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Catálogo de las Plantas Vasculares de Bolivia

The Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Bolivia was published on December 18, 2014. The two volume book was edited by P.M. Jørgensen, M.H. Nee, and S.G. Beck, the complete citation can be found here.

We appreciate constructive and complete feedback that can be verified, such feedback can be sent directly to the editors using the “Feedback” link (last item in the left-hand menu) and we will make an effort to incorporate the information quickly so it is available to the community.

The Internet version of the Catalogue of Vascular Plants of Bolivia is organized so that you may obtain a list of the Orders, Families, or Genera using the links in the left-hand menu. You can navigate downward from Orders to Families and from Families to Genera using the section that list Lower Taxa. Currently accepted names area presented in Bold & Italic, along with synonyms in Italics. Hierarchical upward movement is obtained following the top line of “bread crumbs”.

You can also search for a name of any rank using the “Name Search” link on the left-hand menu. Names above the rank of species are mostly present to aid in navigation; however, in some cases both genera and families may include a short note. For all families the contributors and reviewers are indicated.

Each species name (accepted or other) has its own page that is linked to other pages. The Catalogue is designed to give users an overview of the plant species found in Bolivia and allows them to easily navigate and browse the information currently available. You may search the Catalogue for any scientific accepted name. Each accepted species page contain the botanical scientific name with authors and a series of external databased where more information may be found. Then we present a series of sections on Place of Publication, Synonymy, Project Name Data, Catalogo 2015 en adelante, and Catalogo 2014. The last section will remain static, as the printed book, and will allow us over time to track the amount and type of changes that occur with the Flora of Bolivia. These sections are followed by Images of the species, a Map of the collections, a Map with indication of the number of collections, and a list of the Collections. These last four sections are presented as information is available for the area of Bolivia in Tropicos®. If you want a broader perspective, then use the “Choose Project” drop down meu in the upper right-hand corner and select “Tropicos”. This menu also allow for efficient navigation to related projects such as the catalogues of Peru and Ecuador.

The “catalogo 2015 en adelante” will either contain a copy of the information from 2014 or it will contain one or more contributors of changes as well as reason for the changes (nomenclatural, geographic, or editorial). In addition it will (as the 2014 version) contain data on place of publication, synonymy, references, the habit of the species, the region(s) in which it occurs, its elevational distribution, political distribution, a representative specimen, and the type of the accepted name if from Bolivia, and a list of infraspecific taxa if such are accepted.

You can also obtain a list of participants (left-hand menu), and see through the links which families they contributed to.

You also have access to an “Advanced Search”. The search will run on yesterday’s data and only on the “Catalogo 2015 en adelante” you can even download the list of species that fit your search criteria.

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