - Leopold Loeske, 1865-1935. German bryologist, journalist, and later administrator. (B, BM, JE, etc.).

Lorentz - Paul Günther Lorentz, 1835-1881. German botanist, later moved to Argentina and Uruguay; collected in Bolivia and northern Argentina. (BM, GEOT, JE, M, etc.). Author of Grundlinien zu einer vergleichenden Anatomie der Laubmoose.


Mägd. - Karl Mägdefrau, 1907-1998. German bryologist, contributed to the study of bryophyte growth forms. Collected in Colombia and Venezuela. (JE, MICH).

Magill - Robert Earle Magill, 1947-. United States bryologist, specialist on the South African moss flora and general nomenclature of mosses. (MO).

Mahu - Manuel Mahu, 1930-. Chilean bryologist. (MO).

Malta - Nicolajs Malta, 1890-1944. Latvian botanist. Specialist on Ulota and Zygodon. (RIG, H, S).

Manuel - Monte Gregg Manuel, 1947-1981. United States bryologist, specialist on various genera in the Cryphaeaceae and Meteoriaceae.

Margad. - Willem Daniël Margadant, 1916-1997. Dutch bryologist. Specialist on bryological history and nomenclature.

C. Mart. - (Mart.) Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, 1794-1868. German botanical traveler, ethnologist and botanist, founder of Flora Brasiliensis. (BR; BM).

McFarland - Kenneth Dale McFarland, 1950-. United States bryologist, specialist on Brachythecium of the Americas. (TENN).

M. Menzel - Mario Menzel, 1958-. German bryologist, specialist on various tropical genera. Collected in Peru. (B).

B. Mey. - Bernhard Meyer, 1767-1836. German botanist and ornithologist.

Michx. - André Michaux, 1746-1802. French botanist and explorer.

Milde - Carl August Julius Milde, 1824-1871. German high school teacher and botanist.

Mitt. - William Mitten, 1819-1906. British pharmaceutical chemist and bryologist. Author of Musci Indiae Orientalis and the single most important summary of Latin American mosses - Musci Austro-americani. (NY; BM, E, etc.). See: http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/libr/finding_guide/mitten.asp

D. Mohr - Daniel Matthias Mohr, 1780-1808. German botanist.

Molk. - Julianus Hendrik Molkenboer, 1816-1854. Dutch botanist. See Dozy. (JE, L, RO)

Mont. - Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne, 1784-1866. French crytogamist (PC; BM, TUB).

F.A. Muell. - Franz August Mueller, 1799-1871. German-born Australian botanist.

Müll. Hal. - (C. Müll.) Johann Karl [Carl] August [Friedrich Wilhelm] Müller, 1818-1899. German bryologist. Author of Synopsis Muscorum Frondosorum..., Prodromus Bryologiae Argentinicae..., Prodromus Bryologiae Bolivianae, Genera Muscorum Frondosorum, among numerous other publications. Müller described more mosses than any other single individual, as well as having contributed the most superfluous number of names in regard to muscology; Crosby (2002) estimated that Müller described 110 genera, 8707 species and a mere 438 infraspecies! (B - destroyed in 1943; few duplicates at BM, FH, H, JE, NY, PC, RO, etc.)


Nees - Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck, 1776-1858. German nature-philosopher, physician and botanist.

Nieuwl. - Julius Arthur Nieuwland, 1878-1936. Belgain-born American botanist, chemist and Roman Catholic priest.

N. Nishim. - Naoki Nishimura, 1951-. Japanese bryologist, specialist on the Hypnaceae.


Ochi - Harumi Ochi, 1920-2001. Japanese bryologist, specialist on the Bryaceae. (HIRO).

Ochyra - Ryszard Ochyra, 1949-. Polish bryologist, specialist on aquatic mosses; flora of Antarctic mosses.


Padberg - M. Padberg. German botanist.

P. Beauv. - Ambroise Marie Francois Joseph Palisot de Beauvois, 1752-1820. French traveller and botanist. (G; BM, FH, GL, H,.PC).

Paris - Jean édouard Gabriel Narcisse Paris, 1827-1911. French soldier and bryologist. Author of the first and second edition of Index Bryologicus. (REN; PC, RO).

Pittier - Henri François Pittier, 1857-1950. Swiss botanist and civil engineer. Specialist on the flora of Venezuela. Collected in Costa Rica, Venezuela.

Pócs - Tamás Pócs, 1933-. Hungarian bryologist, specialist on the ecology and taxonomy African bryophytes.

Podp. - Josef Podp?ra (1878-1954). Botanist.

P. de la Varde - Robert André Leopold Potier de la Varde, 1878-1961. French bryologist and soldier.

M.J. Price - Michelle J. Price, 1972-. British bryologist, presently residing in Geneva. Specialist on the genus Holomitrium and related genera. Collected in Bolivia, Ecuador and northern Argentina. (MO, G).

Pursell - Ronald Arling Pursell, 1930-. United States bryologist, specialist on American Fissidens. (PAC, collections to be transferred to MO). Collected in Venezuela.


Rabenh. - Gottlob Ludwig Rabenhorst, 1806-1881. German cryptogamist, founder of the journal Hedwigia.

Raddi - Giuseppe Raddi, 1770-1829. Italian botanist.

W.D. Reese - William Dean Resse, 1928-2002. United States bryologist, specialist on the Calymperaceae. Collected in northeastern Bolivia (Beni). (LAF, collections transferred to MO).

Reichardt - Heinrich Wilhelm Reichardt, 1835-1885. Moravian botanist.

Reimers - Hermann Johann O. Reimers, 1893-1961. German botanist.

Reinw. - Caspar George Carl Reinwardt, 1773-1854. German-born Dutch botanist.

Renauld - Ferdinand Renauld, 1837-1910. French soldier and bryologist. Published numerous articles on mosses, often with Cardot, author of Prodrome de la Flore Bryologique de Madagascar. (PC).

P.W. Richards, Paul Westmacott Richards, 1908-1995. British botanist. Best known in the international botanical community as the author of the classic text (two editions), The Tropical Rain Forest, but among tropical bryologists known for his early studies in the former British Guiana.

H. Rob. - (Robins.) Harold Ernest Robinson, 1932-. United States bryologist, specialist on the Brachytheciaceae, various other moss groups, and leading authority on neotropical Asteraceae. (US).

Roell - Julius Röll - 1846-1928. German bryologist.

J.R. Rohrer - Joseph Raphael Rohrer, 1954-. United States bryologist.

Roiv. - Heikki Roivainen, 1900-1983. Finnish bryologist.

Roth - Albrecht Wilhelm Roth, 1757-1834. German physician and botanist.

G. Roth - Georg Roth, 1842-1915. German forester and bryologist.


Sande Lac. - Cornelius Marinus van der Sande Lacoste, 1815-1887. Dutch bryologist.

I. Sastre - Inés Sastré-De Jesús, 1955-. Puerto Rican bryologist, specialist on the Neckeraceae and Thamnobryaceae; also bryophyte flora of Puerto Rico. Collected in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. (HUA, NY).

Schäf.-Verw. - Alfons Schäfer-Verwimp, 1950-. German bryologist. Specialist on the bryophytes of southeast Brazil and various genera of the Lejeuneaceae.

Scherb. - Johannes Scherbius, 1769-1813. German botanist and physician.

Schiavone - Maria Magdalena Schiavone, 1945-. Argentine bryologist, specialist on the Polytrichaceae,  the mosses of Tierra Fuego and northwestern Argentina. LIL; AR.

Schimp. - Wilhelm Phillipp Schimper, 1808-1880. Alsatian bryologist and palaeontologist. One of three authors of Bryologia Europaea, see Bruch. (BM, FH, GOET, H, JE, RO, TUB).

Schleich. - Johann Christoph Schleicher, 1768-1834. German-born botanist, later resided in Switzerland.

Schrad. - Heinrich Adolph Schrader, 1767-1836. German botanist.

Schwägr. - Christian Friedrich Schwägrichen, 1775-1853. German botanist. Editor of J. Hedwig's Species muscorum frondosorum, and author of four major supplements to that work. (G; BM, E, FH, S, etc.).

Seem. - Berthold Carl Seemann, 1825-1871. German bryologist, publisher and traveller.

Sendtn. - Otto Sendtner, 1813-1859.

A.J. Shaw - Arthur Jonathan Shaw, 1954-. United States bryologist, specialist on the Bryaceae and Sphagnaceae. (MICH; DUKE).

Sharp - Aaron John (Jack) Sharp, 1904-1997. First author of The Moss Flora of Mexico. Collected in Mexico, also Guatemala and Venezuela.

Sipman - Henricus [Harrie] Johannes Maria Sipman, 1945-. Dutch-born lichenologist now residing in Germany, leading specialist on neotropical lichens. (B, U).

G.L. Sm. - Gary Lane Smith, 1939-. United States bryologist, specialist on the Polytrichaceae. Recently changed name to G. L. Smith Merrill (NY).

Sm. - James Edward Smith, 1759-1828. British botanist.

Solms. - Hermann Solms-Laubach, 1842-1915. German botanist.

Spreng. - Kurt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel, 1766-1833. German botanist and physician.

Spruce - Richard Spruce, 1817-1893. British botanist and plant collector. One of the premier collectors of neotropical plants in the 19th century. Specialist on neotropical hepatics, and author of Hepaticae of the Amazon and of the Andes of Peru and Ecuador. Collected in Colombia (briefly along border), Ecuador and Peru. (NY; BM, E, MANCH, OXF, US, etc.)

Steere - William Campbell Steere, 1907-1989. United States bryologist, author of floristic articles on bryophytes in the Americas (literally from the Artic to Antarctic), later years worked on a catalogue of the mosses of Ecuador (unpublished ms). Served as president of the New York Botanical Garden (1958-1972), and editor of The Bryologist for many years. Collected in Colombia, Ecuador and northern Argentina. (NY). See: http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/Bryology_Steere.asp

Steud. - Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel, 1783-1856. German botanist and physician.

J.W. Sturm - Jacob Sturm, 1771-1848. German botanical artist and engraver.

Sull. - William Starling Sullivant, 1803-1873. United States businessman and bryologist; founder of North American bryology.

Sw. - Olof Peter Swartz, 1760-1818. Swedish botanist. (UPS; S, etc.).


Taylor - Thomas Taylor, 1775-1848. India-born Irish botanist; collaborated with both J. D. Hooker and W. J. Hooker. (FH; BM, NY).

Thed. - Knut Fredrik Thedenius, 1814-1894. Swedish botanist, entomologist, pharmacist and teacher.

Thér. - Marie Hypolite Irénée Thériot, 1859-1947. French bryologist and schoolteacher. Authored numerous papers on Latin American mosses, i.e., Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Mexico. (PC; JE).

Thwaites - George Henry Kendrick Thwaites, 1812-1882. British botanist.

Touw – Andries Touw, 1935- Dutch bryologist, specialist on Asian moss flora and Thuidiaceae.

Tuom. - Risto Kalevi Tuomikoski, 1911-1989. Finnish bryologist and entomologist.

Turner - Dawson Turner, 1775-1858. British banker and botanist.


P. de la Varde - See P[otier] de la Varde.

Vent. - étienne Pierre Ventenat, 1757-1808. French clergyman, librarian, and botanist.

Vitt - Dale Hadley Vitt, 1944-. United States-born bryologist previously residing in Canada, now back in the U.S.A., specialist on the Orthotrichaceae. (ALTA).

Voit - Johann Gottlieb Wilhelm Voit, 1776-1813. German physician and botanist.


Wahlenb. - Georg Wahlenberg, 1780-1851. Swedish botanist.

Warnst. - Carl Warnstorf, 1837-1921. German teacher and botanist. Specialist on Sphagnum, author of Sphagnales-Sphagnaceae (Sphagnologia universalis) in A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich III. (B - destroyed 1943; BM, FH, GOET, etc.).

F. Weber - Friedrich Weber, 1781-1823. German botanist.

Welw. - Friedrich Martin Josef Welwitsch, 1806-1872. Austrian botanist.

Wijk - Roelof van der Wijk, 1895-1981. Dutch bryologist. Principal author of Index Muscorum.

Willd. - Carl Ludwig von Willdenow, 1765-1812. German botanist.

R.S. Williams - Robert Stathan Williams, 1859-1945. United States bryologist, earlier a business man, miner and explorer. Collected in Bolivia, authored several papers on the mosses of Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, etc. (NY; FH, US, etc.). See: http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/libr/finding_guide/williams.asp

Wilson - William Wilson, 1799-1871. British solicitor and bryologist. (BM; FH, MANCH, NY, H, etc.).

With. - William Withering, 1741-1799. British physician, botanist and mineralogist.


R.H. Zander - Richard Henry Zander, 1941-. United States bryologist, world specialist on the Pottiaceae. (MO).

Zanten - Benard Otto van Zanten, 1927-. Dutch bryologist. Collected in Colombia.

J.E. Zetterest. - Johan Emanuele Zetterstedt, 1828-1880. Swedish botanist.


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