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Flora of Southern Africa
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The African Plant Database

The African Plant Database is the product of a collaboration between the South African National Biodiversity Institute, the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève, Tela Botanica and the Missouri Botanical Garden. The database on this site represents a sample data subset for test, the full database is available at: http://www.ville-ge.ch/musinfo/bd/cjb/africa/index.php?langue=an

Participants of the project in Geneva: Valérie BAENNINGER, Cyrille CHATELAIN, Alain DOBIGNARD, Laurent GAUTIER, Christine HABASHI, Daniel JEANMONOD, Markus FISCHER, Joelle ORSO, Laurent KNEUBUEL, Pierre-André LOIZEAU, Martin CALLMANDER, Marc OTTONE, Raoul PALESE, Patrick PERRET, Christophe PLATTET, Camille TRUONG, Maha ZEIN, Adélaide STORK, Jean-Pierre LEBRUN, Rodolphe SPICHIGER, Gian-Luca CORBO, Jérémy HENNEGRAVE

Participants of the project in Pretoria: Ronell KLOPPER, Hester STEYN, Carole DE WET, Hannelie SNYMAN, Helen NEVELING, Trevor ARNOLD, Gideon SMITH Participants for Madagascar: Sylvie ANDRIAMBOLOLONERA, Soafara ANDRIANARIVELO, Martin W.CALLMANDER, Cynthia FRASIER, Faranirina LANTOARISOA, Porter P. LOWRY II, Peter B. PHILLIPSON, Marina RABARIMANARIVO, Fano RAJAONARY, Nivo RAKOTONIRINA, Rondro RAMANANJANAHARY, Brigitte RAMANDIMBISOA, Ornella RANDRIAMBOLOLOMAMONJY, Armand RANDRIANASOLO, Noro RAVOLOLOMANANA, George E. SCHATZ, Anne-Elizabeth WOLF.

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