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Basal Angiosperms

Summary and Status Directory

The data in this table are derived from the corresponding Genus and Species pages. The data provide a summary of the treatment presented in the published parts of the Flore de Madagascar et des Comores, together with a summary of the data presented here in the Madagascar Catalogue, which includes information on the number of species currently accepted, and an estimate of the number of undescribed species for the genera for which a recent taxonomic evaluation has been conducted. The number of accepted species is added to the estimate of undescribed species to provide an estimated total. Place cursor over headers marked [+] for further explanation of the column contents.

Click here for more information about our approach to taxonomic evaluation.

Order/Totals Lifeform/Habit in Madagascar [+] Distribution [+] Flore de Madagascar Madagascar Catalogue Further taxonomic work Data capture complete
No. of species accepted [+] Native species endemism [+] No. of published species accepted [+] Native species endemism [+] Estimated undescribed species [+] Estimated total species [+] Native species endemism [+]
Canellales Sh;Tr Not Endemic to Region incomplete - 4 (4;0;0) 100% 8 (8;0;0) 12 (12;0;0) 100% in progress yes
Chloranthales Sh Not Endemic to Region not treated - 1 (1;0;0) 100% none 1 (1;0;0) 100% not currently required yes
Laurales Diverse Not Endemic to Region incomplete - 171 (168;3;0) 98.8% incomplete incomplete - required no
Magnoliales Diverse Not Endemic to Region incomplete - 96 (92;2;2) 97.9% incomplete incomplete - in progress yes
Nymphaeales He;Su Not Endemic to Region 2 (0;2;0) 0% 2 (0;2;0) 0% not yet evaluated not yet evaluated - required no
Piperales Diverse Not Endemic to Region not published - 49 (33;13;3) 71.7% 8 (8;0;0) 57 (41;13;3) 75.9% in progress no
All Basal Angiosperms
Diverse Not Endemic to Region incomplete - 323 (298;20;5) 93.7% incomplete incomplete - required no

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