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Meet the Madagascar catalogue team

List of all Members and contributors past and present (December 2009)

Brigitte Ramandimbisoa

Project Technical Assistant

Responsible of the Service Data Entry Module (SIS DEM) database


e-mail: brigitte.ramandimbisoa@mobot-mg.org

 Staff member of the red listing part of the Vahinala project, I am ensuring the entry of the assessed and validated species into the SIS DEM database, I am also playing the role of MPSG Secretariat Technical Liaison within the current joint MPSG-MBG project on Red listing of endemic plants.




Faranirina Lantoarisoa

 Technical Assistant for Red listing part of the Vahinala project


e-mail: faranirina.lantoarisoa@mobot-mg.org 

Since January 2008, I have been joining the Red Listing staff of the project. I am responsible of data entry in TROPICOS and verification on priority taxa before their analysis for IUCN parameters. I am assessing the Conservation status of the ready taxa using IUCN criteria. Using all the inter-related databases within this project is a wonderful undertaking in service of the plant conservation. .


Marina Rabarimanarivo

Assistant of the Malagasy project Coordinator


e-mail: marina.rabarimanarivo@mobot-mg.org

 My main responsibility within the project is to locally manage the development of the Catalogue database (data entry, verification...). I also have a main role in training activities related to the Catalogue (staff members, project trainees, botanists, university students and stakeholder education). Working with a flora project such as this is like going on an adventure.  New discoveries are always made during our taxonomic assessment process; so many new species still to be described! My special taxonomic interest is the Rutaceae family as I have been working on a revision of Ivodea and Melicope, and recently I contributed to finishing the assessment of the whole family for the Catalogue database.




 Nivohenintsoa Rakotonirina

 Project technical Assistant

Supervisor of MADCAT database activities

e-mail: nivo.rakotonirina@mobot-mg.org

My main responsibility within this project is to supervise all activities related to the development of MADCAT database mainly the Genus, Species Pages based on literature and herbarium specimen. I am largely contributing to assessment of the taxonomic frameworks of priority genera at the two national herbaria TAN -TEF and P. For my DEA degree, I was revising the genus Gardenia (Rubiaceae) that I plan to publish shortly. Also, I am currently working on the Taxonomy of  Vepris and  Ivodea. Sharing my experience through the training part of the project (project staff members and project trainees) is passionate.


Noromalala Ravololomana

 Project technical Assistant

Supervisor of TROPICOS related-activities


e-mail: noro.ravololomanana@mobot-mg.org

 Apart from data entry for Catalogue database (Genus and Species pages) and the taxonomic framework assessment for project priority taxa, I am ensuring the entry of new scientific names and references into TROPICOS database and the training on the use of TROPICOS various interfaces in relation to Catalogue project. With this project, I realize how valuable are the verified data to inform conservation action in Madagascar I am now working on taxonomic revision of Sparrmannia (Malvaceae).




Ornella C. Randriambololomamonjy

Project Technical Assistant

Responsible of the Image Gallery

e-mail: ornella.randriambololomamonjy@mobot-mg.org

Apart from the data entry on Genus and Species pagesof Catalogue, my main responsibility within this project is to locally manage the digital image content for the Website (scan of voucher and types specimens at the two national herbaria,). This activity is concurrently associated with the update of specimen’s identification.

I have studied some species of the Montagne des français forest in Antisranana and its vegetation for my DEA degree.


Rondro Ramananjanahary

  Project Technical Assistant, Malagasy responsible of bibliography database and digital library

  e-mail: rondro.ramananjanahary@mobot-mg.org

Within Vahinala project, I am participating to the development of the Catalogue database through data entry and taxonomic assessment. Starting next year, I will be coordinating the local activities related to the development of the on-line Bibliography designed for the project and to the publications of the project outputs/results or results valorisation.

I have participated to the ongoing revision of Hugonia (Linaceae) with the TAN herbarium staff.




Soafara Niaina Andrianarivelo

Project Technical Assistant

 Responsible of the “Vernacular Name database” of the Vahinala project


 e-mail: soafara.andrianarivelo@mobot-mg.org

 As a new aspect of the Vahinala project, the vernacular name part designed in response to the strong demand from users consists on recording vernacular names from herbarium labels and other sources. Concurrently update of specimens identification using taxonomy adopted by the Catalogue treatment is part of my responsibility. I’m mostly based at the two herbaria TAN and TEF. I have three years’experience of Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software.



Sylvie Andriambololonera

Vahinala Malagasy project Coordinator

  e-mail: Sylvie.andriambololonera@mobot-mg.org

Within the unparalleled flora of Madagascar, the families of Sapindaceae and Rubiaceae in particular have been getting my interest. However, the project is an opportunity for me to assess the taxonomic framework of other taxons. Now as incorporating information from threatened and rare species is inescapable for conservation planning and action, I am largely contributing to the assessment of risk of extinction of the endemic species with Malagasy Plant Specialist Group, the IUCN Red List Authority in Madagascar.


Martin W. Callmander

Researcher, Liaison with Geneva Herbarium


Cynthia L. Frasier

Post-doctoral Reearcher (2008-2010)

Loganiaceae, Oleaceae.......

Greg Wahlert

Post-doctoral Reearcher (2010-2011)

Violaceae, Polygalaceae, Vitaceae

prepared by Hannah Phillipson (1st Draft) 16/12/09

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