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Current Determination
Stephanodaphne humbertii Leandri Family: Thymelaeaceae Determined By: Z.S. Rogers (MO), 2004
Previous Determinations
Stephanodaphne Baill. Family: Thymelaeaceae Determined By: Z.S. Rogers (MO), 2003
Collection Information
Collectors Zachary Scott Rogers
Collector Team Zachary Scott Rogers
Collection Number 95
Collection Date 25 Jan 2003
Location Madagascar, Toliara
Keywords Saint Jacque , MAD , TCL
Coordinate 24°58'57"S 046°57'24"E (-24.9825000, 46.9566667)
Elevation 520 - 660 m
Herbaria MO, P, TAN
Description Tree 7 m, DBH=7 cm. Young shoots glabrous. Bark light grey. Leaves dark green and glabrous. Petioles becoming "woody". Peduncles erect in flower, pendent in fruit. 2-4 flowers/fruits per inflorescence. Hypanthium whitish-brown, short and wide, lobes white, annulus light brown. Flowers with sweet smell. Anthers white, ovary and style light green. Fruits green and covered with silver trichomes. Collected 2 meters from ZR96, 12 m from ZR97. Full shade. (alcohol sample + silica gel)
Locality Forest Ambatomitikitra. Ca. 12 km N of Fort-Dauphin. On slope ca. 3 km NW of the village of Sainte Jacques. Disturbed humid forest. Collected with Franck Rakotonasolo and Faly Randriantifika. Specimens preserved in alcohol.
Projects: Madagascar

Barcodes/Accession Numbers
InstitutionBarcodeAccessionObject KindObject Subkind 
MO MO-230336 DNA leaves
MO MO-325027 5776692 sheet


Rogers - 95 - Madagascar

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