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 Area: 1,138,914 square kilometers. The fourth largest country in South America.

 Geography and Vegetation: Five major regions recognized, eastern lowland including the 1) Llanos (Orinoquia) in the north, and Amazonia to the south, 2) the western lowlands includes the Alantico (Caribe) and 3) the Chocó (Pacifico), and last the 4) highlands, three ranges - Cordillera Occidental, Central and Oriental, also isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (La Macarana can also be included here).


Cristobal Colon Peak 5,775 m. only country in South America with coast-lines on both the Pacific (1,350 km long), and the Atlantic (1600 km long)

 Vascular Plant Diversity: 24,405 species, 2,944 genera, 294 families (Jørgensen et al. 2011).

 Bryophyte Diversity: Hepatics 840, Hornworts 8, Mosses 953 species (976 total taxa).

 Generic Endemisim: A single moss genus is endemic to Colombia.

Gradsteinia Ochyra - Amblystegiaceae: G. andicola Ochyra is known only from the original collection made in Páramo de Sumapaz at an elevation of 3650 m; this species was found on rocks in a stream.


Species Endemism: Estimated number of endemic mosses presently recorded for Colombia - 49;some  notable endemics include: Dendrocryphaea latifolia D. G. Griffin, Gradst. & J. Aguirre, Fontinalis bogotensis Hampe, Holomitrium aberrans J.-P. Frahm, Pleuridium lindigianum (Hampe) S. P. Churchill


Floristic Coverage: Moderately well in most vegetation types. Areas requiring inventory are the páramos of Paramillo and Frontino (additional studies), western slopes of the both the western cordillera and eastern flank of the eastern cordillera, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the serranías of San Lucas (middle Magdalena) and La Macarena, middle Magdalena lowland, Chocó lowlands along the Pacific, particularly the southern portion, llanos in general, particularly the gallery forest, and limited inventory in Amazonia.


TROPICOS: 17,264 bryophytes.


Infrastructure: Herbaria include at least 6 or 8 herbaria, those known are listed below. Most of the figures for collections cited are now outdated. Both COL, HUA, among others, are actively engaged in bryological inventory.


COAH (Herbario Amazónico Colombiano, Instituto Amazônico de Investigaciones Científicas SINCHI, Bogotá). Number of collections: 300.

COL (Herbario Nacional Colombiano, Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia). Number of bryophytes at COL is 35,000 (web page)

CUVC (Herbario CUVC "Luis Sigifredo Espinal-Tascon", Universidad del Valle, Cali). Number of collections: 2000.

HUA (Herbario, Centro de Investigaciones, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín) Second largest bryophyte herbarium in Colombia; number of bryophyte collections at more than 10,000.

MEDEL (Herbario Gabriel Gutierrez V., Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Sede de Medellín). Number of collections at ca. 300. Contains important historical collections.

PSO (Herbario, Universidad de Nariño, Pasto). At or more than 3000 bryophytes.


Collectors: More than 230 collectors have now been recorded for Colombia (cf. Churchill & Linares C., 1995). Historically important collectors include - A. Humboldt and A. Bonpland (1801), N. Funck & L. J. Schlim (1847-1852), A. Lindig (1859-1865), J. Weir (1863-1864), G. Wallis (1873-1874). Twentith century collectors, some of historical importance, include among many others - Hno. Apollinaire (1904-1906) and Hno. Daniel (1934-1978), E. P. Killip (often with A. C. Smith; 1926-1927, 1939, 1944), J. Cuatrecasas (1932-1969), W. C. Steere (1942-1945), R. E. Schultes (1950-1960), A. M. Cleef (1971-1973), J. Aguirre C. (1976-), G. van Reenen (1977, 1980-1981), D. Griffin, III (1977-1978, 1980, 1988), E. Linares C. (1982-), I. Sastre-De Jesús (1985-1986), S. Churchill (1985-1998), R. Callejas (1986-), B. Ramíez P. (1989-). There are now a significant number of new Colombian bryophyte collectors.


Floristic and Ecological Moss Literature for Colombia


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