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Version 1 (2008)

Checklist of Bolivian Mosses

Steven P. Churchill

Missouri Botanical Garden, Box 299, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. and Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

This checklist provides a simple enumeration of 897 species distributed among 271 genera and 67 families for Bolivia. There are also about 24 subspecific taxa (varieties and subspecies). The number of endemic species is ca. 34.

Reference can be made to specimens on the TROPICOS W3MOST web page. There are 15,801 bryophytes that can be accessed for specimen list and distribution maps (collections are constantly being added). One can simply copy a species name, e.g. Plagiomnium rhynchophorum, and paste in the box on the following web page:


The web page Bryophytes of Bolivia provides information on bryophyte diversity of recognized ecoregions, checklist of hepatics and hornworts, etc.


Additional information for the mosses of the Tropical Andes at the following web site:


Acknowledgements and an annotated bibliography follow the checklist.


Amblystegium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Amblystegium serpens (Hedw.) Schimp.

Amblystegium tenax (Hedw.) C. E. O. Jensen

Amblystegium varium (Hedw.)Lindb.

Anacamptodon Brid.

Anacamptodon cubensis (Sull.) Mitt.

Campylophyllum (Schimp.) M. Fleisch.

Campylophyllum sommerfeltii (Myrin) Hedenäs

Cratoneuron (Sull.) Spruce

Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce

Drepanocladus (C. Müll. ) G. Roth

Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst.

Drepanocladus longifolius (Mitt.) Broth. ex Paris

Drepanocladus polygamus (Schimp.) Hedenäs

Drepanocladus sordidus (Müll. Hal.) Hedenäs

Hygrohypnum Lindb.

Hygrohypnum luridum (Hedw.) Jenn.

Koponenia Ochyra

Koponenia holoneuron (Herzog) Ochyra

Pseudocalliergon (Limpr.) Loeske

Pseudocalliergon turgescens (T. Jensen) Loeske

Scorpidium (Schimp.) Limpr.

Scorpidium cossonii (Schimp.) Hedenäs

Scorpidium scorpioides (Hedw.) Limpr.

Straminergon Hedenäs

Straminergon stramineum (Brid.) Hedenäs

Vittia (Mont.) Ochyra

Vittia elimbata Hedenäs, Vanderpoorten & Goffinet

Vittia pachyloma (Mont.) Ochyra


Warnstorfia Loeske

Warnstorfia exannulata (Schimp.) Loeske

Warnstorfia luipichensis (R.S. Williams) Hedenäs



Acroschisma (Hook. f. & Wilson) Lindl.


Acroschisma wilsonii (Hook. f. & Wilson) A. Jaeger

Andreaea Hedw.

Andreaea acutifolia Hook.f. & Wilson

Andreaea arachnoidea Müll. Hal.

Andreaea nitida Hook.f. & Wilson

Andreaea rupestris Hedw.

Andreaea subulata Harv. in Hook.



Anomodon Hook. & Taylor


Anomodon tristis (Ces.) Sull.& Lesq.

Herpetineuron (Müll. Hal.) Cardot

Herpetineuron toccoae (Sull. & Lesq.) Cardot



Aulacomnium Schwägr.


Aulacomnium palustre (Hedw.) Schwägr.

BARTRAMIACEAE Schwägr. in Willd.


Anacolia Schimp.

Anacolia laevisphaera (Taylor) Flowers


Bartramia Hedw.

Bartramia angustifolia Mitt.

Bartramia brevifolia Brid.

Bartramia longifolia Hook.

Bartramia mathewsii Mitt.

Bartramia perpumila Müll. Hal.

Bartramia pilicuspis Herzog

Bartramia polytrichoides Müll. Hal.

Bartramia potosica Mont.

Bartramia strumosa (Hampe) Mitt.

Breutelia (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp.

Breutelia austro-arcuata (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Breutelia brevifolia Herzog

Breutelia brittoniae Renauld & Cardot

Breutelia chrysea (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Breutelia harpophylla Herzog

Breutelia inclinata (Hampe & Lorentz) A. Jaeger

Breutelia integrifolia (Taylor) A. Jaeger

Breutelia nigrescens Herzog

Breutelia polygastrica (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Breutelia reclinata Broth.

Breutelia scorpioides (Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton) Broth.

Breutelia secundifolia (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal.

Breutelia squarrosa A. Jaeger

Breutelia subarcuata (Müll. Hal.) Schimp. in Besch.

Breutelia subdisticha (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Breutelia tomentosa (Brid.) A. Jaeger

Breutelia trianae (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Conostomum Sw. in F. Weber & D. Mohr

Conostomum cleistocarpum Herzog

Conostomum macrotheca Herzog

Conostomum pentastichum (Brid.) Lindb.

Flowersia D.G. Griffin & W. R. Buck

Flowersia setifolia (Hook. & Arn.) D.G. Griffin & W.R. Buck

Leiomela (Mitt.) Broth.

Leiomela bartramioides (Hook.) Paris

Leiomela deciduifolia Herzog

Philonotis Brid.

Philonotis andina (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Philonotis cernua (Wilson) D.G. Griffin & W.R. Buck

Philonotis curvata (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Philonotis elongata (Dism.) H.A. Crum & Steere

Philonotis fontanella (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Philonotis hastata (Duby) Wijk & Margad.

Philonotis incana (Taylor) H. Rob.

Philonotis krausei (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Philonotis longiseta (Michx.) E. Britton

Philonotis scabrifolia (Hook.f. & Wilson) Braithw.

Philonotis sphaerocarpa (Hedw.) Brid.

Philonotis thwaitesii Mitt.

Philonotis uncinata (Schwägr.) Brid.

Plagiopus Brid.

Plagiopus oederi (Brid.) Limpr.



Aerolindigia M. Menzel

Aerolindigia capillacea (Hornsch.) M. Menzel

Brachythecium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Brachythecium austrosalebrosum (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Brachythecium calliergonoides Broth.

Brachythecium cavifolium Herzog

Brachythecium chocayae Herzog

Brachythecium conostomum (Taylor) A. Jaeger

Brachythecium occidentale (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Brachythecium praelongum Schimp. ex Müll. Hal.

Brachythecium rivularoides (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Brachythecium rutabulum (Hedw.) Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Brachythecium stereopoma (Spruce ex Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Eurhynchium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Eurhynchium cf. clinocarpum (Taylor) Paris

Eurhynchium aff. semiscabrum E.B. Bartram

Flabellidium Herzog

Flabellidium spinosum Herzog

Kindbergia Ochyra

Kindbergia praelonga (Hedw.) Ochyra

Lindigia Hampe

Lindigia debilis (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Mandoniella Herzog

Mandoniella spicatinervia (R.S. Williams) Herzog

Meteoridium (Müll. Hal.) Manuel

Meteoridium remotifolium (Müll. Hal.) Manuel

Meteoridium tenuissimum (Hook.f. & Wilson) M. A. Lewis

Palamocladium Müll. Hal.

Palamocladium leskeoides (Hook.) E. Britton

Platyhypnidium M. Fleisch.

Platyhypnidium aquaticum (A. Jaeger) M. Fleisch.

Platyhypnidium validum (Herzog) Ochyra

Rhynchostegium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Rhynchostegium scariosum (Taylor) A. Jaeger

Rhynchostegium serrulatum (Hedw.) A. Jaeger

Squamidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Squamidium brasiliense (Hornsch.) Broth.

Squamidium diversicoma (Hampe) Broth.

Squamidium leucotrichum (Taylor) Broth.

Squamidium livens (Schwägr.) Broth.

Squamidium macrocarpum (Spruce ex Mitt.) Broth.

Squamidium nigricans (Hook.) Broth.

Zelometeorium Manuel

Zelometeorium ambiguum (Hornsch.) Manuel

Zelometeorium patens (Hook.) Manuel

Zelometeorium patulum (Hedw.) Manuel

Zelometeorium recurvifolium (Hornsch.) Manuel




Trematodon Michx.

Trematodon longicollis Michx.

Trematodon vaginatus Müll. Hal.

BRYACEAE Schwägr. in Willd.


Acidodontium Schwägr.

Acidodontium exaltatum (Spruce ex Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Acidodontium heteroneuron (Mitt.) Broth.

Acidodontium lanceolatifolium Ochi

Acidodontium lonchotrachylon (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Acidodontium longifolium (Schimp. ex Paris) Broth.

Acidodontium megalocarpum (Hook.) Renauld & Cardot

Acidodontium pallidum Herzog

Acidodontium sprucei (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Anomobryum Schimp.

Anomobryum albo-imbricatum (Ochi) T. J. Kop. & D. H. Norris

Anomobryum conicum (Hornsch.) Broth.

Anomobryum humillimum (Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton) Broth.

Anomobryum julaceum (Schrad. ex P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb.) Schimp.

Anomobryum prostratum (Müll. Hal.) Besch.

Anomobryum robustum Broth. in Herzog

Anomobryum steerei A.J. Shaw

Brachymenium Schwägr.

Brachymenium acuminatum Harv. in Hook.

Brachymenium coarctatum Bosch & Sande Lac.

Brachymenium columbicum (De Not.) Broth.

Brachymenium consimile (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Brachymenium exile (Dozy & Molk.) Bosch & Sande Lac.

Brachymenium fabronioides (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Brachymenium klotzschii (Schwägr.) Paris

Brachymenium radiculosum (Schwägr.) Hampe

Brachymenium robertii Broth.

Brachymenium speciosum (Hook. f. & Wilson) Steere

Brachymenium systylium (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Bryum Hedw.

Bryum algovicum Sendtn. ex Müll. Hal.

Bryum alpinum Huds. ex With.

Bryum andicola Hook. in Kunth

Bryum apiculatum Schwägr.

Bryum argenteum Hedw.

Bryum atenense R.S. Williams

Bryum caespiticium Hedw.

Bryum canariense Brid.

Bryum capillare Hedw.

Bryum cellulare Hook.

Bryum challaense Broth.

Bryum chryseum Mitt.

Bryum clavatum (Schimp.) Müll. Hal.

Bryum coronatum Schwägr.

Bryum crassinervum (Herzog) A.J. Shaw

Bryum densifolium Brid.

Bryum ellipsifolium Müll. Hal.

Bryum imbricatum (Schwägr.) Bruch & Schimp.

Bryum incacorralis Herzog

Bryum insolitum Cardot

Bryum laevigatum Hook.f. & Wilson

Bryum leptocladon Sull.

Bryum leptotorquescens Müll. Hal. ex Broth.

Bryum limbatum Müll. Hal.

Bryum microchaeton Hampe

Bryum micronitidum Ochi

Bryum muehlenbeckii Bruch & Schimp.

Bryum pabstianum Müll. Hal.

Bryum pallescens Schleich. ex Schwägr.

Bryum paradoxum Schwägr.

Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey.& Scherb.

Bryum renauldii Roell ex Renauld & Cardot

Bryum richardsii Sharp

Bryum soboliferum Taylor

Bryum spininervium Broth.

Epipterygium Lindb.

Epipterygium immarginatum Mitt.

Leptobryum (Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel) Wilson

Leptobryum wilsonii (Mitt.) Broth.

Mielichhoferia Nees

Mielichhoferia bryocarpa Broth.

Mielichhoferia cuspidata (Herzog) A.J. Shaw & H.A. Crum

Mielichhoferia julacea A.J. Shaw & H.A. Crum

Mielichhoferia megalocarpum (Arn.) Mitt.

Mielichhoferia splendida Broth.

Orthodontium Schwägr.

Orthodontium gracile (Wilson) Schwägr. ex Bruch & Schimp.

Orthodontium longisetum Hampe

Orthodontium pellucens (Hook.) Bruch & Schimp.

Pohlia Hedw.

Pohlia apolensis R.S. Williams

Pohlia chilensis (Mont.) A.J. Shaw

Pohlia cruda (Hedw.)Lindb.

Pohlia elongata Hedw.

Pohlia papillosa (A. Jaeger) Broth.

Pohlia wahlenbergii (F. Weber & Mohr) A. L. Andrews

Rhodobryum Hampe

Rhodobryum beyrichianum (Hornsch.) Müll Hal.

Rhodobryum grandifolium (Taylor) Schimp.

Rhodobryum huillense (Welw. & Duby) Touw

Rhodobryum procerum (Besch.) Paris

Rhodobryum roseolum (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr.

Schizymenium Harv. in Hook.

Schizymenium andinum (Sull.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium bogotense (Hampe) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium bolivianum (Schimp. ex Müll. Hal.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium brevicaule (Hornsch.) A.J. Shaw & S. P. Churchill

Schizymenium campylocarpum (Hook. & Arn. in Hook.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium clavellatum (Mitt.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium cygnicollum (Schimp. ex. Müll. Hal.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium decurrens (Müll. Hal.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium gracilisetum (Hampe) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium latifolium (Herzog) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium lindigii (Hampe) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium nanum Taylor

Schizymenium pohlioideum (Müll. Hal.) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium pusillum (Hook.f. & Wilson) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium schimperi A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium subglobosum (R.S. Williams) A.J. Shaw

Schizymenium submacrodontum (Broth.) A.J. Shaw


Calymperes Sw. in F. Weber

Calymperes afzelii Sw.

Calymperes erosum Müll. Hal.

Calymperes nicaraguense Renauld & Cardot

Calymperes palisotii Schwägr.

Calymperes pallidum Mitt.

Syrrhopodon Schwägr.

Syrrhopodon africanus (Mitt.) Paris subsp. graminicola (R.S. Williams) W. D. Reese

Syrrhopodon cryptocarpus Dozy & Molk.

Syrrhopodon gardneri (Hook.) Schwägr.

Syrrhopodon gaudichaudii Mont.

Syrrhopodon hornschuchii C. Mart.

Syrrhopodon incompletus Schwägr. var. incompletus

Syrrhopodon leprieurii Mont.

Syrrhopodon ligulatus Mont.

Syrrhopodon lycopodioides (Sw. ex Brid.) Müll. Hal.

Syrrhopodon parasiticus (Brid.) Besch.

Syrrhopodon prolifer Schwägr. var. prolifer

Syrrhopodon prolifer var. acanthoneuros (Müll. Hal.) Mull. Hal.

Syrrhopodon prolifer var. scaber (Mitt.) W. D. Reese

Syrrhopodon simmondsii Steere

Syrrhopodon tortilis Hampe

Syrrhopodon xanthophyllus Mitt.



Catagonium Müll. Hal. ex Broth.

Catagonium brevicaudatum Müll. Hal.

Catagonium emarginatum S. H. Lin



Cryphaea D. Mohr in F. Weber

Cryphaea apiculata Schimp.

Cryphaea brevipila Mitt.

Cryphaea gracillima Herzog

Cryphaea hygrophila Müll. Hal.

Cryphaea jamesonii Taylor in Hook.

Cryphaea patens Hornsch. ex Müll. Hal.

Cryphaea pilifera Mitt.

Cryphaea ramosa (Wilson in Mitt.) Wilson in Spruce

Cryphaea rhacomitrioides Müll. Hal.

Schoenobryum Dozy & Molk.

Schoenobryum concavifolium (Griff.) Gangulee

Schoenobryum rubricaule (Mitt.) Manuel


[Adelotheciaceae W.R. Buck]


Adelothecium Mitt.


Adelothecium bogotense (Hampe) Mitt.

Calyptrochaeta Desv.

Eriopus papillatus Herzog = Calyptrochaeta Desv.

Daltonia Hook. & Taylor

Daltonia gracilis Mitt.

Daltonia jamesonii Taylor

Daltonia latolimbata Broth.

Daltonia longifolia Taylor

Daltonia pellucida Herzog

Daltonia pulvinata Mitt.

Daltonia stenophylla Mitt.

Daltonia tenuifolia Mitt.

Daltonia trachyodonta Mitt.

Leskeodon Broth.

Leskeodon andicola (Mitt.) Broth.



Amphidium Schimp.


Amphidium tortuosum (Hornsch.) Cufod.

Aongstroemia Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Aongstroemia julacea (Hook.) Mitt.

Atractylocarpus Mitt.

Atractylocarpus longisetus (Hook.) E.B. Bartram

Bryohumbertia P. de la Varde & Thér.

Bryohumbertia filifolia (Hornsch.) J.-P. Frahm

Camptodontium Dusén

Camptodontium fallax (Herzog) Broth.

Camptodontium flexipes (Herzog) Broth.

Campylopodiella Cardot

Campylopodiella flagellacea (Müll. Hal.) J.-P. Frahm & Isoviita

Campylopus Brid.

Campylopus albidovirens Herzog

Campylopus amboroensis Thér.

Campylopus anderssonii (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Campylopus arctocarpus (Hornsch.) Mitt. var. arctocarpus

Campylopus arctocarpus var. caldensis (Ångstr.) J.-P. Frahm

Campylopus areodictyon (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Campylopus argyrocaulon (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Campylopus asperifolius Mitt.

Campylopus capitulatus E.B. Bartram

Campylopus cavifolius Mitt.

Campylopus concolor (Hook.) Brid.

Campylopus cuspidatus (Hornsch.) Mitt.

Campylopus densicoma (Müll. Hal.) Paris var. densicoma

Campylopus densicoma var. yungarum (Herzog) J.-P. Frahm

Campylopus dicnemoides (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Campylopus edithae Broth.

Campylopus flexuosus (Hedw.) Brid. var. flexuosus

Campylopus flexuosus var. incacorralis (Herzog) J. -P. Frahm

Campylopus fragilis (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp.

Campylopus griseus (Hornsch.) A. Jaeger var. ingeniensis (R.S. Williams) J.-P. Frahm

Campylopus heterostachys (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Campylopus huallagensis Broth.

Campylopus jamesonii (Hook.) A. Jaeger

Campylopus jugorum Herzog

Campylopus julaceus A. Jaeger

Campylopus lamellinervis (Müll. Hal.) Mitt. var. lamellinervis

Campylopus luteus (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Campylopus nivalis (Brid.) Brid. var. nivalis

Campylopus nivalis var. multicapsularis (Müll. Hal.) J.-P. Frahm

Campylopus oblongus Thér.

Campylopus pauper (Hampe) Mitt. var. pauper

Campylopus pauper var. lamprodictyon (Hampe) J.-P. Frahm

Campylopus perexilis (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Campylopus pilifer Brid. var. pilifer

Campylopus pilifer var. lamellatus (Mont.) Gradst. & Sipman

Campylopus pittieri R.S. Williams

Campylopus reflexisetus (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Campylopus richardii Brid.

Campylopus savannarum (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Campylopus subcuspidatus (Hampe) A. Jaeger ?

Campylopus subjugorum Broth.

Campylopus surinamensis Müll. Hal.

Campylopus tallulensis Sull. & Lesq.

Campylopus trichophylloides Thér. in Herzog

Campylopus trivialis Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton

Campylopus weberbaueri Broth.

Campylopus zygodonticarpus (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Chorisodontium (Mitt.) Broth.

Chorisodontium mittenii (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Chorisodontium nigricans (Herzog) Broth.

Chorisodontium speciosum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Broth. var. speciosum

Dicranella (Müll. Hal.) Schimp.

Dicranella callosa (Hampe) Mitt.

Dicranella cardotii (R. Br. ter.) Dixon

Dicranella hilariana (Mont.) Mitt.

Dicranella perrottetii (Mont.) Mitt.

Dicranodontium Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Dicranodontium denudatum (Brid.) E. Britton in R.S. Williams

Dicranodontium pulchroalare Broth.

Dicranoweisia Lindb. ex Milde

Dicranoweisia brunnea Herzog

Dicranum Hedw.

Dicranum frigidum Müll. Hal.

Dicranum peruvianum H. Rob.

Holomitrium Brid.

Holomitrium antennatum Mitt.

Holomitrium arboreum Mitt.

Holomitrium crispulum C. Mart.

Holomitrium flexuosum Mitt.

Holomitrium moritzianum Hampe

Holomitrium olfersianum Hornsch.

Holomitrium aff. sinuosum B. H. Allen

Hygrodicranum Cardot

Hygrodicranum bolivianum Herzog

Leucoloma Brid.

Leucoloma cruegerianum (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Leucoloma tortellum (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Microcampylopus (Müll. Hal.) M. Fleisch.

Microcampylopus curvisetus (Hampe) Giese & J.-P. Frahm

Microdus Schimp. in Besch.

Microdus exiguus (Schwägr.) Besch.

Microdus lindigianus (Hampe) Besch.

Oreoweisia (Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel) De Not.

Oreoweisia brasiliensis Hampe

Oreoweisia erosa (Müll. Hal.) Kindb.

Oreoweisia laxiretis Broth. ex Herzog

Oreoweisia tunariensis Herzog

Pilopogon Brid.

Pilopogon guadalupensis (Brid.) J.-P. Frahm

Pilopogon laevis (Taylor) Thér.

Pilopogon tiquipayae Herzog

Polymerodon Herzog

Polymerodon andinus Herzog

Rhabdoweisia Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Rhabdoweisia crispata (Dicks. ex With.) Lindb.

Rhabdoweisia fugax (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

Sclerodontium Schwägr.

Sclerodontium clavinerve (Müll. Hal. ex Broth.) H.A. Crum

Symblepharis Mont.

Symblepharis lindigii Hampe

DIPHYSCIACEAE Fleisch. in Engl.


Diphyscium D. Mohr


Diphyscium longifolium Griff.

DITRICHACEAE Limpr. in Rabenh.

Astomiopsis Müll. Hal.

Astomiopsis amblyocalyx Müll. Hal.

Astomiopsis subulata Müll. Hal.

Ceratodon Brid.

Ceratodon stenocarpus Bruch & Schimp.

Chrysoblastella R.S. Williams

Chrysoblastella chilensis (Mont.) Reimers

Distichium Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

Ditrichum Hampe

Ditrichum bogotense (Hampe) Broth.

Ditrichum crinale (Taylor) Kuntze

Ditrichum difficile (Duby) M. Fleisch.

Ditrichum gracile (Mitt.) Kuntze

Ditrichum submersum Cardot & Herzog

Pleuridium Rabenh.

Pleuridium andinum Herzog

Rhamphidium Mitt.

Rhamphidium dicranoides (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Tristichium Müll. Hal.

Tristichium lorentzii Müll. Hal.

Tristichium mirabile (Müll. Hal.) Herzog

Wilsoniella Müll. Hal.

Wilsoniella flaccida (R.S. Williams) Broth.


Encalypta Hedw.

Encalypta asperifolia Mitt.

Encalypta ciliata Hedw.

Encalypta rhaptocarpa Schwägr.



Entodon Müll. Hal.

Entodon beyrichii (Schwägr.) Müll. Hal.

Entodon hampeanus Müll. Hal.

Entodon jamesonii (Taylor) Mitt.

Entodon macropodus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal.

Entodon micans Herzog

Entodon nanoclimacium Müll. Hal.

Erythrodontium Hampe

Erythrodontium longisetum (Hook.) Paris

Erythrodontium squarrosum (Hampe) Paris

Mesonodon Hampe

Mesonodon flavescens (Hook.) W.R. Buck


Erpodium (Brid.) Brid.

Erpodium acrifolium Pursell

Erpodium beccarii Müll. Hal. ex Vent.

Erpodium coronatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.

Erpodium glaziovii Hampe



Eustichia (Brid.) Brid.

Eustichia longirostris (Brid.) Brid.



Fabronia Raddi


Fabronia ciliaris (Brid.) Brid. var. ciliaris

Fabronia ciliaris var. polycarpa (Hook.) W.R. Buck

Fabronia ciliaris var. wrightii (Sull.) W.R. Buck

Fabronia jamesonii Taylor

Fabronia macroblepharis Schwägr.



Fissidens Hedw.

Fissidens allionii Broth.

Fissidens andicola (Herzog) Brugg.-Nann.

Fissidens angustifolius Sull.

Fissidens asplenioides Hedw.

Fissidens berterii (Mont.) Müll. Hal.

Fissidens brachypus Mitt.

Fissidens bryoides var. pusillus (Wilson) Pursell

Fissidens crispus Mont.

Fissidens curvatus Hornsch.

Fissidens dissitifolius Sull.

Fissidens elegans Brid.

Fissidens excurrentinervis R.S. Williams

Fissidens flaccidus Mitt.

Fissidens goyazensis Broth.

Fissidens hornschuchii Mont.

Fissidens inaequalis Mitt.

Fissidens incisus Herzog

Fissidens intramarginatus (Hampe) A. Jaeger

Fissidens lagenarius Mitt. var. lagenarius

Fissidens lagenarius var. muriculatus (Spruce ex Mitt.) Pursell

Fissidens leptophyllus Mont.

Fissidens neglectus H.A. Crum

Fissidens pallidinervis Mitt.

Fissidens palmatus Hedw.

Fissidens pellucidus Hornsch. var. pellucidus

Fissidens pellucidus var. papilliferus (Broth.) Pursell

Fissidens prionodes Mont.

Fissidens rigidulus Hook.f. & Wilson

Fissidens scariosus Mitt.

Fissidens semicompletus Hedw.

Fissidens serratus Müll. Hal. var. serratus

Fissidens serratus var. leptochaete (Dusén) Brugg.-Nann. & Pursell

Fissidens steerei Grout

Fissidens submarginatus Bruch in C. Krauss

Fissidens taylorii Müll. Hal.

Fissidens termitarum (Herzog) Pursell

Fissidens wallisii Müll. Hal.

Fissidens weirii Mitt. var. weirii

Fissidens weirii var. hemicraspedophyllus (Cardot) Pursell

Fissidens zollingeri Mont.

FUNARIACEAE Schwägr. in Willd.


Entosthodon Schwägr.

Entosthodon bonplandii (Hook.) Mitt.

Entosthodon jamesonii (Taylor) Mitt.

Entosthodon laevis (Mitt.) Fife

Entosthodon laxus (Wilson in Hook. f.) Mitt.

Entosthodon lindigii (Hampe) Mitt.

Entosthodon obtusifolius Hook.f. in Hook.

Entosthodon radians (Hedw.) Müll. Hal.

Entosthodon subaloma (Herzog) S.P. Churchill

Funaria Hedw.

Funaria calvescens Schwägr.

Physcomitrium (Brid.) Brid.

Physcomitrium sp.



Lorentziella Müll. Hal.

Lorentziella imbricata (Mitt.) Broth.


Neosharpiella H. Rob. & Delgad.

Neosharpiella turgida (Mitt.) H. Rob. & Delgad.



Coscinodon Spreng.

Coscinodon bolivianus Broth.

Grimmia Hedw.

Grimmia anodon Bruch & Schimp.

Grimmia atrata Miel. ex Hornsch.

Grimmia austrofunalis Müll. Hal.

Grimmia bicolor Herzog

Grimmia donniana Sm.

Grimmia elongata Kaulf.

Grimmia fuscolutea Hook.

Grimmia longirostris Hook.

Grimmia navicularis Herzog

Grimmia pseudoanodon Deguchi

Grimmia reflexidens Müll. Hal.

Grimmia tergestina Tomm. ex Bruch & Schimp.

Grimmia trichophylla Grev.

Grimmia trinervis R.S. Williams

Jaffueliobryum Thér.

Jaffueliobryum wrightii (Sull.) Thér.

Ptychomitrium Fürnr.

Ptychomitrium angusticarpum Schiavone & Biasuso

Ptychomitrium chimborazense (Spruce ex Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Ptychomitrium lindmanii (Broth.) Paris

Ptychomitrium sellowianum (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Racomitrium Brid.

Racomitrium crispipilum (Taylor) A. Jaeger

Racomitrium cucullatifolium Hampe

Racomitrium lamprocarpum (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Bird.

Racomitrium striatipilum Cardot

Racomitrium subsecundum (Hook. & Grev.) Wilson

Schistidium Brid.

Schistidium amblyophyllum (Müll. Hal.) Ochyra & Hertel

Schistidium andinum (Mitt.) Herzog

Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

Schistidium falcatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) B. Bremer

Schistidium rivulare (Brid.) Podp.



Braunia Bruch & Schimp.


Braunia argentinica Müll. Hal.

Braunia cirrhifolia (Mitt.) Wilson ex A. Jaeger

Braunia exserta Müll. Hal.

Braunia nephelogenes De Luna & W.R. Buck

Braunia plicata (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Braunia reflexifolia (Müll. Hal.) E.B. Bartram

Braunia rupestris (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Braunia subincana Broth.

Hedwigia P. Beauv.

Hedwigia ciliata (Hedw.) Ehrh. ex P. Beauv.

Hedwigidium Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Hedwigidium integrifolium (P.-Beauv.) Dixon in C.E.O. Jensen



Helicophyllum Brid.


Helicophyllum torquatum (Hook.) Brid.



Hookeria Sm.

Hookeria acutifolia Hook. in Grev.

HYLOCOMIACEAE (Broth.) M. Fleisch.


Pleurozium Mitt.

Pleurozium quitense (Mitt.) B. H. Allen & Magill

Pleurozium schreberi (Brid.) Mitt.



Chryso-hypnum Hampe


Chryso-hypnum diminutivum (Hampe) W.R. Buck

Chryso-hypnum elegantulum (Hook.) Hampe

Ctenidium (Schimp.) Mitt.

Ctenidium malacodes Mitt.

Ectropothecium Mitt.

Ectropothecium leptochaeton (Schwägr.) W.R. Buck

Herzogiella Broth.

Herzogiella cylindricarpa (Cardot) Z. Iwats.

Hypnum Hedw.

Hypnum amabile (Mitt.) Hampe

Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw. var. lacunosum Brid.

Isopterygium Mitt.

Isopterygium byssobolax (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Isopterygium subglobosum Herzog

Isopterygium tenerifolium Mitt.

Isopterygium tenerum (Sw.) Mitt.

Mittenothamnium Henn.

Mittenothamnium reduncum (Mitt.) Ochyra

Mittenothamnium reptans (Hedw.) Cardot

Mittenothamnium substriatum (Mitt.) Cardot

Phyllodon Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Phyllodon truncatulus (Müll. Hal.) W.R. Buck

Platygyriella Cardot

Platygyriella densa (Hook.) W.R. Buck

Pylaisia Schimp.

Pylaisia falcata Schimp.

Rhacopilopsis Renauld & Cardot

Rhacopilopsis trinitensis (Müll. Hal.) E. Britton & Dixon

Syringothecium Mitt.

Syringothecium sprucei Mitt.

Taxiphyllum M. Fleisch.

Taxiphyllum taxirameum (Mitt.) M. Fleisch.

Vesicularia (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal.

Vesicularia vesicularis (Schwägr.) Broth.



Hypopterygium Brid.

Hypopterygium tamarisci (Sw.) Brid. ex Müll. Hal.




Orthostichella Müll. Hal.


Orthostichella pachygastrella (Müll. Hal. Ex Ångstr.) B.H. Allen & Magill

Orthostichella rigida (Müll. Hal.) B.H. Allen & Magill

Orthostichella versicolor (Müll. Hal.) B.H. Allen & W.R. Buck

Pilotrichella (Müll. Hal.) Besch.

Pilotrichella flexilis (Hedw.) Ångstr.

Pilotrichella mauiensis (Sull.) A. Jaeger



Forsstroemia Lindb.


Forsstroemia coronata (Mont.) Paris

Forsstroemia producta (Hornsch.) Paris

Forsstroemia trichomitria (Hedw.)Lindb.



Lepyrodon Hampe


Lepyrodon tomentosus (Hook.) Mitt.



Haplocladium (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal.


Haplocladium microphyllum (Hedw.) Broth.

Leptopterigynandrum Müll. Hal.

Leptopterigynandrum austro-alpinum Müll. Hal.

Leptopterigynandrum subintegrum (Mitt.) Broth.

Leptopterigynandrum tenellum Broth.

Leptopterigynandrum tenuicaule (R.S. Williams) S. He

Leskea Hedw.

Leskea angustata Taylor

Leskea plumaria Mitt.

Leskea teretiuscula Mitt.

Leskeadelphus Herzog

Leskeadelphus bolivianus (Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton) W.R. Buck

Lindbergia Kindb.

Lindbergia mexicana (Besch.) Cardot

Pseudoleskea Bruch & Schimp.

Pseudoleskea andina Schimp. ex E. Britton




Leucobryum Hampe


Leucobryum albicans (Schwägr.) Lindb.

Leucobryum antillarum Schimp. ex Besch.

Leucobryum crispum Müll. Hal.

Leucobryum giganteum Müll. Hal.

Leucobryum martianum (Hornsch.) Hampe

Leucobryum polakowskyi (Müll. Hal. ex Besch.) Cardot

Leucobryum subobtusifolium (Broth.) B.H. Allen

Ochrobryum Mitt.

Ochrobryum gardneri (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Ochrobryum subulatum Hampe in Besch.



Pterogoniadelphus M. Fleisch.

Pterogoniadelphus assimilis (Müll. Hal.) Ochyra & Zijlstra



Leucomium Mitt.

Leucomium strumosum (Hornsch.) Mitt.

Rhynchostegiopsis Müll. Hal.

Rhynchostegiopsis tunguraguana (Mitt.) Broth.


MACROMITRIACEAE S. P. Churchill in S. P. Churchill & E. Linares C.


Cardotiella Vitt


Cardotiella quinquefaria (Hornsch.) Vitt

Groutiella Steere


Groutiella chimborazensis (Spruce ex Mitt.) Florsch.

Groutiella obtusa (Mitt.)Florsch.

Groutiella tomentosa (Hornsch.) Wijk & Margad.

Groutiella tumidula (Mitt.) Vitt

Macrocoma (Müll. Hal.) Grout

Macrocoma orthotrichoides (Raddi) Wijk & Margad.

Macrocoma tenuis (Hook. & Grev.) Vitt subsp. sullivantii (Müll. Hal.) Vitt

Macromitrium Brid.

Macromitrium amboroicum Herzog

Macromitrium aureum Müll. Hal.

Macromitrium cirrosum (Hedw.) Brid.

Macromitrium gigasporum Herzog

Macromitrium guatemalense Müll. Hal.

Macromitrium longifolium (Hook.) Brid.

Macromitrium microstomum (Hook. & Grev.) Schwägr.

Macromitrium oblongum (Taylor) Mitt.

Macromitrium podocarpi Müll. Hal.

Macromitrium punctatum (Hook. & Grev.) Brid.

Macromitrium richardii Schwägr.

Macromitrium rusbyanum E. Britton

Macromitrium stellulatum (Hornsch.) Brid.

Macromitrium validum Herzog

Schlotheimia Brid.

Schlotheimia angustata Mitt.

Schlotheimia jamesonii (Arn.) Brid.

Schlotheimia rugifolia (Hook.) Schwägr.

Schlotheimia torquata (Hedw.) Brid.

Schlotheimia trichomitria Schwägr.




Barbellopsis Broth.


Barbellopsis trichophora (Mont.) W.R. Buck


Floribundaria M. Fleisch.


Floribundaria flaccida (Mitt.) Broth.

Meteorium (Brid.) Dozy & Molk.

Meteorium deppei (Hornsch. ex Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Meteorium laevifolium Mitt.

Meteorium nigrescens (Hedw.) Mitt.

Toloxis W.R. Buck

Toloxis imponderosa (Taylor) W.R. Buck

MNIACEAE Schwägr. in Willd.


Plagiomnium T.J. Kop.


Plagiomnium rhynchophorum (Hook.) T. J. Kop.



Helicodontium (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Helicodontium capillare (Hedw.) A. Jaeger




Isodrepanium (Mitt.) E. Britton


Isodrepanium lentulum (Wilson) E. Britton

Neckera Hedw.

Neckera andina Mitt.

Neckera chilensis Schimp. ex Mont.

Neckera scabridens Müll. Hal.

Neckera urnigera Müll. Hal.

Neckeropsis Reichardt

Neckeropsis disticha (Hedw.) Kindb.

Neckeropsis undulata (Hedw.) Reichard

Porotrichodendron M. Fleisch.

Porotrichodendron bertrandii (Renauld & Cardot) Broth.

Porotrichodendron lindigii (Hampe) W.R. Buck

Porotrichodendron superbum (Taylor) Broth. in Herzog

Porotrichopsis Broth. in Herzog

Porotrichopsis flacca Herzog

Porotrichum (Brid.) Hampe

Porotrichum filiferum Mitt.

Porotrichum cf. korthalsianum (Dozy & Molk.) Mitt.

Porotrichum lancifrons (Hampe) Mitt.

Porotrichum longirostre (Hook.) Mitt.

Porotrichum mutabile Hampe

Porotrichum substriatum (Hampe) Mitt.

Porotrichum thieleanum (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Thamnobryum Nieuwl.

Thamnobryum fasciculatum (Hedw.) I. Sastre

OCTOBLEPHARACEAE (Cardot) A. Eddy ex M. Menzel

Octoblepharum Hedw.

Octoblepharum albidum Hedw.

Octoblepharum cocuiense Mitt. Oriente:

Octoblepharum erectifolium Mitt. ex R.S. Williams

Octoblepharum pulvinatum (Dozy & Molk.) Mitt.



Orthotrichum Hedw.

Orthotrichum cupulatum Brid.

Orthotrichum diaphanum Schrad. ex. Brid. var. podocarpi (Müll. Hal.) Lewinsky

Orthotrichum elongatum Taylor

Orthotrichum laxifolium Wilson in Mitt.

Orthotrichum liliputanum Broth.

Orthotrichum mandonii Schimp. ex Hampe

Orthotrichum pariatum Mitt.

Orthotrichum psychrophilum Mont.

Orthotrichum pungens Mitt.

Orthotrichum pycnophyllum Schimp. in Müll. Hal. var. pycnophyllum

Orthotrichum rupestre Schleisch. ex Schwägr.

Orthotrichum trachymitrium Mitt.

Zygodon Hook. & Taylor

Zygodon brevipes Müll. Hal.

Zygodon fragilis H. Rob.

Zygodon fruticola R.S. Williams

Zygodon gracillimus Broth. ex M. Fleisch.

Zygodon hookeri Hampe var. leptobolax (Müll. Hal.) Calabrese

Zygodon intermedius Bruch & Schimp.

Zygodon macrophyllus Herzog

Zygodon obtusifolius Hook.

Zygodon oeneus Herzog

Zygodon perichaetialis Herzog

Zygodon peruvianus Sull.

Zygodon pichinchensis (Taylor) Mitt.

Zygodon pilosulus Müll. Hal.

Zygodon ramulosus Herzog

Zygodon reinwardtii (Hornsch.) A. Braun

Zygodon subrecurvifolius Broth. var. subrecurvifolius

Zygodon subrecurvifolius var. viridis (Müll. Hal.) Wijk & Margad.

Zygodon vestitus R.S. Williams



Mniomalia Müll. Hal.


Mniomalia viridis (Mitt.) Müll. Hal.



Phyllogonium Brid.

Phyllogonium fulgens (Hedw.) Brid.

Phyllogonium viride Brid.

Phyllogonium viscosum (P. Beauv.) Mitt.


[Callicostaceae, Hookeriaceae s.l., p.p.]

Callicostella (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Callicostella depressa (Hedw.) A. Jaeger

Callicostella merkelii (Hornsch.) A. Jaeger

Callicostella pallida (Hornsch.) Ångstr.

Callicostella rivularis (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Callicostellopsis Broth.

Callicostellopsis meridiensis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Crossomitrium Müll. Hal.

Crossomitrium epiphyllum (Mitt.) Müll. Hal.

Crossomitrium patrisiae (Brid.) Müll. Hal.

Crossomitrium saprophilum Broth.

Crossomitrium sintenisii Müll. Hal.

Cyclodictyon Mitt.

Cyclodictyon aeruginosum (Mitt.) Kuntze

Cyclodictyon albicans (Hedw.) Kuntze

Cyclodictyon angustirete Herzog

Cyclodictyon humile (Mitt.) Kuntze

Cyclodictyon roridum (Hampe) Kuntze

Cyclodictyon rubrisetum (Mitt.) Kuntze

Helicoblepharum (Mitt.) Broth.

Helicoblepharum venustum (Mitt.) Broth.

Hypnella (Müll. Hal.) A. Jaeger

Hypnella ambrosia M. Lewis & B. H. Allen

Hypnella diversifolia (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Hypnella pilifera (Hook. f. & Wilson) A. Jaeger

Lepidopilidium (Müll. Hal.) Broth.

Lepidopilidium divaricatum (Dozy & Molk) Broth.

Lepidopilum (Brid.) Brid.

Lepidopilum affine Müll. Hal.

Lepidopilum brevipes Mitt.

Lepidopilum cubense (Sull.) Mitt.

Lepidopilum curvifolium Mitt.

Lepidopilum diaphanum (Hedw.) Mitt.

Lepidopilum longifolium Hampe

Lepidopilum muelleri (Hampe) Mitt.

Lepidopilum ovatifolium Herzog

Lepidopilum pallido-nitens (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Lepidopilum polytrichoides (Hedw.) Brid.

Lepidopilum scabrisetum (Schwägr.) Steere

Lepidopilum stillicidiorum Mitt.

Lepidopilum surinamense Müll. Hal.

Lepidopilum tortifolium Mitt.

Pilotrichum Brid.


Pilotrichum armatum Broth.

Pilotrichum evanescens (Müll. Hal.) Crosby

Pilotrichum fendleri Müll. Hal.

Thamniopsis (Mitt.) M. Fleisch.

Thamniopsis incurva (Hornsch.) W.R. Buck

Thamniopsis killipii (R.S. Williams) E.B. Bartram

Thamniopsis langsdorffii (Hook.) W.R. Buck

Thamniopsis lepidopiloides (Herzog ) S.P. Churchill

Thamniopsis purpureophylla (Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton) W.R. Buck

Thamniopsis sinuata (Mitt.) W.R. Buck

Thamniopsis undata (Hedw.) W.R. Buck

Trachyxiphium W.R. Buck

Trachyxiphium glanduliferum (Hampe) S. P. Churchill & E. Linares C.

Trachyxiphium guadalupense (Brid.) W.R. Buck,

Trachyxiphium subfalcatum (Hampe) W.R. Buck

Trachyxiphium tenue (Mitt.) W.R. Buck

Trachyxiphium variabile (Mitt.) W.R. Buck

Trachyxiphium vagum (Mitt.) W.R. Buck



Plagiothecium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Plagiothecium conostegium Herzog

Plagiothecium lucidum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris

Plagiothecium novogranatense (Hampe) Mitt.

POLYTRICHACEAE Schwägr. in Willd.


Atrichum P. Beauv.

Atrichum polycarpum (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Notoligotrichum G. L. Sm.

Notoligotrichum trichodon (Hook.f. & Wilson) G. L. Sm.

Oligotrichum Lam. & A. DC.

Oligotrichum erosum (Hampe) Lindb.

Pogonatum P. Beauv.

Pogonatum campylocarpon (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Pogonatum pensilvanicum (Hedw.) P. Beauv.

Pogonatum perichaetiale (Mont.) A. Jaeger subsp. oligodus (Müll. Hal.) Hyvönen

Pogonatum semipellucidum (Hampe) Mitt.

Pogonatum tortile (Sw.) Brid.

Polytrichadelphus (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Polytrichadelphus aristatus (Hampe) Mitt.

Polytrichadelphus bolivianus Herzog

Polytrichadelphus giganteus (Hook.) Mitt.

Polytrichastrum G. L. Sm.

Polytrichastrum tenellum (Müll. Hal.) G. L. Sm.

Polytrichum Hedw.

Polytrichum commune Hedw.

Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw.

Psilopilum Brid.

Psilopilum gymnostomulum (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Steereobryon G. L. Sm.

Steereobryon subulirostrum (Schimp. ex Besch.) G. L. Sm.



Aloina Kindb.

Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr.

Aloinella Cardot

Aloinella boliviana Broth.

Aloinella cucullifera (Mitt.) Steere

Anoectangium Schwägr.

Anoectangium aestivum (Hedw.) Mitt.

Barbula Hedw.

Barbula arcuata Griff.

Barbula indica (Hook.) Spreng. in Steud. var. indica

Barbula indica var. gregaria (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Barbula orizabensis Müll. Hal.

Bryoerythrophyllum P.C. Chen

Bryoerythrophyllum bolivianum (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Bryoerythrophyllum calcareum (Thér.) R.H. Zander

Bryoerythrophyllum campylocarpum (Müll. Hal.) H.A. Crum

Bryoerythrophyllum ferruginascens (Stirt.) Giacom.

Bryoerythrophyllum fuscinervium (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Bryoerythrophyllum inaequalifolium (Taylor) R.H. Zander

Bryoerythrophyllum jamesonii (Taylor) H.A. Crum

Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) P. C. Chen var. aeneum (Müll. Hal.) R.H.

Chenia R.H. Zander

Chenia lorentzii (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Didymodon Hedw.

Didymodon asperifolius (Mitt.) H.A. Crum, Steere & L.E. Anderson

Didymodon australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) R.H. Zander

Didymodon challaense (Broth.) R.H. Zander

Didymodon herzogii R.H. Zander

Didymodon humboldtii (Herzog) E.H. Hegew. & P.D. Hegew.

Didymodon laevigatus (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Didymodon lindigii (Hampe) R.H. Zander

Didymodon patagonicus (Mitt.) Broth.

Didymodon pruinosus (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Didymodon rigidulus Hedw. var. rigidulus

Didymodon rigidulus var. subulatus (Thér. & E.B. Bartram ex E.B. Bartram) R.H. Zander

Didymodon taylorii R.H. Zander

Didymodon tophaceus (Brid.) Lisa

Didymodon umbrosus (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Dolotortula R.H. Zander

Dolotortula mniifolia (Sull.) R.H. Zander


Erythrophyllastrum R.H. Zander

Erythrophyllastrum andinum (Sull.) R.H. Zander

Erythrophyllopsis Broth.

Erythrophyllopsis fuscula (Müll. Hal.) Hilp.

Gertrudiella Broth.

Gertrudiella validinervis (Herzog) Broth. var. validinervis

Gertrudiella validinervis var. serratopungens (Herzog) R.H. Zander

Hennediella Paris

Hennediella angustifolia (Herzog) R.H. Zander

Hennediella austrogeorgica (Cardot) Blockeel

Hennediella denticulata (Wilson) R.H. Zander

Hennediella limbata (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Hennediella polyseta (Mitt.) R.H. Zander

Hymenostylium Brid.

Hymenostylium recurvirostrum (Hedw.) Dixon

Hyophila Brid.

Hyophila involuta (Hook.) A. Jaeger

Leptodontium (Müll. Hal.) Hampe ex Lindb.

Leptodontium araucarieti (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Leptodontium brachyphyllum Broth. & Thér. in Thér.

Leptodontium capituligerum Müll. Hal.

Leptodontium erythroneuron Herzog

Leptodontium filicola Herzog

Leptodontium flexifolium (Dicks. ex With.) Hampe in Lindb.

Leptodontium longicaule Mitt. var. longicaule

Leptodontium longicaule var. microruncinatum (Dusén) R.H. Zander

Leptodontium luteum (Taylor) Mitt.

Leptodontium planifolium Herzog

Leptodontium proliferum Herzog

Leptodontium pungens (Mitt.) Kindb.

Leptodontium subintegrifolium Thér. & Herzog

Leptodontium tricolor (R.S. Williams) R.H. Zander

Leptodontium viticulosoides (P. Beauv.) Wijk & Margad. var. viticulosoides

Leptodontium viticulosoides var. exasperatum (Cardot) R.H. Zander

Leptodontium viticulosoides var. sulphureum (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Leptodontium wallisii (Müll. Hal.) Kindb.

Mironia R.H. Zander

Mironia ehrenbergiana (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Molendoa Lindb.

Molendoa sendtneriana (Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel) Limpr.

Plaubelia Bird.

Plaubelia sprengelii (Schwägr.) R.H. Zander

Pleurochaete Lindb.

Pleurochaete luteola (Besch.) Thér.

Pseudocrossidium R.S. Williams

Pseudocrossidium apiculatum R.S. Williams

Pseudocrossidium austrorevolutum (Besch.) R.H. Zander

Pseudocrossidium chilense R.S. Williams

Pseudocrossidium crinitum (Schultz) R.H. Zander

Pseudocrossidium elatum (R.S. Williams) Delgad.

Pseudocrossidium excavatum (Mitt.) R.S. Williams

Pseudocrossidium pachygastrellum (Herzog) Broth.

Pseudocrossidium perrevolutum (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander var. linearifolium (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Pseudocrossidium replicatum (Taylor) R.H. Zander

Rhexophyllum Herzog

Rhexophyllum subnigrum (Mitt.) Thér. ex Hilp.

Sagenotortula R.H. Zander

Sagenotortula quitoensis (Taylor in Hook.) R.H. Zander

Saitobryum R.H. Zander


Saitobryum lorentzii (Müll. Hal.) Ochyra

Scopelophila (Mitt.) Lindb.

Scopelophila cataractae (Mitt.) Broth.

Scopelophila ligulata (Spruce) Spruce

Streptocalypta Müll. Hal.

Streptocalypta lorentziana Müll. Hal.

Streptopogon (Taylor) Wilson ex Mitt.

Streptopogon calymperes Müll. Hal. ex Geh.

Streptopogon cavifolius Mitt.

Streptopogon erythrodontus (Taylor) Wilson ex Mitt.

Streptopogon lindigii Hampe

Streptotrichum Herzog

Streptotrichum ramicola Herzog

Syntrichia Brid.

Syntrichia aculeata (Wilson) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia ammonsiana (H.A. Crum & L.E. Anderson) Ochyra

Syntrichia amphidiacea (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia andicola (Mont.) Ochyra

Syntrichia bogotensis (Hampe) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia bipedicellata (E. Britton) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia buchtienii (Herzog) Cano & Gallego

Syntrichia chisosa (Magill, Delgad. & L. R. Stark) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia ciliata (Broth.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia fragilis (Taylor) Ochyra

Syntrichia glacialis (Kunze ex Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia lacerifolia (R.S. Williams) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia linguifolia (Herzog) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia obtusissima (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia pagorum (Milde) J. J. Amann

Syntrichia papillosa (Wilson) Jur.

Syntrichia polylepidis (Herzog) Cano & Gallego

Syntrichia percarnosa (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia princeps (De Not.) Mitt.

Syntrichia ramosissima (Thér.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr var. ruralis

Syntrichia ruralis var. spiralis (Herzog) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia scabrinervis (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia serripungens (Lorentz & Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander var. serripungens

Syntrichia serripungens var. excesa (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia viridula (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander

Syntrichia xerophila (Herzog) S. P. Churchill

Timmiella (De Not.) Limpr.

Timmiella barbuloides (Brid.) Mönk.

Tortella (Lindb.) Limpr.

Tortella humilis (Hedw.) Jenn.

Tortula Hedw.

Tortula atrovirens (Sm.) Lindb.

Trichostomum Bruch

Trichostomum brachydontium Bruch in F. A. Muell.

Trichostomum sinaloense (E.B. Bartram) R.H. Zander

Trichostomum tenuirostre (Hook. & Taylor) Lindb.

Trichostomum tenuirostre var. gemmiparum (Schimp.) R.H. Zander

Weissia Hedw.

Weissia controversa Hedw.

Weissia jamaicensis (Mitt.) Grout


Prionodon Müll. Hal.

Prionodon densus (Hedw.) Müll. Hal.

Prionodon fuscolutescens Hampe

Prionodon luteovirens (Taylor) Mitt.

Prionodon lycopodioides Hampe


Trachyphyllum A. Gepp.

Trachyphyllum dusenii (Broth.) Broth.


Calyptothecium Mitt.

Calyptothecium duplicatum (Schwägr.) Broth.

Henicodium (Müll. Hal.) Kindb.

Henicodium geniculatum (Mitt.) W.R. Buck

Jaegerina Müll. Hal.

Jaegerina scariosa (Lorentz) Arzeni

Orthostichidium Müll. Hal. Ex Dusén

Orthostichidium quadrangulare (Schwägr,) B.H. Allen & Magill

Orthostichopsis Broth.

Orthostichopsis praetermissa W.R. Buck

Orthostichopsis tenuis (A. Jaeger) Broth.

Pireella Cardot

Pireella pohlii (Schwägr.) Cardot

Pireella trichomanoides (Spruce ex Mitt.) Cardot

Pterobryon Hornsch.

Pterobryon densum (Schwägr.) Hornsch.

Pterobryopsis M. Fleisch.

Pterobryopsis stolonacea (Müll. Hal.) Broth.


Racopilum P. Beauv.


Racopilum intermedium Hampe

Racopilum tomentosum (Hedw.) Brid.



Regmatodon Brid.

Regmatodon orthostegius Mont.



Tisserantiella P. de la Varde


Tisserantiella minutissima (Mitt.) R.H. Zander



Rhacocarpus Lindb.

Rhacocarpus apiculatus (Renauld & Cardot) Paris

Rhacocarpus chlorotus Herzog

Rhacocarpus excisus (Müll. Hal.) Paris

Rhacocarpus purpurascens (Brid.) Müll. Hal.



Rhytidium (Sull.) Kindb.


Rhytidium rugosum (Hedw.) Kindb.


Leptotheca Schwägr.

Leptotheca boliviana Herzog

Pyrrhobryum Mitt.

Pyrrhobryum mnioides (Hook.) Manuel

Pyrrhobryum spiniforme (Hedw.) Mitt.

Rhizogonium Brid.

Rhizogonium novae-hollandiae (Brid.) Brid.


Rigodium Kunze ex Schwägr.

Rigodium toxarion (Schwägr.) A. Jaeger

RUTENBERGIACEAE (Broth.) M. Fleisch.

Pseudocryphaea Brid. ex Broth.

Pseudocryphaea domingensis (Spreng.) W.R. Buck


Blindia Bruch & Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Blindia magellanica Schimp.



Acroporium Mitt.

Acroporium esmeraldicum (Müll. Hal.) W.R. Buck

Acroporium estrellae (Müll. Hal.) W.R. Buck & Schäf.-Verw.

Acroporium pungens (Hedw.) Broth.

Aptychella (Broth.) Herzog

Aptychella proligera (Broth.) Herzog

Donnellia Austin

Donnellia commutata (Müll. Hal.) W.R. Buck

Hydropogon Brid.

Hydropogon fontinaloides (Hook.) Brid.

Hydropogonella Cardot

Hydropogonella gymnostoma (Bruch & Schimp.) Cardot

Meiothecium Mitt.


Meiothecium revolubile Mitt.

Potamium Mitt.

Potamium lonchophyllum (Mont.) Mitt.

Pterogonidium Müll. Hal. ex Broth.

Pterogonidium pulchellum (Hook.) Müll. Hal. in Broth.

Rhaphidostegium (Schimp.) De Not. = Sematophyllum

Rhaphidostegium capillifolium Herzog

Schroeterella Herzog

Schroeterella zygodonta Herzog

Sematophyllum Mitt.

Sematophyllum adnatum (Michx.) E. Britton

Sematophyllum chlorocormum (Müll. Hal) W.R. Buck, S. P. Churchill & I. Sastre

Sematophyllum cuspidiferum Mitt.

Sematophyllum eurycystis (Herzog) S.P. Churchill, comb. nov.

Sematophyllum galipense (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Sematophyllum lithophilum (Hornsch.) Ångstr.

Sematophyllum longisetum (R.S. Williams) Broth.

Sematophyllum subbrachycarpum (Hampe) Mitt.

Sematophyllum subpiliferum (Broth.) Broth.

Sematophyllum subpinnatum (Brid.) E. Britton

Sematophyllum subsimplex (Hedw.) Mitt.

Sematophyllum swartzii (Schwägr.) W. H. Welch & H.A. Crum

Taxithelium Spruce ex Mitt.

Taxithelium planum (Brid.) Mitt.

Trichosteleum Mitt.


Trichosteleum fluviale (Mitt.) A. Jaeger

Trichosteleum cf. microcarpum (Mitt.) Broth.

Trichosteleum papillosum (Hornsch.) A. Jaeger

Wijkia H.A. Crum

Wijkia subnitida (Hampe) H.A. Crum


Sphagnum L.

Sphagnum boliviae Warnst.

Sphagnum cuspidatum Ehrh. ex Hoffm.

Sphagnum inretortum H.A. Crum

Sphagnum lapazense H.A. Crum

Sphagnum limbatum Mitt.

Sphagnum magellanicum Brid.

Sphagnum meridense (Hampe) Müll. Hal.

Sphagnum monzonense Warnst.

Sphagnum noryungasense H.A. Crum

Sphagnum oxyphyllum Warnst.

Sphagnum perichaetiale Hampe

Sphagnum priceae H.A. Crum

Sphagnum pulchricoma Müll. Hal.

Sphagnum recurvum P. Beauv.

Sphagnum sancto-josephense H.A. Crum & Crosby

Sphagnum sparsum Hampe

Sphagnum strictum Sull.



Brachymitrion Taylor


Brachymitrion cochabambae (Müll. Hal.) A.K. Kop.

Brachymitrion jamesonii Taylor

Brachymitrion moritzianum (Müll. Hal.) A.K. Kop.

Splachnum Hedw.

Splachnum weberbaueri Reimers

Tayloria Hook.

Tayloria altorum Herzog

Tayloria scabriseta (Hook.) Mitt.



Splachnobryum Müll. Hal

Splachnobryum obtusum (Brid.) Müll. Hal.

STEREOPHYLLACEAE (M. Fleisch.) W.R. Buck & Ireland


Entodontopsis Broth.


Entodontopsis angustiretis (Broth.) W.R. Buck & Ireland

Entodontopsis leucostega (Brid.) W.R. Buck & Ireland

Entodontopsis nitens (Mitt.) W.R. Buck & Ireland

Eulacophyllum W.R. Buck & Ireland

Eulacophyllum cultelliforme (Sull.) W.R. Buck & Ireland

Juratzkaea Lorentz

Juratzkaea argentinica (Thér.) W.R. Buck

Pilosium (Müll. Hal.) M. Fleisch.

Pilosium chlorophyllum (Hornsch.) Müll. Hal.

Stereophyllum Mitt.

Stereophyllum radiculosum (Hook.) Mitt.



Pelekium Mitt.


Pelekium ciliatum (Mitt.) Touw

Pelekium involvens (Hedw.) Touw

Pelekium leptocladum (Taylor) Touw

Pelekium minutulum (Hedw.) Touw

Pelekium cf. muricatulum (Hampe) Touw

Pelekium scabrosulum (Mitt.) Touw

Pelekium schistocalyx (Müll. Hal.) Touw

Rauiella Reimers

Rauiella lagoensis (Hampe) W.R. Buck

Rauiella praelonga (Schimp. ex Besch.) Wijk & Margad.

Thuidium Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Thuidium delicatulum (Hedw.) Schimp. in Bruch, Schimp. & W. Gümbel

Thuidium peruvianum Mitt.

Thuidium cf. pseudoprotensum (Müll. Hal.) Mitt.

Thuidium tomentosum Schimp. in Besch.





The following specialists are gratefully acknowledged for the determination or verification of select specimens: Graciela Calabrese (MA; Orthotrichum, Zygodon), María Cano (MUB; Pottiaceae), Mayte Gallego (MUB; Syntrichia), Juan Jiménez (MA; Didymodon, Pseudocrossidium, Pottiaceae), Jesus Muñoz (MA; Grimmiaceae), and Ronald Pursell (PAC; Fissidens). The Bolivian herbaria, BOLV, HSB, LPB, USZ, have been instrumental in the establishment and development of bryology in the country. A special thanks to Esmelda Guzman who has assisted with the processing of bryophyte collections at USZ, both for the herbarium and preparing collections for distribution. All efforts related to TROPICOS and the various web pages for the Tropical Andes owes a great debt to Bob Magill. Fieldwork has been supported by grants from the Taylor Fund for Ecological Research and the National Science Foundation (DEB-9626747 and DEB-0542422) through the Missouri Botanical Garden.




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